Lisa Adler, Director

Emotions and ideas seethe and boil. The dialogue glints and flashes. Politics, money, love, ideals, hope, leadership, compromise, compassion, the future. The personal is political, and the stakes are high. It must be another David Hare play, and I'm astonished. Across a wide ocean, this person of a different sex, age and nationality, knows my deepest thoughts and can articulate them in a way I could only do in my dreams. David Hare believes that, "The most important playwright's gift is to hit your time and speak to your time." As a theatre dedicated to contemporary works, Horizon is in constant search of playwrights with that gift--and Mr. Hare is one of the best. He takes the temperature of the times and puts the fever on stage. He brings us people we recognize with dilemmas we understand, struggling to find a new way, a better way to "get on". In Skylight, he's at the top of his form. It's an unforgettable battle of the hearts and minds between two equally matched sparring partners who couldn't be more different--politically, emotionally and economically. In Horizon's intimate space, we are almost voyeurs, peaking through the window (skylight!), on this intensely personal night of revelations. It's a tour de force for an ensemble of actors--the kind of play Horizon loves--and our talented trio is ready. To quote Kyra, "it stretches stretches you as far as you can go".

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