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Highland Park Neighborhood

the new plaque

August 2006


Cedar Street Marble Row Houses


Due to the hard work of the Cedar Street Condo Trust, an historical marker has been placed on the Cedar Street Marble Row Houses (28-40 Cedar St.), in recognition of these buildings built in 1897.  The plaque can be found at the corner of Cedar and Thornton Streets.  For more info, please see the Boston Historical Society website at: http://www.bostonhistory.org/m_roxbury.php

Cedar Street Marble Row Houses

March 17, 2006 – Evacuation Day

Suffolk Co. Sheriff Andrea Cabral speaking, with M. Bare and C. Henriquez in the background.

March 18, 2006

A wonderful reenactment was held today celebrating the evacuation of Boston by the British in 1776.  The reenactment of this very important event in US history was introduced by the local leaders Michael Bare (of the South Boston Citizens' Assn.) and Carlos Henriquez (of the Dudley Street Initiative).  Also helping to put this event on are the Fort Ticonderoga Assn, the Henry Knox Lodge, the Natl. Park Service, First Church Roxbury, Discover Roxbury, the Shirley Eustis House, and the Mt. Washington Bank.  This reenactment by the Fort Ticonderoga Drum and Fife, the Boston Alarum group, and a band of revolutionary soldiers from Lexington was a thrill to see and hear!   Thank you, all of the above organizations, for bringing our rich history back for us to experience and appreciate.  Welcome to Fort Hill!!!

The Fort Ticonderoga Drum and Fife

Standing next to this group as they marched towards us, playing their fifes and beating their drums, was a stirring experience!  Thank you, New Yorkers!

The march to Dorchester Heights begins!

The march began on our hill and continued to First Church, Roxbury, and then down to Dudley Station, down Dudley Street, past the Shirley Eustis House, ultimately arriving at Dorchester Heights in South Boston. 

Other Historical Events on the Hill

Gerry Wright as Frederick Law Olmsted
A review of Olmsted's life, acted on top of our hill in June 2004

more information on Gerry Wright's Frederick Law Olmsted

Who We Are:

The Fort Hill Civic Association is the de-facto "town meeting" for the Fort Hill Community. Meeting on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm St. Margaret’s Convent, the FHCA gives local residents and others with an interest in the community the chance to make their voices heard on local issues, and to get to know their neighbors, local representatives and others. …for more information, contact peterlee@quik.com

Located on Fort Ave., the Margaret Wright Memorial Garden is a 30 year old organic community garden that gives Fort Hill residents the chance to stay connected to the soil. Built up on formerly-vacant land through the vision and drive of Margaret Wright, the Garden now has more than 20 gardeners, active plans for redesign, and is a greenspace focal point for the community. For more info, please contact WWINSLOW@PARTNERS.ORG

The Friends of Highland Park is an all-volunteer group of concerned park neighbors and local residents, working with the Parks Department and elected officials to advocate for better upkeep, maintenance and continued funding of improvements to our beloved Highland Park at a time of severe Parks Dept. budget-cuts. Ongoing projects include replacing and pruning dying plantings, adding flowers, repairing and replacing benches, and ensuring that weeding of planted beds occurs on a regular and thorough basis.