Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 15:33:10 -0400
From: Nancy Shoemaker <>
Subject: AAUW IT 2001 campaign - update

Hello, again!

This message is being sent to those who said they wanted periodic updates on Technology issues at the Association. If you want to be removed from this list, please let me know. For background info, see

I've a few updates on the IT 2001 campaign issues, and then I have a request.

The Association database/system conversion/upgrade is proceeding. Those of you who attended the Leadership Conference of State Presidents, EF Chairs and LAF Chairs heard about that in June. Such changes always seem to take a long time - hopefully patience will be rewarded by the time of the 2003 Convention.

In July on the Webmgrs list, Phil Weinstein, AAUW CO, raised the issue of online credit card payment through state/branch  web sites. Pam Furneaux said the staff at the Association would look into this and get back to us with a recommendation. No news yet, but she confirmed her interest earlier this month. Watch Webmgrs for any updates.

Also on Webmgrs, a member took the initiative to post the Platinum and Silver medallions for the 21st Century recognition program: see
if you want "electronic" copies of the "stickers". That announcement was part of a longer thread that discussed parameters of posting "Association" information on state/branch web sites when there's a delay getting it onto

Here in North Carolina we're recovering from a snafu with *many* members in good standing being dropped from the mailing list for the most recent issue of the state newsletter. We're hoping to be able to merge some local information with the data from the Association for the next issue or two -- and we're crossing our fingers that the new membership database will finally FIX these issues that we've all been struggling with for years. I'd be interested in whether other states saw similar problems with mailing lists for their Fall issues.

The AAUW Bulletin Boards (go to, enter the Member Center and click the Bulletin Board link at the top of the page) do not seem to be getting much use. There are only 51 registered users, and recent messages are read at most once a day. The staff, understandably, does not use the Bulletin Boards to post messages since they feel that the listserves (State Presidents, Program Vice Presidents, etc.) are the most effective way to reach the leaders and then the leaders can reach the members. Recently, volunteer mailing list "scribes" have been reposting some of the listserve messages to the bulletin boards so that the information is available to a wider group of members. What do you think of this idea? Do you subscribe to any mailing lists you'd be willing to "scribe"? Would you visit the bulletin boards more often if you expected to see a structured list of messages from many different sources? Do you have ideas on how to encourage more people to use the Bulletin Boards?

Finally, here's the request. You may have seen the 2003 Convention Call for Presentations: . Proposals are due Nov. 4. Is there anyone on this list who want to arrange a workshop for Convention on some aspect of Technology and its importance to advancing the AAUW mission? Remember that this list grew from the "Tech-Savvy in the Branches Special Interest Group" session at the Austin Convention. Is it time to do a more formal presentation on the issues (or a subset of issues) we discussed in that meeting?

Let me know if you're interested in discussing the Call for Presentations -- maybe we could arrange a "chat" for sometime next week. Otherwise, the best forum for members' discussion of technology issues in an AAUW context is the Webmgrs list. To subscribe,
 e-mail and in the body of the message type:
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Thanks for your interest!


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Technology Chair, AAUWNC