My Coin Collection

My interest in coin collecting started when I was very young and my grandfather left me his coin collection. He left albums of just about every series from the mid-1800's on. I am trying to put together a type collection of mint state US coins. Since I am not a Rockefeller, some of my type coins will not be mint state. Needless to say, I am continuing to buy lottery tickets. I also have a real interest in Mercury dimes with which I have similar goals. The realization of this goal will also undoubtedly go by the wayside too.

I have the following Mercury dimes for sale. The 1944 dimes are from an ORIGINAL roll. 1918-D XF-40 for $15.00, 1931 XF-45 for $9.00, 1931-D AG for $2.00, 1944 Choice BU for $7.00, 1944 BU for $3.50. To reserve, you must E-mail me. I will return E-mail whether or not the item is still available. If available, payment must be check or cash via snail-mail. Sorry! I am just a collector and cannot deal with credit cards. Please note that there is a postage and handling fee of $0.50 for orders under $7.50. I will absorb costs on orders greater than $7.50.

If you have similar interests, send me an E-mail!

Last Updated November 4, 2001 by Henry McDonald