Skylight- by David Hare

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Straight from Broadway and London's West End comes this fierce, funny and unforgettable love story by award-winning playwright David Hare. Acclaimed Atlanta actors Carolyn Cook and Chris Kayser star as dueling lovers- a sexy, bleeding heart liberal and a brash self-made businessman in this intensely intimate and sensual drama. It's a roller coaster ride of provocative ideas and fiery emotions, a bare-it-all night of truths and dares, for these ex-lovers who share a passion as fierce as their very opposite views and values. "Splendid! Devastatingly clear-sighted and compassionate... theatre-going today doesn't get much better than this." -The NewYork Times.

On a wintery night in London, a wealthy, charming entrepreneur knocks on the door of a shabby flat in search of his former lover - an idealistic, inner-city school teacher wishing to reignite their smoldering love affair after three years of silence. Instead, Tom's arrival sparks a volatile long night's journey into day in which this intelligent, dueling duo laugh, fight, remember and make love in a sensual dance of desire and longing.