Will you find mere mortals in Mere Mortals? Hardly. Not in the world of David Ives. In Ivesland, everyone uses imagination to leap past mortality and the daily grind into an alternate reality where they achieve a higher sense of greatness. Construction workers imagine more illustrious past lives and birth parents, an everyday Joe fantasizes about being Degas in Paris, a tourist has a close encounter with God, may flies learn about mortality and carpe diem from David Attenborough.

Through imagination and a playful inventive spirit, Ives gives his audience back the gift of "what if" so that we adults can defend ourselves against feeling small, common and mundane. As Ed says in Degas, C'est Moi, "Gone the dreary daily dejas vu -- Degas vu!" Imagination and theatre can lift us up beyond the everyday, tickle our funny bone, make us ponder our own mortality, clean our slate and inspire us to see the world and each other not through rose-colored glasses but through eyes of a different color. Ivesland beckons. Carpe diem.

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