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Current Zonings in Hickory Flat 

See Meetings for dates, times and locations. 
GC - General Commercial
NC - Neighborhood Commercial

O& I - Office/Institutional

                    RA - Residential Attached

                   RZL - Zero Lot Line

                   RD3 - 3 Homes per Acre
                   R-20 - 1/2 Acre

                   R-30 - 3/4 Acre
                   R-40 - 1 Acre
                   R-60  - 1 1/2 Acre
                   R-80 - 2 Acre
Note: Conservation Subdivisions allow for individual homes sites to be as small as 1/4 the required size if the balance is set aside as green-space.


 Active Zoning Cases








031017 Reece Road Hwy 140 3.05 R40 Neighborhood Commercial 031017  Scallions Development Co. seeking to rezone the parcel that contains the pre school at Reece and Hwy 140. Schools are a permitted use in residential zonings.

Conforms to the LUP and the site is already developed.  There may be a problem with the size of the building in NC zoning. 

090616 Jep Wheeler Road Mountain Cove Court 71.13 R80 R40


090116 Public Participation Meeting at the Timothy Lutheran Church. Notice mailed 090216 received 090616 for meeting on 090716.  Does not include start time

090716 Meeting is at 6:30 p.m.

090716 He showed multiple plans to develop at R30 or R40 using the conservation ordinance which would allow lots as small as 7,500 - 10,000 sq. ft.

092316 His zoning application is asking for R30 conservation which would allow the smaller lots of  7,500 sq. ft.  the parcel is currently R80 or two acres per house

092816 Another Public Participation Meeting this time
at Hickory Flat Fire Department on Vaughn Road 09/28/16 at
6:30 p.m.

100416 Large crowd at the fire department.  All opposed to this rezoning.  Application has been filed with the county. 

102116 Public Hearing 1130 Bluffs Parkway Canton GA 7:00 p.m. Please try to attend this important meeting

110116 The Planning Commissioner voted to recommend denial to the Board of Commissioners.  the Board of Commissioners will render a final decision on November 15th.

111516 Developer asked for a delay which was granted to be decided December 20th

122016 Denied 5 - 0 by the Board of Commissioners. Thanks to the friends and residents of Jep Wheeler Road and our Board of Commissioners who have been consistently following the Land Use Plan.

122116 Developer filed a complaint with the Superior Court of Cherokee County against the Board of Commissioners.

070815 Hwy 140 / Arnold Mill Road 115.5 GC , AG, R20 R40 GC, RTH, RZL 061515 This is a very dense project.  it includes townhouses and a lot of commercial.
Both Hwy 140 and Arnold Mill Road are parking lots twice a day with additional development planned and under construction closer to E Cherokee Drive that will put even more pressure on the roads.

070815 The public participation meeting is 07/08/2015 at 7:00 p.m. Magnolia Hall 108 Arnold Mill Road Building C Woodstock.

070815The community does not support this development.  They came out in large numbers against it.  The request is out of character for the Hickory Flat area let alone that site.  It should be denied.

112715 Applicant requested delay until January.

120215 Applicant requested delay until February.

012516 Applicant withdrew the application.

010517 Applicant has decided to go forward with this zoning. Public Participation Meeting will be on Jan 10th at 8534 Main Street Woodstock At 7:00 p.m.

030617 Oak Hall has changed the plan to include the parcel at Grimes Road and Hwy 140 and they plan to develop a senior high density community.  They asked for and received a 30 day delay.




Recent Zoning Cases - Closed








100416 Sugar Pike and Batesville Roads 51 AG and R80 R20 Conservation 100416 Public Participation Meeting at the Hickory Flat Fire Department on Vaughn Road Thursday 10/06/2016 at 6:30.

120616 Planning Commission Public Hearing.

Withdrawn by the Applicant

083016 Mountain Road 47 R40 R20 Conservation 083016 Public Participation Meeting information 199 lots.  Lot sizes as small as 10,000 sq. ft.  plans to bring in sewer with this development which would open entire area up to high density development.

112916 The developer has pulled this case.

122016 Developer has submitted an application for R20 Conservation.  This will allow lots as small as 5,000 sq. ft. Scheduled to go before the planning commission for a public hearing 02/07/17

010417 the Developer has withdrawn the application.

102315 Jep Wheeler Road/ Mountain Cove Court 71.13 R80


R40 112315 Public Participation Meeting Hickory Flat Library 11/04/15 6:30 p.m.

110415 Large group from the community showed up for the Public Participation meeting.  The Jep Wheeler Road community is solidly against this rezoning.  After fighting the rezoning of this property successfully three times the neighbors are angry about facing another zoning battle.

The area is large lot development.  The road is a winding country road that is not designed to handle a large traffic volume.

112715 Rezoning has not yet been filed so there is no scheduled hearing date.

010316 The attorney for the developer told me they are not planning to go forward with this project.  If I hear anything different I will let everyone know.  I would like to take a moment to thank my neighbors on Jep Wheeler Road for their support in opposing this zoning.  Together we make all the difference.

100615 Hickory and Vaughn Road 9.1 General commercial Townhouse This project seems to be on hold.  The application has not been filed.

10/01/15 Public participation meeting.  Developer wants to build Townhouses but limit them to about 32 units on the 9 acre site. Entrance is on Vaughn Road.  Property is located between Hwy 140 and Vaughn Road opposite Saddlehorn. Current zoning is General Commercial.

The plan allows for a limited number of Townhouses that will be designated for 55 seniors.  This is near The Orchards and close to commercial development at the Kroger Center.  The parcel also fronts on Hwy 140 and is near the Townhouse community currently under construction at Hwy 140 and Hickory.  There is R15 across hwy 140 at the church property.

I would prefer to see this developed as senior development with patio homes like the rear section of The Orchards.

070115 Holly Springs Annexation   R80 3.2 units per acre

092815 The city of Holly Springs voted to allow the annexation and rezoning of the property behind The Orchards.  Despite the fact that the Orchards HOA board members, going against their covenants, signed the annexation request without allowing their residents to vote.

The county has begun legal action. 

11/27/15 Court hearing Justice Center in Canton 12/09/15 9:30 a.m. Courtroom 2C

121115 The county and Holly Springs have reached a tentative agreement to remove the parcels from the city and for the county to allow the zoning.  If it is approved it will stop Holly Springs at this location but we will still have an inappropriate zoning that will be approved by the county.

The county had little choice on this due to the HOA at The Orchards.  If it had not been for the reckless action of The Orchards the density on this property would likely have been much lower.

050415 Batesville Road Between Rowe and Earney and Cherokee County Line 42.87 R-80 R-80 Conservation This zoning request will allow lots too small for the surrounding area.  It should be denied.

Conservation was allowed.  I don't agree with this decision.  I feel the lots are too small for the surrounding area.

Passed 5-0

011215 Batesville Road between Rowe and Earney and Cherokee County Line 167.5 AG R-60 and R-40

020315 Public Hearing before the Planning Commission at 7:00 pm

03/03/15 Public Hearing 7:00 pm
All members of the Planning Commission voted to recommend R40 and R80 to the Board of Commissioners.
BOC will vote on March 17th

031715 Board of Commissioners voted to support R60 5-0.

Zoning request is too dense for this area.  It should be approved at R80 with R60 as a step down to the existing adjacent  subdivision.

092214 Bailey Road 42.92  R-80 R-20 100114 Public Participation Meeting Hickory Flat Library at 6:30 p.m.
120214 Public Hearing at the Bluffs before the Planning Commission 7:00 p.m. This is the opportunity the community has to speak against the zoning.
121614 Commission will vote on zoning request.
Delayed until January 2015
Delayed until March 2015
030315 Public Hearing 7:00 pm.
All members of the Planning Commission voted to recommend denial to the Board of Commssioners.
BOC will vote on March 17th

031715 Denied by the Board of Commissioners 5-0

Bailey Road is a rural/estate community.  There should not be an exception made here.  This zoning was and should have  been denied.