My Family Tree

I am currently working on my family tree and I will update this page periodically with up-to-the-minute info. Currently, I will just have a list of my great-grandparents and their parents here. The great-great grandparents have links to pages with their family trees. Some of the family trees are more extensive than the others.

Henry McDonald (September 27, 1858 [NY, NY] to October 28, 1934 [Middletown, CT])

His father is Henry McDonald (~1834 to April 1, 1867)
His mother is Elizabeth McCaughan (~1832 to December 29, 1896)

Lizzie Belle Watrous (March 11, 1874 [Colchester, CT] to August 8, 1950 [Middletown, CT])

Her father is Elijah Watrous (March 12, 1817 to November 10, 1891)
Her mother is Carolin Kneeland (May 27, 1836 to June 3, 1919)

Russell Lane Scott (August 13, 1861 [Westfield, MA] to October 27, 1908 [Westfield, MA])

His father is Joseph Gould Scott (October 16, 1835 to May 9, 1889)
His mother is Mary Abby Lane (May 10, 1837 to September 1, 1870)

Annie Elizabeth Hollister (April 17, 1863 [Lee, MA] to November 28, 1951 [New Haven, CT])

Her father is William Thomas Hollister (March 11, 1831 to ?)
Her mother is Marcia Gurley Winchester (June 18, 1833 to February 23, 1910)

John Sloane Howe (February 6, 1857 [Douglas County, IL] to May 13, 1943 [Portland, OR])

His father is William Howe (November 23, 1829 to January 27, 1892)
His mother is Harriett Ann Lester (May 26, 1835 to May 12, 1915)

Stella Longshore (January 10, 1867 [Wilson County, KS] to December 22, 1942 [Portland, OR])

Her father is Robert Longshore (July 3, 1831 to March 12, 1869)
Her mother is Jane Bird (December 21, 1833 to December 31, 1923)

George King Foster (September 13, 1871 [New Haven, CT] to March 15, 1944 [Miles City, MT])

His father is Watson Thatcher Foster (April 16, 1835 to March 1, 1874)
His mother is Emily Sophia Bradley (January 1, 1838 to July 15, 1925)

Margaret Woodcock (December 27, 1869 [NY, NY] to December 11, 1954 (Miles City, MT])

Her father is William Woodcock (September 19, 1836 to October 23, 1912)
Her mother is Margaret Oxton (September 13, 1839 to May 23, 1912)

If you have ANY information at all on any of these people, including POSSIBLE family ties,please E-mail me!! I would be forever indebted to you. I will gladly respond.

Other family names include the Burrs and Nashes of Fairfield, CT, the Bradleys of Branford, CT, and the Birds of Holmes County, Ohio. Also, Lizzie Belle Watrous is descended from Edward Fuller and his son Samuel, who were passengers on the Mayflower!! A well researched and very informative Mayflower site is Caleb Johnson's Mayflower Web Pages.

If you are trying to do ANYTHING genealogical, I highly recommend that you visit Cyndi Howell's web site. There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of links that are nicely arranged by category.

I recently sent away to Colchester, CT for two certified death certificates. I received copies of a few ledger pages from the town records. Rather than use the info that I need and throw away the rest, I have transcribed all the info that is on the pages and posted it on its own page. The pages cover parts of the years 1866, 1867, and 1896. Check it out!!

I have created another webpage showing burials in Ponemah Cemetery in Colchester. I have some relatives buried there, and I have taken notes over the years that may be useful to other genealogists out there!

Last updated on March 25, 2004 by Henry McDonald