Guest Director: Lawrence Keller

Guest director Lawrence Keller earned his M.F.A from Florida State University and has directed A Christmas Carol and Laughing Wild at the Alliance Theatre and other productions at Theatre in the Square, Jewish Theatre of the South and Whole World Theatre with a current production of The Lights at Dad's Garage.

Lawrence Keller says:

"There comes a moment in all our lives when we see somebody who literally takes our breath away. There is no rationale for it. Often, this person can become an obsession, and it can cause us to do the most irrational things. One friend wanted me to drive her past a man's house to see whether he was home just so she could maybe get a glimpse of him. Another told me of an incident when at 3am he risked arrest to scale a gate to an ex-girlfriend's subdivision on the off chance that she might be awake. And without describing the excesses to which I have resorted, I will only say that Caller I.D. has become the bane of my existence.
"The Food Chain is about such people. It is about the lengths to which we will go to keep a lover and the lousy ways we handle rejection. It is also about the widely held belief that physical beauty is the key to happiness. Nicky Silver's characters handle rejection only slightly worse than we do. The biggest difference is that the characters in The Food Chain (with the exception of Ford) actually say what we might only think. Otto asks Serge 'Could you love me if...?'; He and Amanda feast or fast in the hopes of answering that question.
"Passions and obsessions are a dangerous commodity. Silver's brilliance is his ability to take this potentially tragic premise and turn it into non-stop hilarity without compromising that vision of self-destruction."

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