Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 19:18:37 -0500
From: Nancy Shoemaker <>
Subject: AAUW IT 2001 campaign - a couple of notes


This is, I think, the first update about the IT 2001 campaign since Pam Furneaux's message of last September. I have participated in a couple of discussions with Pam and would be willing to share some of that information if you wish, but the bottom line appears to be that the Association is concentrating for the moment on the upgrades to the internal systems. The need for updates to the web site is recognized, but implementation has not started. There is a plan to hire additional staff to support the web site, but the delay to post new information is still about six weeks.

You may remember that the Branch Officer Form (redesigned, but still in paper) was what set me off last spring. AAUW NC is planning to look at a way of collecting that information through e-mail so that lists of counterparts can be generated more easily (and even the BOR "paper" forms could be generated as mail-merge documents) and if anyone wants to discuss that, let's move the discussion to the WEBMGRS list.

Finally, I've just returned from the AAUW NC convention where we were fortunate to have both Association President Nancy Rustad and LAF Director Patty McCabe as Leaders on Loan. Another AAUW NC member and I discussed some of our concerns in this area with Nancy, and she did appear to "hear" us. When I congratulated Patty on the LAF portion of (check it out -- it's more complete and easier to use than other sections) she said they'd received a donor grant for last year's redesign and they jumped at the opportunity. [I resisted the urge to shout "Exactamundo!"] In any event, best wishes with all your spring conventions!


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