Doors And Gates

Doors and gates
Walls and fences
The occassional moat
Obstacles encountered
Along the path
Some strong and forbidding
Others collapsing of themselves
Some easily surmounted
Others seeming unassailable
The progress and measure
Of our journey taken not
By the blockades we meet
But in how we meet them


- Copyright 2004, by Joseph Rohrbach

(POTD #393, originally written and posted on November 17, 2004)

A gentleman by the name of Ted Nellen has seen fit to include this poem on a Web page celebrating Christo's "The Gates" and I am honored to return the favor with this link to his page. Please pay him a visit. Just do not forget how you got there!

Thanks for reading my poetry. Please feel free to print it, copy it, or distribute it in any manner that you see fit, but please also keep my copyright notice attached. And if you have any comments, please e-mail me.

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