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GA 180 - The Curviest Road in Georgia

GA 180 Map

The 11 miles of GA180 between GA60 and US19 really is a "no blinker". My eyes always hurt by the end. Lots of hairpin turns twisting along heavily shaded steep mountain sides. One thing to keep in mind about this road is how it is different from GA60. It is NOT consistent and the visibility is NOT good. One short hairpin curve to the right might be followed by a gentle one to the left followed by a ridiculously sharp turn to the left again - you just never know because you can't see any of the turns ahead. There's one place where the road had mellowed out a bit and you come over what seems like a gentle hill but it turns out to be steep on the other side with a sharp turn suddenly.....well you get my point. But that's what makes this road such a thrill. Just be careful.

Halfway up this road is Lake Winfield Scott. A nice place to picnic or just chillout. About 1/3rd of the way from the US19 end you travel thru a protected wilderness area called Sosebee Cove, there are a few parking places along the side of the road and a nature trail on the downhill side. One of the most beautiful places I've been.

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