Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 00:30:01 -0400
To:, Sandy Bernard, Jackie Woods and other leaders
From: Nancy Shoemaker <>
Subject: Improving technology use at the Association


I'm writing to let you know about a project I've planned for Austin.

As I wrote this year's check to the 1881 Fund, it hit me that I'd be willing to write a much larger check if I knew it would go towards improving Information Technology practices at the Association.

Over the last few years, I've had several discussions with representatives of the Association about IT. As a computing professional, I know that solving the issues facing the Association will be neither easy nor cheap -- though there may be long-term cost savings. I believe that there are others who share my frustrations with current practices, and that they, too, would be willing to donate money and expertise to help the Association improve in this area. Therefore, I hatched a plan to collect pledges in Austin. I plan to bring buttons and pledge forms, [Letter included a link to a draft form], and work to give this issue some visibility.

I know that you have already made Technology a key point in the new program to recognize branches, and I applaud those efforts. It may seem impatient  to start this drive before I've had a chance to hear other plans of the new leadership. However, I truly believe that addressing these problems will be critical to AAUW's survival, and I'm not willing to wait another two years before taking a stand. If there is a program underway and I'm just unaware of it, I urge you to publicize it, use focus groups to be sure that you are solving the right problems, and consider this project a complementary show of support. However, I expect that financial constraints are holding back any planned changes, and I do hope that this drive will demonstrate the willingness of AAUW members to invest in the organization's future.

Thanks for listening -- and let me know how else I can help!


Nancy Shoemaker, 919-773-1340 (H)
"Tech-Savvy in the Branches" SIG, Sunday, 6/24, 12-1:30
President, AAUW Raleigh/Wake County
Technology Coordinator, AAUWNC