Welcome to the website of Jay Lynch!
The new book, Otto's Orange Day, is out on the shelves and getting good reviews. Check it out at www.toon-books.com see if there isn't a special young'un who might enjoy reading about the adventures of Otto the Cat. You will also be able to see some of his upcoming works on that site as well.

Additionally, Lynch has also expanded his horizons to the world of music. He has been busy penning some snappy lyrics and working with some excellent musicians. More than that, we cannot tell you now, but stay tuned to this website for further details.

And fans of his inkworks, take heart! He hasn't yet abandoned his pens and brushes. As time permits, he will still take commissions from those of you who may be interested in purchasing his original art. He needs the cash to feed our rescued animal population. as well as finance those stylish haircuts he sports from the Country Lady down the street. Requests for an original pen and ink drawing start at $300 and will be done on quality paper, approximately 9" x 12", suitable for framing. Paintings are are negotiated by project and you can email your requests to pursue this matter further.

You can, of course, still email Mr. Lynch from here and share your thoughts with him on any subject imaginable. Just don't ask him for free artwork. He won't do it. He doesn't have time. And besides, he has his email filter set to dump anything that has the phrase "free artwork" (or variations thereof) so such requests won't even reach his eyeballs.

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