Munchkin's Personal Background

My name is Munchkin, but just call me Mooter Mutt. I was born in November of 1980 in Utah. I weigh four pounds and I am the boss. My favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs. My hobbies are collecting stuffed animals, burying dog biscuits in the couch, and dreaming about fat juicy three-legged blind squirrels.

I have seen a lot of the West in my travels (some on four wheels and some of it on four feet). I've even met Santa Claws. These days, though, I've pretty much settled into retirement. I spend my days collecting social security (just kidding - please don't audit my people!!!), eating dog treats, sleeping, playing fetch and teaching my people new tricks. I've got them so well trained, they bring me presents whenever they're gone. Isn't guilt great?

Here I am with Santa Claws.

On October 25, 1998, our beloved Munchie passed away. She had lived a long and wonderful life and we will miss her immensely. For those of you that have lost a pet, you have some idea of how we feel. She played a big part in our lives and was like a sister to us. She loved life as much as any human could ever hope to, and had a lot to teach the rest of us.

Earlier in the year, Alisa embroidered a hat with a very small image of Munchie lying in the grass. Believe it or not, the embroidered image was only about an inch across!! We will always remember her that way - lying in the grass on a warm summer day with one of her 'babies' just soaking up all the sun that she could. What a life!!

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