David Hare is one of our most critically acclaimed contemporary playwrights of conscience. This is Horizon's third Hare play, having produced the Olivier Award-winning and Tony Award-nominated play Racing Demon last season and The Secret Rapture in 1991. A playwright, director and filmmaker, Hare has written sixteen plays for the stage and seven original screenplays for cinema and TV. Skylight premiered at London's National Theatre where it won the 1996 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Play. It was subsequently produced on Broadway where it won the 1997 New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Foreign Play and garnered several Tony Award nominations, including one for Best Play. Widely considered his most accessible, intimate drama to date, Skylight marks Hare's departure from his recent celebrated trilogy about the church, the courts and politics. After joking that Skylight is "destined to be performed all over the world, because the play has only three characters and one set," Hare confesses that "it was a relief to go back to the kind of play where you're allowed to achieve subtler effects in a room." As the times have changed, so has Hare's playwriting. When he began writing 25 years ago, the goal of his playwriting was "to bring down the Government" making him an intelligent bad boy of British theatre. "Well in the 80's that was a legitimate aim to write with," explains Hare. "Now you are trying to contact people and say 'How do we start making this mess work again?'" In Skylight, the characters seek redemption, forgiveness and a way to move forward in their lives--and Hare leaves us with a ray of hope for their future. Performed widely across this country and the world, Hare's plays includePlenty (New York Critic's Circle Award), Map of the World, Pravda and The Secret Rapture among others. His films include Plenty, The Secret Rapture, Damage and Strapless. He has won many awards for Best Play and Best Film of the Year, both in the U.K. and U.S. Hare's artistic home is London's National Theatre. With ten plays previously premiered there, he is their most frequently produced contemporary playwright . His most recent play, Amy's View, has received rave reviews in London and is slated for a New York opening next season. Hare recently completed a film version of Wallace Shawn's The Designated Mourner starring Mike Nichols and Miranda Richardson.

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