The Screened In Porch


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Sparks fly when an unexpected reunion between childhood friends ignites an exploration of the past and leads to startling revelations about the future. Hattie and Lucille discover after 35 years that while the course of their lives couldn't be more different, they have both reached mid-life searching to redefine themselves for this new phase of their lives. Their reunion takes them on a difficult journey through the highs and lows of friendship, sexuality, loss and motherhood. Playwright Marian X seemlessly blends the fantastical and the real in this moving and often humourous play about women's wisdom and survival. The Screened-In Porch explores the lives of several women whose experiences span decades. These lives intersect and disperse in several different directions--friend to friend, mother to daughter, daughter to friend and neighbor to neighbor. Playwright Marian X tells the story of a community of women who discover important truths about healing themselves and each other. While their adjoining front porches are similar, all of the women's lives are very different. In one house is feisty old Miss Mary, her eyes constantly on the alert for gossip, her tongue sharpened and at the ready for the slightest opening. In the middle house is Hattie, a nurse and widow whose four children are grown and gone. In the third house moves Lucille, Hattie's childhood friend, now a well-educated, well-traveled college professor who writes erotica on the sly. What finally shakes up this multigenerational community is the arrival of Aleta, Hattie's troubled 25-year-old daughter who has returned home. Aleta's own crisis causes all of these women to question the quality of their friendships and their own responsibilities and fulfillment.

"... an appealing, life-affirming play ..." New York Times

Graphics by Cathy Metzger and Bluemoon Studio