Colchester CT Death Records 1866, 1867, 1896

In November of 1999, I sent away to Colchester, Connecticut to get death certificates for two of my great-great-grandparents. A couple of weeks later, I received two certified copies of full pages from the town's Death Records ledger. I am posting the information listed on those ledger pages here because I hope that it will help fellow genealogists. If you do find any of this info useful, I would be very interested in receiving an e-mail from you - I would just like to know that I have not wasted my time posting this info!! If you do not find what you are looking for, feel free to check out my genealogy page.

Now for the first warning!! These ledger pages were hand-written and are only as readable as the writer's ability to write legibly. I have tried my absolute best to transcribe the info properly, but I am only human!

Now for the second warning!! I got these in order to get info on Henry McDonald (died April 1, 1867) and Elizabeth McDonald (died December 29, 1896). I know FOR A FACT that Henry was born in Scotland, yet his birth-place is listed as New York. The information listed is only as good as the information that was given by the deceased's informant. Unfortunately, that is not always 100% accurate.

The terminology used is obviously that used in the 1860's and in the 1890's. Some of the Causes of Death are obscure and I have never heard of them. I leave it to you to determine what the terms mean in today's lingo. The term 'DO' (in the 1866-1867 table) appears to mean 'ditto'. I have listed the entries in the order that they are listed on the ledger pages. Therefore, just look up the column in order to determine what the 'DO' stands for in any given entry.

1866-1867 Record of Deaths in the Town of Colchester
Date Name Age Sex Condition Birthplace Color Residence at Death Cause of Death Occupation Names of Parents Reported by

Nov 10 Agnes C. Bacon 2 y F Single Norwich White Colchester Croup none Albert S. Baker & Kate S. Richie F. G. Edgerton
Dec 4 Stephen B. Day 57 y M Married Colchester DO Colchester Typhoid Fever Farmer Asa Day DO
Dec 7 Lyman Brown 19 y M Single Salem DO DO Enteritis Laborer George Brown M. W. Robinson
Dec 27 Elizabeth Nugent 16 y F DO Ireland DO DO Phthisis Servant BR DO
Sept 12 Horace Dawley 2 y M DO Colchester DO DO Dysentery None T. J. Dawley L. S. Chase
June 3 John W. Hyde 27 y M DO Lebanon DO DO Drowned Farmer Amasa & Rhuey(?) J. N. Adams

Loren Carrier 35 y M Married Colchester DO DO Insane, died at Hartford DO Ozen Carrier DO

Daniel T. Baker 28 y M DO DO DO NY Shot while Hunting Clerk Elisha Baker DO

Patrick Keeney 85 y M Widower Ireland DO Colchester Old Age none
Sep 5 ___ Fatt
F Married Germany DO DO Consumption Housekeeper
Aug 25 _____ Kennady 2 y F Single Colchester DO DO Fits none

Jan 3 Charles R. Wilcox 3 mo M Single Colchester White Colchester Inflamation of Bowels none Jeremiah Wilcox M. W. Robinson
Jan 7 George Rathbone 11m, 28d M DO DO DO DO Hydrocephalus DO George B. & Henrietta Rathbone L. L. Swift
Jan 29 Ann E. Rose 22 y F DO DO DO DO Consumption Housekeeper Hyram D. & Frances Rose S. S. Dickinson
Feb 13 Gilbert Freeman 71 y M Widower - Colored DO Anasarca Laborer - M. W. Robinson
Feb 28 Eliza Mitchell 54 y F Widow Hebron White DO Organic Disease of Heart Housewife - DO
March 18 Nancy A. Avery 73 y DO DO Groton DO DO Softening of Brain - John & Elizabeth Miner L. L. Chase
March 19 Charles H. Clark 10 y M Single Colchester DO DO Congestion of Brain - Elihu & Sophia Clark DO
March 21 John F(?) Peters 67 y M Married DO DO DO Disease of Heart Farmer Samuel A. & Oviel(?) DO
April 1 Henry McDonald 33 M DO New York DO DO Peritonitis Glass Manufacturer - DO
April 25 George L. Firth 3 m M Single Colchester DO DO Convulsions - Morris & Sourier(?) Firth DO
April 21 ____ Kavenau 1 day F Single DO DO DO Stillborn - Mike & Mary Kavenau S. L. Dickinson
April 30 Lucy B. Viles(?) 26 y F Married DO DO DO Puerperal Mania - Joshua & Lucy Rogers S. L. Chase
May 2 Hannah Johnson 25 y F DO DO DO DO Phthisis Housewife Rowland Perry M. W. Robinson
May 12 Olive Rogers - F Widow DO DO DO Dropsy of Chest DO Hosea Foote S. L. Swift
May 25 Ann Gormaly(?) 38 y F Married Ireland DO DO Cancer of Stomach DO ____ Riley M. W. Robinson
May 25 Wm H. Douglass 25 y M Single Chesterfield, CT DO DO Phthisis Rubber Boot Maker Reuben P. Douglass DO
June 3 Shubael Smith 67 y M Widower - DO DO Marasmus Farmer - S. L. Dickinson
June 4 Wm Kellogg 58 y M Single Colchester DO DO Serofula(?) DO Titus Kellogg M. W. Robinson

1896 Record of Deaths in the Town of Colchester
Date Name Place of Death Birthplace Sex and Race Occupation Age Condition Names of Parents Cause of Death Reported by

Sept 30 Laura Taylor Baker Colchester Colchester Female, American Housewife 89y, 10m Widow of Elisha Baker Dan Taylor of Colchester and Margaret Foote of Colchester Embolism Dr. Robinson
Sept 30 Leonora R. Cone Rathbone Colchester Salem, CT Female, American Milliner 42 y Divorced Henry Rathbone of Salem Suppurative Peritonitis Dr. Mitchell
Sept 29 Wm Frederick Hyde Colchester Colchester Male, American Child 1y, 2m Child Charles R Hyde of East Haddam and Rosetta Banning of Hebron Acute Indigestion Dr. Robinson
Oct 1 Mary Ann Day Colchester Colchester Female, American Housewife 69y, 9m Single Joseph Day of Colchester and Eliza Adams of Colchester Paralysis Dr. Babcock
Oct 4 Oscar M. Palmer Colchester Colchester Male, American -- 55y Married William Palmer of Colchester and Susan Clark of Colchester Chronic Diarrhea Dr. Mitchell
Oct 14 John Brewster Colchester Lebanon, CT Male, African Laborer 57y Married Henry Brewster Heart Disease Dr. Danielson
Nov 21 Dr. Ruel Rexford Carrington Colchester New Haven Male, American Physician 55y, 8m Married Ruel Carrington of Windsor and Emeline ___ of New Haven Pulmonary Adema Dr. Mitchell
Nov 15 Francis L(?) Carrier Colchester Colchester Male, American Farmer 74y, 11m Married Aristobulus Carrier of Maromas CT and Electa Adams of Colchester Pneumonia Dr. Robinson
Nov 20 Louisa D Tinker Buell Colchester Colchester Female, American Housewife 85y, 11m Widow of Talcott Buell ____ Tinker Ramollisement Dr. Robinson
Dec 1 Joseph Henry Rathbun Colchester Colchester Male, American Child 5 weeks Child Harry A Rathbun of New Haven and Lottie D Granger of Somersett, NY Marasmus Dr. Longdon
Dec 5 William Lombard Colchester Colchester Male, American Teamster 48y Married Orlanzo Lombard of Lebanon and Hannah Bailey of Lebanon Pulmonary Tuberculosis Dr. Mitchell
Dec 10 Byela Greenburg Colchester Russia Female, Russian Housewife 42y Married Not Given Septicaemia Dr. Mitchell
Dec 18 Henry Fette(?) Colchester Colchester Male, American Barber 58y Married Not Given, but of Germany Carcinoma of Stomach & Liver Dr. Korn
Dec 23 Ida Mary Porter Colchester Hebron Female, American -- 26y Single Wm Porter of Hebron and Emeline Brown of Montville Phthisis Pulmonalis Dr. Robinson
Dec 27 Hanorah Sullivan O'Connell Colchester Ireland Female, Irish Housewife 68y Married Timothy Sullivan of Ireland and Ellen ___ of Ireland Congestion of Lungs Dr. Robinson
Dec 29 Elizabeth McCaughan McDonald Colchester Ireland Female, Irish Housewife 64y Widow of Henry McDonald John Macaughan of Ireland and Mary _____ or Ireland Appolexy Dr. Robinson

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