Director's Notes

Lisa Adler, Director

Invisible. For many years, women in mid-life have been the see-through characters that haunt the edges of theatre, fiction and film, supporting the stories of their husbands, lovers and children, but rarely occupying a central role themselves. Now our huge population of female baby boomers is becoming the first generation of women to mature into their 50s' since the advent of women's lib and feminism. Female writers in mid-life are starting to tell their stories, and those stories are being staged and filmed for ready audiences who applaud the freshness of these voices. In this play, Marian X charts one region of this vastly unexplored territory.

Marian and I are interested in the poetic reality that the theatre offers. While film lets us delve into the realistic detail of life, theatre gives us opportunities to weave the real and the imagined, using both the outer and the inner lives of characters. Theatre should be truthful, but also magical. Let's see action, drama, but let's also see and hear the characters' fantasies, dreams and fears. Let them talk to us directly--we're in the same room together, after all. Don't forget poetry, metaphor and, of course, comedy. It's storytelling, using all the tools available. So welcome to our magic world where our prologue starts in a dream place called the Hole. Relax and open your heart and mind to the saga of these two friends--strong, complex women struggling to find fulfillment in the next stage of their lives -- mid-life.

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