Links related to songwriting and the music business

  • Songwriter and Composer Organizations

o       Just Plain Folks.  Online networking and support of musicians and songwriters.

o       Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI). NSAI is an organization dedicated to the education and advancement of songwriters. This is the organization to belong to for writers of country music.

o       Songwriters Guild of America (SGA). The SGA is an industry trade organization for songwriters, providing services such as royalty collection and contract review for established songwriters, as well as workshops and showcases for aspiring writers.

o       West Coast Songwriters Assn. - Formerly NCSA, one of the most active songwriter associations in the USA with more than 15 events a month.

o       The Film Music Network provides opportunities to meet composers and other contacts in the film music business.

  • Songwriter Information and Resources

  • Musical Gear and Supplies
    • Ace Label Systems - Great prices and selection of  labels and accessories for tapes, CD's, and mailing.
    • - Computer music hardware and software.
    • C-Shell - Plastic cases for CD's.  An alternative to jewel cases, excellent for CD-R song pitching.
    • Ducks Deluxe - Guitars and accessories plus services and resources for guitarists.
    • - Large selection of strings for guitars, basses, and a wide variety of other stringed instruments.
    • National Recording Supplies, Inc. Great prices on blank tapes and other audio/video supplies.
    • Cassette House. Blank tapes, labels, mailers, and other supplies.
    • Mir Music Engraving and Personal Press - One-stop music self-publishing service including editing, engraving, arranging, cover design and printing.

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