From: "Furneaux, Pamela" <>
To: Those who signed IT2001 pledge form and checked the "e-mail" box
Subject: Technology Update:  September 2001
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 18:47:27 -0400

In response to your collective requests, this is the first of a series of
regular updates on technology at AAUW. 


AAUW has initiated activity to replace existing software for its two major
applications -- accounting and membership/donor database management with
appropriate industry standard products.  A software requirements analysis
was completed in late August by Krajewski & Associates.  This process
involved interviews with users from all departments to identify critical
needs and current system deficiencies.

The accounting software project is moving along on an accelerated timeline
to meet a January 2, 2002 live date.  A request for proposal was prepared
and sent to a short list of vendors in mid-September.  Proposals will be
evaluated, and staff will attend demonstrations and make a final selection
by October 22.   We also plan to do some redesign of our chart of accounts
prior to implementing the software.  New accounting software will greatly
enhance AAUW's ability to produce accurate and timely financial statements,
as well as provide greater management reporting capabilities that will aid
in strategic planning.

We have a timeline for evaluating and selecting new membership/donor
management software that is more flexible and involves more users.  We plan
to complete this process and make a selection by December 31.  The
implementation phase for this software has a much longer timeframe - we are
estimating 18 months.   AAUW has 500,000 records to convert from a highly
customized legacy system and many modules to install.   We have established
priorities to install the membership and meetings modules first, so that we
are well prepared for the convention in 2003.


Request for Assistance

We are looking for sample Technology Strategic Plan documents to use as
models.  Please send as attachments to or mail to:  Pam
Furneaux, AAUW, 1111 Sixteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036.

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