My N-Scale Train Layout

This page is about my N-Scale train layout. My parents started me out by giving me Lionel trains each Christmas when I was a little kid. For a few Christmas's in a row, I would come downstairs and find a set of big, hefty O-Scale trains under the tree. Soon, I had quite an accumulation. I would set up the track in my room or in the basement and run the trains around for hours at a time. They were great!!

When I was probably 8 or 9, my dad got me an N-Scale set - that was over 25 years ago. We set up a layout in our basement. I never finished it, but I think it is the building process that is so much fun. That is the point that I am at now. I will put some scans of my current layout on this page when I have something worth showing. Don't hold your breath!!!

Last Updated Nopvember 4, 2001 by Henry McDonald