The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite

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Join Horizon for one heckuva quirky journey, Quincy Long's The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite. Straight from its Off-Broadway premiere this almost-but-not quite a musical - featuring spirited songs and live sound effects - follows a wild goose chase through the land of the wild goose.

The Joy Of Going Somewhere Definite launches a trio of buddies on an unexpected road trip, propelling them from their bar stools to distant points north. Spurred by a Dear John note found in a stranger's hat, Raymond, Merle and Junior embark on a quixotic quest to reunite the mysterious man with his wife Marie. Their all night road trip - full of fellowship, adventures and mishaps - takes them to a place where nothing is as it seems. This peculiar and amusing mid-winter night's escapade is a rousing tall tale, celebrating the spirit of redemption and renewal. Both funny and touching, The Joy Of Going Somewhere Definite is a highly theatrical and poignant comedy of heart-warming friendships that transcend temperature.

Set in "Fargo" land, where it takes a clever mind and a good brew to heat up the long winter, The Joy Of Going Somewhere Definite takes us from a cozy bar to a frozen lake to a religious retreat to a roadside motel. The imaginative landscape is enhanced by an onstage Foley Artist (sound effects guy) and musician, who accompanies the traveling trio as they burst into songs celebrating their nocturnal adventure. Using such items as a watering can, bowls of water, marbles, a salad spinner and beer bottles, he also creates a soundscape . This exceptional theatrical device creates a unique comedy that explores the hardship, joy and spirituality of everyday life.