A Welcome Note

From T Allen Greenfield

You have reached a site where we do not believe that there are "easy answers" to the Great Questions. Life is filled with paradox. With paradox comes opportunity. Our work is as much concerned with "undoing" as with "doing". As our long-time English associate Ian Blake put it so well, upon the death of his father, “Against the dead weight of human mortality, bereavement & grief, occultism seems an inadequate response.” When all is said and done, we agree. Through a glass, darkly, all we can do is relate what we see and how we understand such. Hopefully, it is not without merit.

For me, it all began at the same time. There were even earlier glimpses as to what direction my life would be going, but as a kid in 1960, I began to take a furious intense interest in the metaphysical, inexplicable phenomena; religion and spirituality; unconventional history; paranormal research; social and political activism. It was an all-at-once sort of thing. I had visited New Orleans a few months earlier, and had been struck by the unconventional intertwining of eroticism and death—of rot-ridden red light districts and great, gothic cemeteries. It was a shock and an epiphany for me, and from that point on the common denominator in my interests has always been the search for an alternative to, or reconciliation of, this dichotomy. Two years later, I set off on a 5000 ton freighter on what amounted to a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and a search for truth among the ruins of early Western Civilization. I was all of sixteen. — T Allen Greenfield, 2005 C.E.

HINTS ON HOW TO STUDY THIS SITE TO BEST EFFECT: There is much to study to begin any of the Work the Assembly and Lodge are dedicated to. We recommend starting with the FAQ. Then read the essay on Magick 1700-2000, followed by the piece on points chauds (hot points) and the 360 degree system of magick.

Follow this with the essays on modern voodoo experiments and related topics, and the updated piece on Thelemic Sadomasochistic Magick. After this, the various historical, biographical and editorial essays round it out.

If after all this, you wish to Work with us in free association, or have questions, contact us via bishop171@gmail.com.