Henry's Personal Background

My name is Henry McDonald and I was born in Westport, Connecticut in 1961. I attended Hillspoint Elementary School, Long Lots Junior High School, and Staples High School. You may wish to see this website devoted to the Westport Schools. After Staples, I spent 4 years at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where I earned my bachelor's degree in physics in 1984. From there, I spent a few years at the University of Washington trying to get my master's degree in aeronautical engineering. I ended up sick and tired of school before getting my master's so I never got it.

Here are some pictures of me in first grade (my hair is doing an Alfalfa imitation), second grade (Look! My front tooth grew in!), twelfth grade (I'm in a suit!), and as a wrestler (I'm on the right.).

I have a business on the side as a self-employed stamp dealer, which is something that I have always wanted to do! Why not click on the stamp icon below?

Last Updated December 27, 2003 by Hank McDonald