Marybelle Delamar, 1882-1966



I am convinced that your Jacob must have been of the Nansemond  County William Hunter family.  One page (27) of the 1790 Richland County Census roads like a tax list for some one of the North Carolina counties at a time when the Hunters were most numerous there. I have not checked closely to see if there were other Hunters in Richland, but on page27 there were the following:


Widow Hunter

Fanny Hunter

Hunter (Widow)

Henry Hunter

Dempsey Hunter

Jacob Hunter­


The fact that they were all listed on the same page means that they in the same section of the county.  Fanny Hunter, probably, was the widow of Henry who went from Bertie County.  If so, Henry must have died almost as soon as he reached Richland.  Henry with the wife Fanny had only one brother, Thomas.  Therefore, he could not have been the brother of your Jacob. Henry and Thomas were not of the age for the father of your Jacob, and I think that these two can be eliminated.


I do not pretend that I have anything like as much as could be had about these Hunters.  There were so many of them, and they lived in so many counties, that months would be needed for a thorough search.. So far as I could, I spent my time in the search for a Jacob who could have been yours, and for any Hunter who could have been the father of your Jacob; I do not want to be discouraging but the odds are all in favor of Jacob having been taken to South Carolina when still under age.  If so, the father's will or administration would have been in South Carolina, of course.  Either one of the two widow Hunters in Richland County could have been the father's widow.


You know about the founder of the very large Hunter family, William Hunter of Nansemond County, Virginia who had at least three sons, Nicholas, Isaac and Robert. He was dead in 1729 when his son, Nicholas sold some of the land.




I. Nicholas Hunter (son of William of Nansemond) went to Carteret Precinct where in 1729, he and his wife Rebecca (through his attorney Thomas Rountree) made a deed to his son Isaac for land, part of which was a grant to William Hunter, father of Nicholas, in Virginia on April 24, 1701.  He also made a deed for adjoining land to his son William Hunter, (Chowan County Deeds 1714-35, p.599, 600, at the N. C. State Department of Archives and History).  Isaac and William, probably were by a wife previous to Rebecca and they remained in Albemarle.  Isaac is not named in the will of his father, Nicholas, but the deed from Nicholas to Isaac and the deed from Isaac Junior of Bertie to Isaac Hunter, Senior, of Chowan, dated May 2, 1739 (Chowan Deed Book C No. 2, p 45) proves that the Isaac Hunter, Junior, was the son of Nicholas.


Nicholas Hunter made his will in Carteret.County on Feb. 3, 1749 and named wife Rebecca, and children Stephen, Easter, Tillahy, dau, Kisiah Mitchell, Ezekiel, William, Sarah, Ruth and Joab. He also named a grandson George Mitchell. A memorandum that if Stephen or Easter should die without heirs their estate to go to the heirs of their mother, indicates that they also were children of a previous wife.


Ezekiel Hunter (son of Nicholas and grandson of William of Nansemond) served in the legislature from Onslow County in 1773. He made his will in Onslow that same year and named wife Rachel, and children Mary, Asa, Ezekiel and Sena. Ezekiel (son of above Ezekiel was listed in Carteret County in 1779, as was Libeus (son of Nicholas). This seems to leave Stephen, William and Joab (sons of Nicholas) unaccounted for.




II.  Isaac Hunter, son of William of Nansemond, lived in Chowan County. At a meeting of St. Paul’s vestry on Easter Monday, 1732, he was elected  a vestryman (Minutes of St. Paul's vestry, p 62). He seems to have served in that capacity for the remainder of his life, at times being a Church Warden or a reader at one of the chapels. The sons named in his will made on April 17, 1752, and proven in April 1753, were Elisha (plantation where I now live and plantation where he now lives); Jesse; Isaac; (land in Bertie); Daniel, Jacob.  Isaac Hunter, living in Granville County, on Jan. 12, 1758, sold land in Bertie granted to his father, Isaac Hunter on April 12, 1745.  This would have been the land in Bertie that Isaac Hunter of Chowan left to his son Isaac in 1752.  This Isaac Hunter, son of Isaac of Chowan, lived in the east of Granville that in 1764 became Bute. His name and the ­names of` two of his brothers, Jesse and Elisha, are shown on the Bute County 1771 tax list. The brother Daniel also came to Granville.  in 1779 Bute County was abolished and the counties of Franklin and Warren made from the territory.


Isaac Hunter (son of Isaac of Chowan) married in Granville County in 1760; Martha Alston. There is a marriage bond. His brother Jesse also married an Alston, sister of Martha. Jesse. Hunter is said to have gone to Wilkes County, Georgia.   I know nothing of his children.


In the Raleigh Register of August 8, 1826, there is a legal notice about a case in equity in Granville that gives the names of the heirs of Daniel Hunter, who it was stated died about 1800. The heirs include a Jacob. I am enclosing this record from the paper.


I thought that I had Isaac Hunter of Warren (son of Isaac of Chowan) checked out, but do not seem to put my hands on it just now. I will look further and see if I can find him. There was a Jacob Hunter in Warren in 1794, but of course, he could not have been yours.


When the four sons of Isaac Hunter of Chowan (Isaac, Elisha, Jesse, and Daniel) came to Granville, it left only the one son, Jacob, in Chowan. He was prominent there, being in the Provincial Congress, a second major, and in the house from Chowan in 1777 and 1778. When the county of Gates was formed in 1778, he moved over there, where he served in the legislature from 1779 until his death in 1784. His will does not show a son Jacob.


William Hunter, seemingly the son of Nicholas, died in Chowan in 1732, and left two sons, William and Ephraim, to whom he left a water mill and land in Nansemond County in addition to land in Chowan. I do not have Ephraim checked out, but when Ann, his widow, made her will in 1749 she did not name him. He was either dead or the son of a first wife.


William Hunter (son of William, grandson of Nicholas, and great grandson, of William of Nansemond) made his will in Chowan. He named sons John, Nicholas, Hardy (land in Suffolk Town), James (under 21), and Timothy.  The fact that John and Nicholas were left land where they now live would indicate that they were already married and settled. There are possibilities there for a father of Jacob.




III. Robert Hunter (son of William of Nansemond) died in Bertie in 1753 and left sons Henry and Moses. Henry had two sons, Henry and Thomas. Of these two brothers, Henry married Fanny and went to Richland County, S. C.  Neither one of these was of date to have been the father of Jacob.


Moses Hunter (son of Robert ) married Pattie. He died in Bertie in 1757 and left no son but only a daughter. The Bertie County court Minutes for  April 14, 1757, October 1761, and April 14, 1762, show that Pattie, the widow of Moses, married Thomas Hoskins, and that the estate was divided 1/3 to Pattie and 2/3 to the daughter Katherine.




[Reuben, Theophilus, Dempsey, Isaac “of the Tavern”, and Thomas, sons of Isaac “of Northampton” Hunter, son Nicholas, son of William of Nansemond]


Isaac [“of Northampton”] Hunter, son of Nicholas, lived in the part of Bertie that in 1741 was thrown into Northampton.  He made a will to which there are references in the deeds made by his sons, but the will cannot be found.  Some records of three of his sons are as follows:


Northampton County Deeds


Book 2, p 112, 12 April 1753


Reuben Hunter of Northampton to David Rice of Nansemond County, Va.


320 acres in Northampton, being a grant to Jas. Hutchison 2nd Aug. 1730, which said tract the said Hutchison formerly sold to Isaac Hunter Aug. 4, 1738, who by his last will bequeathed the same to his son Reuben H.



Book 3, p. 130, 4th Aug. 1761


Thos. Hunter of Northampton County to David Rice of same---­


40, shil. current money of Va. 3 acres of Northampton bounding on the land said Rice purchased of Reuben Hunter- beginning at a pine on said Rices line - to a post oak the Quakers corner tree of their Meeting house - to their other corner at the road - being part of the land that Thomas Hunter purchased of his brother Demcy Hunter by deed dated 13th, May, 1761.


Thomas Hunter


Proved Aug. Court 1761, by Demcy Jossey



Book 3, p 129, 13th May 1761


Demcy Hunter & Unity his wife of Northampton County to Thos Hunter of same county - - -


In consideration, of a tract of land in Johnston County belonging to the said Thomas Hunter a tract of land called the rich square & formerly granted to Timothy Carringham 9th March 1717 and thereafter became due to Edward Howcott by virtue of order of Council dated 11th Nov. 1724 by which order the said Edward Howcott obtained patent for the said land containing 640 acres patent dated 13th July 1724 & by said Howcott conveyed to John Perry by deed dated 10th Nov. 1725 & by the said John Perry conveyed to Isaac Hunter as by deed may appear.  The tract now sold unto Thomas Hunter containing 530 acres - the said land being devised unto said Demcy Hunter by the last will & testament of his father Isaac Hunter deceased.


Demcy Hunter

Unity x Hunter



You will notice that Demcy Hunter exchanged his land in Northampton with his brother Thomas for land in Johnston (now Wake). The three brothers, Demcy, Reuben and Thomas came to Johnston. Thomas did not stay, and is said to have gone to Nash County, where he died in 1797.


Reuben Hunter (son of Isaac of Northampton) married Sarah Speight, daughter of William, who in his will made in Wake on July 2, 1773, named his grandson Reuben Hunter, Junior, and the brother of Reuben, junior, Dempsey Hunter. Reuben Hunter, son of Isaac of Northampton, died in Wake about 1794. The division of his land was made by order of June Court 1796, to the widow and sons Needham, Cader, Whitmell, Dempsey, and Theophilus Hunter. At the same time Reuben and Isaac Hunter, sons of the deceased, relinquished their title to any part of their father’s estate. This was reported to September Court 1796, and recorded in Record Book 1, p. 372.


Jacob Hunter (son of Isaac Hunter of the Tavern) married Sarah Rogers, the Wake County marriage bond being dated Nov. 25, 1783.  He was dead in February 1807, when the court directed that his estate be divided. It was divided to Jacob, Riddick, Delilah and Mary Hunter, Joel Simm, in right of his wife, James,,Isaac, Gilly and Henry Hunter. On March 4,1807, Sally Hunter, Widow of Jacob, was allotted her part of the estate. (Wake County Court Minutes and Record Book 7, p 259-261, 268).


I realize that I do not have the disposition of Dempsey Hunter (son of Isaac of. Northampton) other than that his wife was Unity and that he exchanged his land in Northampton for land in Johnston, He may have died in Johnston before . Wake County was formed in 1770.                It would probably require search of unindexed court minutes to find if this was, true.  He, probably, was old enough for the father of Jacob.


[William Hunter of Nansemond County, VA, Northampton County, NC, and South Carolina]


The William Hunter whom we know went to South Carolina from Northampton County may prove the most interesting one to you. I have found that he was living in Nansemond County, Virginia, when he purchased land in Northampton. I have the following records of him from the Northampton County deeds:




Northampton County


Book 1, p 220, Oct. 9, 1745


Thomas Foxhall of Northampton County to William Hunter of Nansemond County, Va.--­

Consideration 22 lbs. current money of Va. 560 acres in Northampton County south side of Bridgers Creek Swamp, granted to Thomas Foxhall, Apr. 1, 1723.



Book 2, p 525, Oct. 12, 1758


William Hunter of Northampton County to Moses Riddick of Nansemond County,


Part of a patent granted to Thos. Foxhall - - land on the road called the Meadow road to Cashy road.


Test: Henry Hunter, Henry Hunter Jr.



Book 3,   p 60, Nov. 22, 1759


William Hunter of Northampton County to Samuel Cotton –­


All that dividend of land on the S side of Cashia road containing 100 acres taken out of a tract granted to Thomas Foxhall by; patent Apr. 1, 1723, and by said Thomas Foxhall to William Hunter beginning George Stevenson’s line on the Cabbin branch.


William Hunter

Hannah X Hunter


Test: Etho Rufffin, Thos. Rosh, Wm. Stevenson, Proven Nov. Court 1760



Book 3, p. 61, Aug 5, 1760,


William Hunter and wife Hannah of Northampton County to William Stevenson


96 lbs. Va. money. One tract or parcel of land in Northampton near the head of Ahoskie pocoson, being the land and plantation whereon the said William how lives - being a patent granted to Patrick Maul 1st day of March 1719 containing 240 acres.


William Hunter

Hannah X Hunter



Book 3, p. 61

25th day in the year 1760


William Hunter of Northampton County to Richard Veal -- of the place said


10-shil.current money of Va. Tract of land containing 260 acres by patent granted to Thos. Foxhall April 4, 1723, S side of briery crook swamp-with all houses, etc.


Test: Wm. Stevenson, Samuel Cotton, Morris Veale Nov. Court 1760



It would seem as if William and Hannah were considering moving as early as 1758, but did not finally make the break until 1760.


I do not know who the Northampton William was, but coming out of Nansemond County and having the two Henry Hunters around to witness that deed of October 12, 1758, he is bound to have been of the carne family as the descendants of the earlier William Hunter of Nansemond.



The chart that your friend saw here is of Theophilus Hunter and his descendants. It is signed by E. H. Baker, Raleigh, Feb. 13, 1926.  Theophilus Hunter married Jane Lane, and died about 1798.  He left a number of children, but no Jacob.


You will notice that I have not spent much time in trying to find the, wives of the many Hunters. They might be hard to come by, and until you find the father of Jacob the wives will not be of importance to you.


It is possible that other sons of William who made his will in Chowan, in 1749 are accounted for. It will be easy to find how many I have not checked out.



I should have said that Isaac Hunter of Northampton had five sons, Theophilus, Isaac Demcy, Reuben and Thomas. Since you could have been from either Isaac (of the Tavern) or Theophilus, 1 did not check on the evidence that they were the brothers of Reuben, Demcy, and Thomas.


If I have occasion to search the Johnston County court minutes any time soon, I will keep an eye out for Demcy (Dempsey) Hunter.  He and William of Northampton look to me to be your best chances.


An Isaac Hunter died in Duplin County, according to the Duplin County count minutes for January 1797. 1 do not know who he was, as I have hot checked on Duplin.


Am enclosing abstracts of various records. Not much will be new to you, but I thought that what I had together would help you to eli­minate, and to see the possibilities left. I was inclined to go ahead and check out, as far as possible the sons of William Hunter of the 1749 Chowan will, and to check more on Dempsey, but it was taking so much time that I thought I had better stop.












From: N: C. Carolina State Department of Archives & History


Bertie County Deeds


Book E, p 281, Aug. 4, 1738


James Hutcheson of Bertie Precinct to Isaac Hunter—


One certain tract of woodland containing 320 acres in Ahoskie woods ­beginning Col. Maul’s line- part of a tract of land formerly granted to said Jas. Hutcheson nor-640 acres dated the 2nd Aug. 1730.


Acknowledged Aug. Court 1738 No witnesses

(Note: This land is now in Northampton County.)




Book H; p 230, Aug. 8, 1754


Elisha Hunter of Chowan County to Robert Sumner (?) of Nansemond County, Va.-­


Plantation in Bertie known by the name of Pitch landing on Chowan River- Deep bottom the patent line-140 acres more or less granted to Thomas Martain Feb 28, 1704/5- sold by him to Joseph Oates, sold by him to Wm. Pugh May 20, 1743, and by Wm Pugh conveyed to Isaac Hunter and by said Isaac Hunter conveyed to the said Elisha Hunter.




Book L, p. 233, 15th Jan 1771


Henry Hunter & Thomas Hunter, both of Bertie County to Simon Turner of the Colony of Virginia-­


Consideration 66 lbs 7 shil & 4 pence Preclamation money. Two tracts of lend in the county afsd. on the S side of Rocquist Swamp, which said land was bequeathed to said Henry Hunter by the last will testament of Henry Hunter dec’d - the one containing by deed to sd. :Hunter 300 acres beginning at the end of the line that divides James Williamson Sen. & Jonathan Taylor next to Rocquist Swamp - running said Williamsons line to a marked oak - to the run of a branch issuing out of Rocquist Swamp - being part of a patent granted to the said James Williamson dated 5th April l720 & part granted to John Smithwich dated 7th Aug 1720. The other containing 200 acres in the county aforesaid-beginning at a red oak within the Indian line-to a red oak - ­to a white oak William Perces corner- to a water oak in Henry Hunters line-to a red oak in Bates line- and we the sd Henry Hunter & Thomas Hunter for ourselves, etc. will forever defend--except 100 acres within the Indian bounds & 20 feet square in the Manner plantation where is a grave yard. I Sarah Hunter the mother of the said Henry and Thomas Hunter do renounce all my right of dower--and furthermore I Fannah Hunter the Wife of said Henry Hunter and Ann the wife of the said Thomas Hunter renounce all their right of dower, etc.


Sarah Hunter

Faney Hunter

Ann Hunter


Proved by March Court 1771







From: Land Grant Office

Book 3, p. 98


William Hunter.    335 acres on the E side of Chowan River on the head of the Hell Pocoson- beginning at the center of 2 water oaks  & a gum in Hell Pocoson - to a pine in Cabin Branch Jonathan Robinsons Corner-along his line to a pine in Bobinson’s corner- then along the center of Robinson’s line to a pine in his line & John Porters corner­ to

the center of 3 Pines in John Winbourns line - along Winbourn’s line to a pine his corner- to another of Winbourns corners-to 3 pines in James,Spears line-to a hickory Spears corner-to a post oak in Spears, line- to a white oak in Hell Pocoson.


Dated, April 5th 1722



North Carolina State Department of Archives and History


Bertie County


Deed Book 1, p. 43, Jan. 12, 1758


Isaac Hunter of the county of Granville to William Freeman of Chowan County planter –


Tract of land in Bertie on the W side of Chowan River granted by patent, to Isaac Hunter, father of the said Isaac, dated 12 Apr. 1745 - 150 acres beginning on the said river pocoson called Pughs or ____? Caleb Services Line *--and also 149 acres contiguous to the aforesaid tract and binding on Ephraim Hunters line and on Robert Summers line.


Test: Richard Freeman, Moses Freeman proven April Court 1758



Chowan County Deeds 1714-1735, 1724-35


p 600,  March 25, 1729


Nicholas Hunter of Carteret Precinct and Rebecca his wife to Isaac Hunter of Albemarle son of the said Nicholas, by Thomas Roundtree on a power of attorney directed to him by Nicholas hunter and Rebecca his wife—


Two tracts if land on the east side of Meherrin River, the first being part of a patent to William Hunter father of the said Nicholas, late of the upper parish of Nansemond County dec’d -- by authority of Virginia for 240 acres Apr. 24, 1701, and by the last will of William Hunter descended to Nicholas Hunter. The other tract granted Nicholas Hunter and Thomas Davis of Perquimans Prect for 164 acres on Mar. 9, 1717-18 -- James Spiveys corner.


Test: Wm. Hunter, Charles Roundtree


(Note: The index shows that this deed is also in Deed Book C No. 1, p 600. That book is not here)    





P 40 (large P) old p 599 - Mar 25, 1729


Nicholas Hunter of Carteret Precinct and Bath Co. and Rebecca his wife to Wm. Hunter son of said Nicholas Hunter, of Chowan


Wittnesseth Thos Rountree of Albemarle by virtue of an attorney to him directed by said Nicholas Bunter & Rebecca his wife bearing the date 28 Aug. 1728, Impower- the said Thos Rountree to sell the lands bequeathed to the said Nicholas Hunter in Albemarle & to give deeds, sign & seal -- being part of a patent formerly granted to Wm. Hunter late of the Upper Parish of Nansemond dec’d, father of the said Nicholas Hunter.


Test:.Isaac Hunter Proven March 25



From: North Carolina State Department of Archives and History


ChowanCounty Deeds (Microfilm)


Book C No. 2, p. 45,  May 2, 1739


Isaac Hunter junior of Bertie Pet, &  his wife (not named) to Isaac Hunter Senior of Chowan.


Three tracts of land in the county aforesaid in the whole 384 acres being part of a patent granted to Wm Hunter late of Virginia 'decd & by him given to his son Nicholas linter and by him sould & conveyed to his son Isaac Hunter party to these presents- beginning at a. marked red oak standing on the side of a swamp commonly known by the name of Meherrin Swamp that issues out of Benets Creek- running across the plantation whereon Nicholas Hunter formerly lived by a line of marked trees---which said patent bearing date 24 April 1701 in the Secretary’s Office in Virginia-be it 1000 acres more or less.


The second being a patent to said Nicholas Hunter & Thos Davis of the county of Perquimans for the quantity of 164 acres, patent bearing date 9th day of March 1717-the said Davis selling to the said Nicholas Hunter and the said Hunter to his son Isaac party to these presents by a deed of sale bearing date 5th March 1729, being a corner tree

of Jas Spiveys land.


The third being a tract of land purchased of Jas Spivey late of the Upper Parish of Nansemond County, Virginia, deceased, being part of a patent granted to Wm Lassiter of the county aforesaid 24 Apr 1703, and by the said Lassiter to Jas Spivey and by the said Spivey to Isaac Hunter party to these presents-south side of Lassiters Branch.


Test: Wm Hunter, Isaac Hunter, Elisha Hunter



Book C, p 337, March 26, 1723


James Spivey of Upper Parish of Nansemond, Va. and Marft his sife to Isaac Hunter, Junr of same Parish­—


For 2000 pounds tobacco, 50 acres in Chowan County, near the head of Meherrin Swanp- dividing line of Nicholas Hunter, patent to Spivey Dec 6, 1720.


Test: Thos Rountree, Christ Heidelberg Jno Williams



Bertie County


Book E, p 334, June 13, 1737


John.Perry of the county of Albemarle & Precinct of Chowan, & Sarah his wife to Isaac Hunter of the county and precinct afore­said-­


55 lbs Virginia money. Tract of land containing 640 acres in Bertie Precinct called the Rich Square-beginning at a pine-to the center of 3 white oaks and a red oak-formerly granted to Timothy Cunningham March 9,1717, afterwards became due to Edward Hancott by virtue of order dated 11th day of Nov 1724 and by the said --- sold and conveyed to the said John Perry.



From: History of Perquimans County


p. 130, Deed Book D, p. 114, July 15, 1743


Andrew H. Woodley of Perquinans to Wm Hunter of Chowan--­


131 acres N side of Horse Pool Swamp.



p 159, Deed Book F, p. 101,  Nov 6, 1752


John Hunter of Perquimans to John Gordon of Chowan-­


65 acres of the N side of Horse Pool Swamp patented by Wm Woodley, July 15, 1743, bequeathed by sd William Woodley to his son  John­ as joining his brother Nicholas Hunter which is part of the aforesaid patent.



p. 157-Deed Book F, P78

Nicholas Stallings of Chowan County to Hardy Hunter of same-­


65 acres S side of Basses Swamp- 1/2 of 130 acres Wm Hunter bought of Andrew Woody July 15, 1743, and by him given to his son Nicholas and by said Nicholas was conveyed to Hardy Hunter.


Test: Elisha Hunter Sarah Hunter Wm Hunter



From Chowan County Tax List 1777


Sarah Hunter                                                         Value 1004--

Alice Hunter                                                         Value 521--

Thomas Hunter                                                    Value 4289--

Jacob Hunter                                                        Value 1526--



(Note: Jacob Hunter's name is not on the 1781 tax list of Chowan)



N.C. Colonial Records


Vol. 4, p. 523- Henry Hunter juror for Bertie & Edgecombe, Feb 1739/40.  p. 522 – Isaac Hunter – ditto



From -: N. C. State Department of Archives and History


Northampton County Deeds


Book 1, p38, Nov. 17, 1742


Isaac Hunter of Northampton County from David O. Quinn of same county, planter-


Condersation 21 lbs. Proc. money. 197 acres in Northampton on the northerly woods of Marratoke River on Poticasie Swamp Thomas Tullys corner.


Test: John Brown, Daniel O. Wuinn, John Oliphant



(Note: This is Isaac the son of Nicholas, whose land had now been,thrown into Northampton County.)



Johnston County Deeds (56.009)


P 71, Oct 1, 1763

Theophilus Hunter of Halifax County, N. C., Planter to Abraham Hill of Chowan County-­


601bs.Virginia money. Tract of land on Walnut Creek in Johnston County containing 100 acres more or less- Simmones branch- to Theop­hilus Hunters line, being part of a tract of 30 acres as by patent to James Norris 20th day of April 1745- and the said land conveyed to James Simmons by deed from sd to the said Thes. Hunter May 6, 1756.


Test: Demsey Hunter, John Edwards



The following are some miscellaneous items:


Elisha Hunter, 4 white, 1 black, Chowan, Jan Court 1742, Sec. of State, Miscellaneous Papers



Isaac Hunter Dec’d. Charles Ward Admr in right of his wife notified to appear, at next court to render acct of admn.


(Duplin County - Jan Court 1792)



Isaac Hunter Jesse Hunter Elisha Hunter (Bute County Tax List 1771)



From: N. C. State Department of Archives and History


Tyrrell County Deeds (Microfilm)


Book 2, p. 405, 24 Dec. 1757


John Rutherford,.Esq of New Hanover County & Frances his wife to Henry Hunter of Bertie County, Gentleman--


Consideration 750 lbs Proclamation money. The following tracts of land in Tyrrell County, viz- One tract containing 850 acres beginning at a large gum at the lower and of the old field on the main point of the river up a large swamp of the Eagle Swamp to a ash in the Creek swamp--to an oak on sd swamp- to a cypress in the sd.swamp -- to an oak Capt John Spiers corner- to a small ash in the Crock swamp -- to a oak on sd swamp-to a cypress in the sd swamp- to a pine on the I main :creek side to a large live oak on the sd Creek Swamp- to the old field spring. The other tract containing 270 acres in Conneho Island -- beginning on Gainers line at a large pine- to a black gum in Eagle Swamp  to the Creek- to the dividing branch                of Gainer & Lewis Davis- ­said.two tracts were devised to the sd Frances by the list will and testament of his Excellency Gabriel Johnson Esq. late Governor of North Carolina.


Registered Oct. 7, 1860




Book 4, Part 1, p. 345; lst Dec 1763.


Henry Hunter of Bartie son & heir at Law of Henry Hunter Esq. late of Bartie, County Deceased, Planter to William Byrd and Edward Byrd of Tyrrell County -- 125 lbs Sterling. Tract of land in Tyrrell County containing 270 acres- beginning on Gainers line in Connohoe Island at a large pine- to a black gum in Eagle Swamp to the creek- to the dividing branch of Gainer & Lewis Davis- which land was granted to Lewis.Davis 20th April 1745 and by several conveyances became the property of the sd Henry Hunter Esq. deceased.


Proved Sept Ct, 1764 by

Robert Ballard       H. Hunter



Book 4, Part 2, p. 68, 27th June 1766


Mrs. Sarah Hunter Exx & William Williams Exr of the estate of Mr. Hunter dec'd of the one part and the River to Daniel Earle of Chowan County-­



170 lbs Proc.,-- the sd. Sarah Hunter & William bath by the last will & testament of William Henry Hunter deceased given granted, etc, to the sd. Daniel Eagle a certain tract of land in Tyrrell containing 285 acres- beginning at a gum & live oak on Benjamin Gainers corner on Eagle bump-- down Eagle Swamp to a gum- to James Gainers line- it being part of a tract; of 815 acres sold by Colo John Rutherford & his last will and testament to be sold by his Esrs- together with all houses, etc. -- and that we the said Sarah Hunter & William Williams by virtue of the last will & testament afsd hath an undefeasible estate of inheritance in fee simple.


Sarah Hunter Exx

William Williams, Esr.


Test: J Carson, Thomas Jones


Proved Sept. Ct., 1766



From- N. C. State Department of Archives and History


Bertie County Court Minutes 1758--1769-Part II.


Oct. 1760 - A new commission to Henry Hunter appointing him a Justice of the Peace.


Last will & testament of Henry Hunter dec’d returned by Sarah Hunter, John Hill & Wm Williams three of the Esrs and proved by Joseph Kent & Henry Hunter of Roanoke. The Exrs qualified.


Inventory of the estate of Henry Hunter Decd returned by Sarah Hunter.


Sarah Hunter, John Hill and William Williams three of the Exrs of the lat will and testament of Henry Hunter Dec’d granted leave to sell the perishable estate.



Bertie County Deeds


Book P. p. 45, 25 Dec. 1789


Henry Hunter & Fannie Hunter of the State of South Carolina & County of Richland to John Moore of Bertie County, N. C. –­


Consideration 300 dollars. Tract of land in Bertie in the fork of Cashy & Wills Quarter- Beginning at a branch in Cashy Swamp – to Co. ­Robert West’s corner- to Wills Quarter Swamp- down the swamp to the fork- containing 205 acres more or less


Henry Hunter

Fanny Hunter


Proved Feb. Court 1790



From N. C. State Department of Archives and History


Bertie County County Tax Lists


1765- 10 B 29


Davide Standley’s List


Sarah Hunter         Polls 4, Negroes: Mingo, Sarah,  Sib & Serenar

Henry Hunter        Polls 5, Negroes; Casar, Jubiter, Venus & Phebey


A different list- Complete but not alphabetical


Hardy Hunter        1 white poll            3 black polls

Job Hunter            2 white poll            3 black polls


(Henry and Sarah Hunter also on this list)


1766-Alphabetical list- seemingly complete (10 B 32)


Henry Hunter        Free Whites, 1, Slaves, 3

Sarah Hunter         Free Whites, -, Slaves, 3

Hardy Hunter        Free Whites 1, Slaves, 2



1768--10 B 29 Capt. Rozor’s Dist.


Nicholas Hunter                   White Polls, 3, Black Polls, -


Capt. Cullen Pollock’s Dist.


Henry Hunter                        White Polls, -, Black Polls, 2

Sarah Hunter                         White Polls, -, Black Polls, 2

Thomas Hunter                    White Polls, 2, Black Polls, 5


1769- Part of Alphabetical List containing all names under H


Hardy Hunter        White Polls, -, Black Polls, 4

Thomas Hunter    White Polls, 4, Black Polls, 5

Henry Hunter        White Polls, 2, Black Polls, 3

Sarah Hunter         White Polls, -, Black Polls, 4



From: Raleigh Registrar Aug. 8, 1826, p. 6, col, 3


Granville County


In Equity- March term 1826

The petition of Jas. Hnnter, Jacob Hunter, Lowellin Jones, and his wife Anne, Green Williamson and his wife Patsey, Garrot Voorhees and his wife Sukey, Beaufort Turner and his wife Sarah, Elisha Hunter, Ruth Green, Robert McCullock and his wife Elizabeth, Timothy Walton, Isaac Walton, William Walton, Mart Cherry and Celia Jones-­


Ex Parte,


For the Sale and partition of a Tract of Land belonging to the estate of Dan’l Hunter, late of the County of Granville, who died about the year 1800.


It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that there are other `persons entitled to a distributive share in the said lands--It is ord­ered and decreed, that the Clerk and Taster take an account of the persons who are tenants in common of the land sold, and heirs at law of Daniel Hunter, dec’d, and that he give to the persons interest­ed an opportunity of showing their title therein, by advertising in one of the public prints in the city of Raleigh, when and where he will take the accounts: and that after ascertaining who are the ten­ants in common of said land, and to what proportion- able part each of them is entitled, he mike report to this Court at next term:-


Granville County


In pursuance of the foregoing order, I hereby give notice to all whom it doth concern, that I shall attend at my office on Thursday the 31st day of August next, for the purpose therein mentioned.


Thos. B. Littlejohn C. & M.E.


Oxford, July 14.



From:. N. C. State Department of Archives and History I North Carolina State Records


Vol. 10,  p 914- R Provincial Congress Nov. 12, 1776, Jacob Hunter a member from Chowan



Vol. 10, p 539 Apr.24, 1776


It is the opinion of the Committee that William Hunter, Jacob Hunter, et al, in the District of Edenton --be empowered immediately to direct the establishment of -----? manufacturing in their re­spective districts.




Vol. 167 p 612,


Vestry Book of St. Paul’ss Parish, Edenton June 19, 1776,  Jacob Hunter elected as vestryman to service one year.

(Note: The minutes of the vestry show that he served only the one I year)



Roster of N. C. Troops in the Revolution. Congress, Sept 9, 177, Appointment of Field Officers-- Chowan --- Jacob Hunter, 2nd major



Manual of North Carolina 1913


p.556--Jacob Hunter in House from Chowan 1777 and 1778 (not there in 1779 or there after)

p.,613- Jacob Hunter in House Eton Gates 1779  Jacob Hunter in Senate from Gates 1783 a Apr. 17 84

(Note: He was not there after that. He was dead in Nov. 1784.)



N. C. State Department of Archives and History


Gates County Wills (Microfilm)


W K 1675, p. 42


Jacob Hunter of Gates County- wife Sarah part of my land and improvements during her natural life-­ All my children, namely Isaac, Leah &--Elizabeth--- son Isaac- land, etc, left to wife.           Grist and saw mill daughter Elizabeth Hunter.


Estate not heretofore given to be divided to wife and three children Isaac9,Leah Riddick & Elizabeth Hunter.


Dated Feb. 5, 1780 Proved Nov. Court 1784



From: N. C. State Department of Archives and History


North Carolina Wills

William Hunter of Chowan--­January 4, 1732/3


Wife Ann, 1/3 of my personal estate. 2 sons Wm. Hunter & Ephraim Hunter, whom I do likewise ordain my sole Exs - --my water mill in Nansemond Col.. and all and every part & parcel of my land joining; thereto. Also lands and tenements belonging to me in Chowan.


to 5 daughters (all named) when married or come to the age of 18­-


Test:  Isaac Hunter Robert Hunter, Proved July 1732



Ann Hunter of Chowan --­May 24, 1749


Sons and Exrs. Wm. Hunter & Edward Arnal --­


2 daughters including Alice Arnall ---


Test: Wm. Hunter et al

Proved Oct Ct 1751



William Hunter of Chowan - being sick in body --made March 21, 1749


Son John Hunter & Son Nicholas Hunter - all that parcel of land where they now live on Hardy Hunter - all my houses & land in Suffolk Town.


Son John Hunter  46 acres, Son James Hunter (when 21) – negro, Son Timothy (when 21) - negro 1afe Sarah

Wife Sarah, Wife Sarah & son John  Exrs. Test.: Elisha Hunter, et al

(Note: Suffolk Town)



From: N.C. Dept of State Department of Archives and History


Warren County Deeds (Microfilm)


Book 37 p 26 13th Feb 1770


Jessey Hunter & Mary his wife of Bute County to George Goodwin of same county –­


Consideration 120 lbs current money of Virginia. Tract of land containing 300 acres in Bate - beginning at the mouth of a branch called Peter Hills Branch running out of Shocho Creek on the S side: of said, creek - up said branch to the back line - up said back line to, a black oak a corner tree - along the patent line to two birch trees on Shocko Creek - being part of a tract granted to John glade 20th April 1745 and from him made to Samuel Tarver 1750 and from Tarven to Jethro Rountree 2 Feb 1750 and from said Jethro Rountree to the said Hunter by deed dated 17th March 1763­


Jesse Hunter

Mary Hunter


Tes: Shurley Whatley, Wilson Whatley


Proved Feb Court 1770 by Wilson Whatley



Book 39 p 121, 15th May 1769


Elisha Battle of Edgecombe County to Isaac Hunter of Bute County


210 lbs Proc, money. All his right & title to one tract of land in Bute County containing 326 acres, being part of a purchased patent which was granted to Col. William Little dated Dec 5, 1728, lying on the N side of Shocko Creek beginning at a white oak Thos Summers earner on the bank of said creek - to a small red oak - to a sweet gum --to horsepen branch -down the branch to Shocko Creek –


Test: Wm Battle,  Jacob Battle,  Jethro Battle,  Philip Alston,  Dan’l Hunter


Proved Aug Court 1770 by Daniel Hunter



Book 3, p. 351 14th Nov 1771


Isaac Hunter of Bute County to Jesse Hunter of same –­


133 lbs 6 shil. & 8 pence Proc. money. Tract of land in Bute containing: 100 acres, being part of a purchased patent granted to Col. William Little dated Dec 5. 1728, lying on the N side Shocko Creek - begin­ning at a white oak on Shocko Creed Thomas Sumners corner --up the crook to the mouth of Horsepen branch -up said branch to a white

oak at the head of said branch - by a line of marked trees to a post oak in Stunners line --- all his Estate right title & interest.


Isaac Hunter


Ack’d Nov Court 1771



From: N.C. State Department of Archives and History


Warren County Deeds (Microfilm)


Book 3, p. 518, 10th Aug. 1772


Phillip Alston & Winne his wife of Bute County to Elisha Hunter of same---


60 lbs Virginia currency. One tract of land in said county containing 150 acres - beginning at a red oak on the N side Shocco Creek - along a line of marked trees (Capt. Astons line) to a black gum on the Reedy­ branch - down said branch to the mouth emptying into Shocco Creek..


Phillip Alston

Winneford Alton


Ack’d Aug Court 1772



Book 4, p 75, 9th Dec 1772


Elisha Punter & Nancey his wife of Bute County to John Wallis of Boford Co. N.C. –­


20 lbs currency money of Va. meant of land in Bute containing 150 acres - beginning at a red oak on the N side Shocco Creek - along a line of marked trees Captain Astons line to a black gum on the Reedy Branch - down said branch to the mouth emptying into Shocco Creek:


Elisha Hunter Ann Hunter


Ack’d Feb. Court 1773



From: N.C. State Department of Archives and History


Secretary,of State Tax Lists (SS 837)


1769 Tax List Onslow County


Ezekiel Hunter       1 white poll, 1 Negro Bob



Cartaret County Tax Lists


1779 District No. 1


Libius Hunter        330 acres

Ezekiel Hunter       500 acres in Carteret



Marybelle Delamar

Box 305, Raleigh, N.C.




[Note – Marybelle Delamar b. May 20, 1882, died April 16, 1966, Beaufort, NC

This unpublished work was privately written for a descendant of Jacob Hunter, d. 1806. Copy in my possession given to me by Oscar Hunter, now deceased]



Transcribed by Ernest E. Hunt IV

February 9, 2003


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