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Miskatonick Society

On September 23, 1995, the Rt. Rev. Greenfield was appointed an honorary member of the Lovecraftian-occult Miskatonick Society by the Secretaries, Peter Smith & Nina Crummett. He has thereafter been an honorary Member of the Green Abyss Lodge of the Miskatonick Society (USA) in association with The Grey Lodge (England). To quote their literature:

"The Miskatonick Society (spelled with a k to distinguish it from its august predecessor) is a private society organized for the mutual association of its members, who are knowledgeable in the esoteric arts and sciences ('medieval metaphysics') alluded to in the stories by Lovecraft. Admittance is limited to scholars, writers and artists actively engaged in the pursuit of the arcane, and are linked by correspondence with other members in distant locales. In addition, this prestigious society publishes the results of its careful and diligent research in the Journal, THE SILVER KEY, which is distributed to members only. Individuals are admitted by the Society's Secretaries solely in recognition of their work and achievement."

In 1998 Greenfield was also elected an honorary member of the related Esoteric Order of Dagon (EOD). On January 23, 2000, Ghorl Nigral XXIII° following upon the illustrious work of Eibon XXIII° honored Rt. Rev. Greenfield with a new EOD charter. In 2001 Ghorl Nigral's successor, Frater Yog-Shadhotep XXIII° issued a new charter to Rt. Rev. Greenfield ("Frater One Seven One"). Yet another charter was issued in 2003, as an honorary member and designated portal for EOD. In 2004 Greenfield was appointed Sea Lord XIII° in EOD. The EOD may be contacted at —

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