Director's Notes

Jeff Adler, Director

"I am interested in and feel we should all be concerned about the struggle for the control and direction of institutions that shape our lives. The future course of these institutions is being determined now. In religion, in politics, in the courts and in business, we need leaders who can inspire us while also helping us cope with the complex problems of our rapidly changing world. Everyone wants easy solutions, fast and big results. Some of our most inspirational leaders offer such views. Can they deliver? Or more importantly, do people really care as long as the temporary answer is provided? It is my own belief that we should resist succumbing to impulses for quick fixes. But leaders that look at the world from a more complex viewpoint, often lack the ability to inspire and motivate people to action. Can the best of both worlds be melded? If a choice must be made, which is the right one? Which is more important -- tradition or innovation? inspiring people or listening to them? the right answers or the right questions? wisdom or enthusiasm? ethics or results? As the leader of a growing artistic institution, this play speaks to me because all of the above are issues I grapple with daily. So, as you watch the play today, let it spur your thoughts about the ways in which you lead in your community. When are you Lionel? When are you Tony? When are you Southwark, having to choose between two paths? When there are no easy answers, how do you do the right thing? "

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