Woodcock Ancestors

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First Generation

1. William1 Gregson was born in Grappenhall, Cheshire, England May 30, 1828. William died May 14, 1895 at 66 years of age.

He married Elizabeth Woodcock in St. Bridget, Chester, Cheshire, England, July 11, 1860. Elizabeth was born 1840. She was the daughter of Samuel Woodcock and Mary Ann Williams. Elizabeth died January 15, 1878.

William Gregson and Elizabeth Woodcock had the following children:

Second Generation

3. Joseph2 Gregson (William1) was born in Newton-le-Williows, Lancashire, England 1865.

He married Rebecca Benson in St. Davids, Haigh, Lancashire, England, June 16, 1885. Rebecca was born in Haugh, Lancashire, England 1865.

Joseph Gregson and Rebecca Benson had the following children:

5. James2 Gregson (William1) was born in Hindley, Wigan, England 1869.

He married Ellen Gibson in Wigan, Lancashire, England, 1894. Ellen was born in Aspull, Lancashire, England 1869.

James Gregson and Ellen Gibson had the following children:

6. Walter Henry2 Gregson (William1) was born in Great Harwood, Lancashire, England January 6, 1871. Address is given as 60 Commercial Road. Walter died July 29, 1911 at 40 years of age.

He married Hannah Isabella Nelson in St. Elizabeths, Aspull, Lancashire, England, July 8, 1896. Hannah was born in Ince, Wigan, Lancashire, England June 10, 1873. Address is given as 7 Edward Street, Caroline Street, Ince.

Hannah died February 20, 1959 in Whelley, Wigan, Lancashire, England, at 85 years of age. Address is given as 12 Thompson Street.

Walter Henry Gregson and Hannah Isabella Nelson had the following children:


First Generation

1. John1 Hartley birth date unknown.

He married Catherine ?.

He was baptized in Kirkby, Overblow, West Riding Yorkshire, England, 1789. Religion: religion unknown. John's occupation: Shoemaker in Handbridge, Chester, Cheshire, England, 1824.

John Hartley and Catherine ? had the following child:


First Generation

1. Bernard1 Pickering birth date unknown.

He married Lydie ?.

Bernard Pickering and Lydie ? had the following child:

Second Generation

2. Bernard2 Pickering (Bernard1) was born in Frodsham, Cheshire, England January 1, 1743. Bernard died April 18, 1817 at 74 years of age.

He married Hannah ? in Frodsham, Cheshie, England, May 2, 1770.

He resided in Utkinton, Tarporley, Cheshire, England.

Bernard Pickering and Hannah ? had the following children:

Third Generation

4. Bernard3 Pickering (Bernard2, Bernard1) birth date unknown. Bernard died December 22, 1838.

He married Sarah Clough in Wybunbury, Cheshire, England, September 25, 1811.

Bernard Pickering and Sarah Clough had the following children:

5. John3 Pickering (Bernard2, Bernard1) birth date unknown. John died November 16, 1821.

He married Ann ?.

John Pickering and Ann ? had the following children:


First Generation

1. Thomas1 Williams birth date unknown.

He married Margaret ?.

Thomas Williams and Margaret ? had the following children:

Second Generation

2. Simeon2 Williams (Thomas1) birth date unknown. Simeon died 1837.

He married Elizabeth Pickering in Tarporley, Cheshire, England, August 22, 1809. She was the daughter of Bernard Pickering and Hannah ?.

He was christened in Saint Chad, Over, Cheshire, England, June 8, 1781.

Simeon Williams and Elizabeth Pickering had the following children:

Third Generation

14. James3 Williams (Simeon2, Thomas1) was born 1820.

He married Elizabeth Hartley in Chester, Cheshire, England, 1854. She was the daughter of John Hartley and Catherine ?.

He was christened in Holy Trinity, Chester, Cheshire, England, August 3, 1823.

James Williams and Elizabeth Hartley had the following children:


First Generation

1. Daniel1 Woodcock birth date unknown.

He married Elizabeth ?.

Daniel Woodcock and Elizabeth ? had the following children:

Second Generation

2. Samuel2 Woodcock (Daniel1) was born in Chester, Cheshire, England February 25, 1811. Marriage Certificate indicates that he is from Dodleston. Samuel died November 30, 1875 in St. Martins Ash, Chester, Cheshire, England, at 64 years of age. Death Certificate lists occupation as Tailor. Cause of death listed as Bronchitus Senilis.

He married Mary Ann Williams in Chester, Cheshire, England, July 16, 1834. Married in St. Michael's Church in Chester.

Mary was born in Holy Trinity, Chester, Cheshire, England August 14, 1811. Marriage Certificate indicates that she is from St. Michael's Parish in Chester. She was the daughter of Simeon Williams and Elizabeth Pickering.

Mary died September 7, 1872 in Chester, Cheshire, England, at 61 years of age. Cause of death listed as Exulceratio Intestinorum.

Samuel Woodcock and Mary Ann Williams had the following children:



Gregson, Annie Isabella (i94), b.1908-d.1968
Gregson, Charles (i75), b.1867-d.1917
Gregson, Edith Alice (i88), b.1902-d.1975
Gregson, Edith Elizabeth (i69), b.1889-d.1944
Gregson, Elizabeth (i67), b.1886-d.
Gregson, Elizabeth Mary (May) (i84), b.1896-d.1985
Gregson, Elsie (i87), b.1900-d.1900
Gregson, Evelyn May (i70), b.1890-d.
Gregson, Florence Evelyn (i86), b.1898-d.
Gregson, Florence Margaret (i71), b.1891-d.
Gregson, James (i77), b.1869-d.
Gregson, Jane Ellen (Nellie) (i92), b.1906-d.2002
Gregson, Jessie (i74), b.1902-d.
Gregson, John (i63), b.1863-d.
Gregson, Joseph (i65), b.1865-d.
Gregson, Lillian Mabel (i72), b.1892-d.
Gregson, Mabel (i96), b.1910-d.1967
Gregson, Margaret Elizabeth (i79), b.1893-d.
Gregson, Mary (i98), b.1873-d.
Gregson, Sally (i73), b.1894-d.
Gregson, Thomas William (i90), b.1904-d.1976
Gregson, Walter (i81), b.1901-d.
Gregson, Walter Henry (i82), b.1871-d.1911
Gregson, William (i14), b.1828-d.1895
Gregson, William (i68), b.1887-d.1947
Gregson, William (i99), b.1876-d.1878
Gregson, William Henry (i80), b.1898-d.


Hartley, Elizabeth (i19), b.-d.
Hartley, John (i40), b.-d.


Pickering, Bernard (i23), b.1743-d.1817
Pickering, Bernard (i25), b.-d.1838
Pickering, Bernard (i42), b.-d.
Pickering, Bernard (i44), b.1818-d.
Pickering, Elizabeth (i17), b.-d.
Pickering, John (i27), b.-d.
Pickering, John (i28), b.-d.1821
Pickering, Lydia (i36), b.-d.
Pickering, Martha (i30), b.-d.
Pickering, Mary (i32), b.-d.
Pickering, Mary (i34), b.-d.
Pickering, Nancy (i38), b.-d.
Pickering, Samuel (i33), b.-d.
Pickering, William (i31), b.-d.


Williams, Anne (i49), b.-d.
Williams, Bernard Pickering (i55), b.-d.
Williams, Catherine (i22), b.-d.
Williams, Eliza (i54), b.-d.
Williams, Emma (i56), b.-d.
Williams, James (i18), b.1820-d.
Williams, James (i51), b.-d.
Williams, John (i57), b.-d.
Williams, Joseph (i21), b.-d.
Williams, Maria (i53), b.-d.
Williams, Mary Ann (i4), b.1811-d.1872
Williams, Richard (i50), b.-d.
Williams, Samuel (i52), b.-d.
Williams, Simeon (i16), b.-d.1837
Williams, Simeon (i20), b.-d.
Williams, Thomas (i46), b.-d.
Williams, Thomas (i48), b.-d.


Woodcock, Ann (i61), b.1843-d.1844
Woodcock, Daniel (i5), b.-d.
Woodcock, Elizabeth (i13), b.1840-d.1878
Woodcock, Ellen Emma (i10), b.1855-d.
Woodcock, Emma (i45), b.1845-d.1846
Woodcock, George Edward (i62), b.1852-d.1852
Woodcock, Henry (i59), b.1838-d.1839
Woodcock, Jane (i12), b.1814-d.
Woodcock, John (i58), b.1835-d.1838
Woodcock, Joseph (i8), b.1848-d.
Woodcock, Margaretta (i9), b.1850-d.
Woodcock, Mary Ann (i60), b.1842-d.1842
Woodcock, Samuel (i3), b.1811-d.1875
Woodcock, William (i1), b.1836-d.1912

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