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Why Read?

Building Semi-Literates - by Fred Reed.

"The promiscuous reading that once was common among intelligent children provided an unordered but broad schooling that the schools couldn't, and were not expected to.  Much of it was of no lasting value, as for example the literally dozens and dozens of Hardy Boys, the old and new Tom Swifts, the Nancy Drews, the Plastic Man and Wonder Woman and Classics Illustrated comics that we inhaled by sheaves in drug stores.  They taught speed and fluency."

A Colony Again - by Fred Reed.

“Only 41 percent of graduate students tested in 2003 could be classified as ‘proficient’ in prose—reading and understanding information in short texts—down 10 percentage points since 1992.  Of college graduates, only 31 percent were classified as proficient—compared with 40 percent in 1992.”

What Americans Think About Schools

Children and Reading or Memories of Bizarro World and My First Real Brush With Guilt - by John Ross

Why Free?

Baen on their free CDs: "The publisher figures you will start reading many of the genuinely first-rate novels provided herein, and discover that you really don't want to continue reading on a computer screen.

So what will you do?  There are several million words here, so it is pretty likely you will stop reading, and since the artwork is very memorable and can be found on the cover of the accompanying novel, he thinks it is likely that you will notice it the next time you see it in a bookstore-and that you will Buy the Book!"

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H.G. Wells
William Gibson
Alice Sheldon - aka James Tiptree, Jr., Racoona Sheldon
Charles Stross
Charles Darwin
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Russian SF
J.B.S. Haldane - and many Newbery Award Books.
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Janis Ian

The Internet Debacle - by Janis Ian

"Let's take it from my personal experience.   My site ( ) gets an average of 75,000 hits a year.   Not bad for someone whose last hit record was in 1975.   When Napster was running full-tilt, we received about 100 hits a month from people who'd downloaded Society's Child or At Seventeen for free, then decided they wanted more information.   Of those 100 people (and these are only the ones who let us know how they'd found the site), 15 bought CDs.   Not huge sales, right?  No record company is interested in 180 extra sales a year.   But… that translates into $2700, which is a lot of money in my book.   And that doesn't include the ones who bought the CDs in stores, or who came to my shows."

Janis Ian also gives away some of her music on her site.

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Baen Free SF Library, CDs, and Excerpts.

Here's the blurb on the back of Far Side of the Stars - by David Drake, published by Baen.

  "Inside this book you will find a CD ROM that contains over 40 full-length novels, with no encryptions or other schemes to make you feel dumb and incompetent.   You can just click on a title and read it or print it out.   It gets worse: there are also pictures, short stories, wargame paraphernalia, and other tasty items.

But be very wary.   The publisher did not provide this out of the goodness of his heart, if he has a heart.   He figures you will start reading many of the genuinely first-rate novels provided herein, and discover that you really don't want to continue reading on a computer screen.

So what will you do?  There are several million words here, so it is pretty likely you will stop reading, and since the artwork is very memorable and can be found on the cover of the accompanying novel, he thinks it is likely that you will notice it the next time you see it in a bookstore-and that you will Buy the Book!

Worst of all, you many make copies of any of the novels (or anything else) on the disk and share them with your friends!  (But you may not sell them.)

Could there be a more nefarious scheme for increasing profits?

  Just remember: you have been warned."

Copyright - by Fred Reed. 

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Security Engineering by Ross Anderson

Announcement that Security Engineering is online for free download.

:>Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 09:36:46 +0100
:>From: Ross Anderson 
:>Subject: Security Engineering
:>After several years of argument, I've persuaded my publisher to let me put
:>my book "Security Engineering" online for free download:
:>My book draws on a lot of the experience shared in this list, and has become
:>a standard textbook in the field.
:>The publishers thought for years that it was too risky to let authors put
:>books online but they are gradually learning that this isn't so.  Putting a
:>book online often increases its sales; more people read it and those who
:>find it useful often go buy a copy.
:>Enjoy!  Ross Anderson, Cambridge University

The New C Standard: An Economic and Cultural Commentary - by Derek Jones.   "The book is an analysis of every single word in the ANSI C99 standard, sentence by sentence (all 2022 sentences), with references to all the committee discussions and decisions and history and ... etc etc." - Mark Atwood

Another free computer related book on line as a pdf file:

The Unix-Haters Handbook - Editors: Simson Garfinkel, Daniel Weise, and Steven Strassmann.  ISBN: 1-56884-203-1 - "Free computer science and engineering books (+ lecture notes)"

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Free Sci-Fi Online

Project Gutenberg - List of free SF at Project Gutenberg.

"This database consists of science fiction books available from the Project Gutenberg website.  (Fantasy books are not included at this time.)  This list may not be comprehensive.  Please email us with any additions [and thanks to all who have done so!]  Non-English speaking countries are also encouraged to email us with their public domain sci fi and fantasy offerings on the web." - Thanks to Caroline, The Thunder Child.

More SF at Project Gutenberg: Bad Medicine by Robert Sheckley.

Project Gutenberg indexes and search engine.

There's a lot more than SciFi at Project Gutenberg.  See here for a small sample of suggested authors and works.

Project Gutenberg Australia - Contains many works by Stanley G. Weinbaum.  These works may still be under copyright outside of Australia.

Includes "The Monster Mine" (by P.G. M.) (1845)--Text--HTML This is an early Australian 'Science Fiction' story, which first appeared in The South Australian Odd Fellows' Magazine, August, 1845. - Free Speculative Fiction Online.  "All stories are available for free."

Complete F/SF Books and Stories online - Maintained by Jim Freund.

The Online Books Page - "Listing over 25,000 free books on the Web."  "The Online Books Page is a website that facilitates access to books that are freely readable over the Internet.  It also aims to encourage the development of such online books, for the benefit and edification of all."

New Online Books Page at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Other Book Archives Online

The Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts is a collection of public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy.

Electronic Text Center at University of Virgina Library.

"With generous support from the Mellon Foundation, the Early American Fiction (EAF) project consists of 886 volumes (230,016 pages) from 136 authors including Louisa May Alcott, William Wells Brown, Lydia Maria Child, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Edgar Alan Poe, Susanna Rowson, and Mark Twain."

Livius - Articles on Ancient History.

The Internet Medieval Sourcebook

As of October 20, 2006:  "Listing over 25,000 free books on the Web." - "The Online Literature Library"

An Online Library of Literature
Read. Learn. Think.
Welcome to This site is here to try to
    bring real books to people through the Internet. - The Literature Network!  "We offer searchable online literature for the student, educator, or enthusiast.  We currently have over 1200 full books and over 2000 short stories and poems by over 250 authors.  Our quotations database has over 8500 quotes." - 2006-10-18.

Books-On-Line Home Page - As of 2006-10-23: "45204 mostly FREE Books-On-Line A Directory of books that are posted on the net and available for downloading at no charge along with new books being published."

E.g:  The Man Who was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton.  That's on the Bartleby website, which also has free books online.

Alexandria Digital Library - "The Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) is a distributed digital library with collections of georeferenced materials.  ADL includes the operational library, with various nodes and collections, and the research program through which digital library architectures, gazetteer applications, educational applications, and software components are modeled, prototyped, and evaluated." - "Links to sources of books, and shorter works, published electronically, for reading on the computer screen, or downloading to e-readers."  Not all works or free or in easily readable format.

Rosetta Books - Commercial site.  Several Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books available for purchase as e-books.

TeleRead:  Bring the E-Books Home.

Web Book Publications - "Download is absolutely FREE.  No registration is required and no ads are included - but limited to 10 times a day.  The downloadable version is in EXE or ZIP format (collectively called web-books)."

Scifi at Web-Books

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Athelstane E-Books

Athelstane E-Books - "The Athelstane website is a collection of e-books, today numbering no less than 300."  British out of copyright books from the 1800s.

"This website is entirely funded from a meagre pension, and is an act of philanthropy."

"We used to put the books out as a single xhtml file for each book, but now because of the bandwidth used up by people who really only want a momentary glimpse of the book, we keep these in a place on the website that only approved users have access to."

What is the Athelstane website? - Much practical advice for software to read e-text as an audiobook.

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Free SciFi Books and Samples from Baen Publishing

Baen Free Online SciFi

Baen Free SciFi CDs

Also available here.

The latter site can be navigated to read the books on each CD.

Free SF samples from Baen and Tor

Comments on the excerpts of "The World Turned Upside Down"

Preview Edition of Jim Baen's Online SF magazine Universe.

Back to Section Index SciFiction Archive classic/original fiction - "In almost six years of groundbreaking online publishing, SCI FICTION and its editor, Ellen Datlow, had an unparalleled record of critical success, earning 10 major awards, including three Hugo Awards, four Nebula Awards and a World Fantasy Award."

Hugo award winners at

Allamagoosa by Eric Frank Russell, 1955 Hugo Winner for short story.

The Transcendent Tigers - by R.A. Lafferty.  "It's a cheerfully told horror story." - Nancy Lebovitz on rec.arts.sf.written

Some specific original SF:

Luciferase - by Bruce Sterling. 

The Canadian Who Came Almost All the Way Home From the Stars - by Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold

Even more classic SF short stories and novellas at

-and He Built a Crooked House - by Robert A. Heinlein

Night Ride - by Charles Beaumont

The Animal Fair - by Robert Bloch

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream - by Harlan Ellison  Won the 1968 Hugo award for short story.

Something Bright - by Zenna Henderson

Nine Hundred Grandmothers - by R.A. Lafferty

Land of the Great Horses - by R. A. Lafferty

Narrow Valley - by R. A. Lafferty

Slow Tuesday Night - by R.A. Lafferty.  Short story of a high-speed future.  Nominated for the 1965 Nebula Award.  R.A. Lafferty Devotional Page

The Market in Aliens - by Barry N. Malzberg

Dance of the Dead - by Richard Matheson

The Ship Who Sang - by Anne McCaffrey

Casey Agonistes - by Richard McKenna

The Detweiler Boy - by Tom Reamy

The Pope of the Chimps - by Robert Silverberg

Sundance - by Robert Silverberg

Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons - by Cordwainer Smith

The Other Celia - by Theodore Sturgeon

Love is the Plan the Plan is Death - by James Tiptree, Jr.

Baby, You Were Great - by Kate Wilhelm

More classic SF:

The World Turned UpsideDown - Free sample from Baen.   Just as good as the classics from

Rescue Party - by Arthur C. Clarke

The Menace from Earth - by Robert A. Heinlein

Hunting Problem - by Robert Sheckley

Black Destroyer - by A.E. Van Vogt

A Pail of Air - by Fritz Leiber.  "Every time I remember 'A Pail of Air' I want to go out and grab strangers and tell them, 'Here, read this, it's wonderful!'" - Lawrence Watt-Evans on rec.arts.sf.written

BBC Doctor Who Ebooks - "Rare and acclaimed Doctor Who novels available to read for free!"  From the BBC website.

Who Killed Kennedy - by David Bishop.  "David Bishop has granted permission to the NZDWFC to present this novel in ebook form."

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Night Lands Webzine

The Night Land - by William Hope Hodgeson, along with other Nightlandish works.

Similar in Genre:

The Complete Text of the works of H.P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft in Spanish and English - PDF files.

I Cthulhu - by Neil Gaiman.

The LiveJournal of Zachary Marsh

The Smoker from the Shadows - by Harry S. Robins.  J.R. "Bob" Dobbs in the Chthulhuniverse. - The Works of Clark Ashton Smith

The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - with the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe

The First Men - by Howard Fast (1960)

Many more works by Howard Fast

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David Drake

Combining links from Baen books available for free online:

Free online Samples for "The Lord of the Isles" Series:

There are more free samples of David Drake's work available from Baen's Author Catalogue.

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Terry Pratchett

Short Stories by Terry Pratchett - The L-Space Web, A Terry Pratchett / Discworld Web Site.

Terry Pratchett's books are even better.  Good starter books might be Guards!  Guards! and Going Postal.

Why Gandalf Never Married - 1985 talk by Terry Pratchett.

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Murray Leinster

Murry Leinster at Project Gutenberg

Direct links to what's currently (2006-10-08) at Gutenberg:

Operation: Outer Space
Operation Terror
The Runaway Skyscraper
Space Tug
This World Is Taboo

At the Baen Free Library

Currently at Baen:
Med Ship Man - Classic SF.
Planets of Adventure

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Mercedes Lackey

At the Baen Free Library

Current listing

Fiddler Fair - Short Stories

The Lark and the Wren

Bedlam Boyz


Beyond World's End

The Shadow of the Lion

On the Baen Free CD:  05-ScepteredIsleCD

This Sceptered Isle - With Roberta Gellis

Beyond World's End - With Rosemary Edghill

Brain Ships - With Anne McCaffery and Margaret Bell.

There's a lot more on the CD, including:

Bull God - by Roberta Gellis

You can download the whole CD as a zip file from  May be up to 640MB.   No size is given.

You can also read the CD from

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H. Beam Piper

H. Beam Piper at Project Gutenberg

Currently (2006-10-10) at Gutenberg:

Omnilingual - A classic SF novella. 

"Ever since I first read Omnilingual, I have considered it the archetypal modern science fiction story, the way contemporaries thought of "The Cold Equations" as the ultimate exemplar of what SF is all about.   So many attitudes of Campbellian SF are capsulated in "Omnilingual" . . ." - Bill Patterson on rec.arts.sf.written.

Current Listing of H. Beam Piper at Gutenberg. (2006-10-08)

The Answer
Crossroads of Destiny
Day of the Moron
The Edge of the Knife
Flight From Tomorrow
Four-Day Planet
Graveyard of Dreams
He Walked Around the Horses
Hunter Patrol
The Keeper
Last Enemy
Little Fuzzy - Classic SF novel.
The Mercenaries
Murder in the Gunroom
Operation R.S.V.P.
Police Operation
Rebel Raider
The Return
Temple Trouble
Time and Time Again
Time Crime
Uller Uprising

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Neil Gaiman

Short Stories by Neil Gaiman  Including:

The Case of Four and Twenty Blackbirds

I Cthulhu - a long-lost story by Neil Gaiman or What’s A Tentacle-Faced Thing Like Me Doing In A Sunken City Like This (Latitude 47 ° 9’ S, Longitude 126 ° 43’ W)?

A funny and chilling story.

Where is Latitude 47 ° 9’ S, Longitude 126 ° 43’ W?  Click the link and to see it from 8000 km (5000 mi) altitude.  That bit on the right is the southern tip of South America.  The stuff at the bottom is Antarctica.

Easter Island is at 27S and 109W, roughly 2500 km (1500 mi) to the north.

A Study in Emerald - by Neil Gaiman.  (5.1MB PDF file.)

Snow, Glass, Apples Copyright (c) 1994 Neil Gaiman.  "This story is posted to The Dreaming by permission."  Horror.

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Jerry Pournelle and S.M. Stirling

The Prince - by Jerry Pournelle and S.M. Stirling.

The Prince is over one thousand pages of Military SF goodness.  Two of the best realistic Military SF writers.

The Prince combines a lot of books and short stories:

His Truth Goes Marching On - Short story by Jerry Pournelle

Silent Leges - Novella by Jerry Pournelle

The Mercenary - A novel of Falkenberg's Legion.  Novellas.  by Jerry Pournelle

West of Honor - Another novel of Falkenberg's Legion.  Novellas.  by Jerry Pournelle

Prince of Sparta - Pournelle and S.M. Stirling

Go Tell the Spartans - Pournelle and S.M. Stirling

Prince of Mercenaries - Pournelle and S.M. Stirling

The Strategy of Technology - non-fiction by Stefan T. Possony, Ph.D; Jerry E. Pournelle, Ph.D. and Col. Francis X. Kane, Ph.D. (USAF Ret.).  © 1997 Jerry E. Pournelle.
Chapter 1 - The Technological War
Chapter 2 - An Overview of the Recent History of the Technological War
Chapter 3 - The Nature of Technological Process
Chapter 4 - Strategic Analysis
"In war, the morale is to the physical as three is to one." - Napoleon Bonaparte
"In Technological War, organization and leadership is to the morale as six is to three." - Possony, Pournelle, and Kane
Chapter 5 - Surprise
"It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep be." - Virgil
Chapter 6 - Assured Survival
Chapter 7 - The Nuclear Technology Race
Chapter 8 - What Kind of War Is This?
Chapter 9 - The Prevention of War

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H.G. Wells

H.G. Wells at Project Gutenberg

Currently at Gutenberg: (A few stories have been given direct links.)

Ann Veronica, a modern love story
Of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress upon Human life and Thought
Certain Personal Matters
The Country of the Blind, and Other Stories
The Door in the Wall and Other Stories
An Englishman Looks at the World
First and Last Things
The First Men in the Moon
Floor Games
Floor Games; a companion volume to "Little Wars"
The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth
God the Invisible King
The History of Mr. Polly
In the Days of the Comet
In the Fourth Year
Anticipations of a World Peace (1918)
The Invisible Man
The Island of Doctor Moreau
Little Wars; a game for boys from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty and for that more intelligent sort of girl who likes boys' games and books.
Love and Mr. Lewisham
The Magnificient Research
Mankind in the Making
A Modern Utopia
Mr. Britling Sees It Through
The New Machiavelli
The Research Magnificent
Secret Places of the Heart
The Sleeper Awakes
A Revised Edition of When the Sleeper Wakes
Soul of a Bishop
The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents
The Time Machine
Tono Bungay
Twelve Stories and a Dream
Wall in the Door and Other Stories
War and the future: Italy, France and Britain at war
The War in the Air
The War of the Worlds
What is Coming?
The Wheels of Chance: a Bicycling Idyll
When the Sleeper Wakes
The World Set Free

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Alice Sheldon (aka James Tiptree, Jr.)

The Secret Sci-Fi Life of Alice B. Sheldon - on National Public Radio has a some of her works. I'm at least partly color-blind in Sheldon's range, but give some comments anyway.

Similar(?) works on

Self-Made Man - Norah Vincent.  The Author Disguised Herself as a Man for Research. 

"Jan. 23, 2006— Norah Vincent, author of "Self-Made Man," left her job as a nationally syndicated opinion columnist for the Los Angeles Times to research this book. For 18 months, she dressed up as a man at work and in social situations. She even went on dates with women. Vincent said the experience left her with a greater appreciation and understanding of men — their emotions, their expectations and their relationships with women."  The excerpt is excellent.

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William Gibson

William Gibson's Website - with Excerpts.

Halo - by Tom Maddox.  From

From the author: You may read these files, copy them, and distribute
them in any way you wish so long as you do not change them in any way
or receive money for them. 

I have entered HALO into the distribution networks of the Net, but I
retain the copyright to the novel.  

If you paid for these files, you were cheated; if you sold them,
you have cheated. 

Otherwise, have fun and spread the book around. 

Tom Maddox November, 1994

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Charles Stross

Accelerando - Complete book by Charles Stross.

A Colder War - Complete novelette by Charles Stross.

Jury Service - by Charles Stross and Cory Doctorow.

Slow Tuesday Night - by R.A. Lafferty.  Short story of a high-speed future from 1965.

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Robert A. Heinlein

-and He Built a Crooked House - by Robert A. Heinlein.  Courtesy of

The Menace from Earth - by Robert A. Heinlein.  Courtesy of Baen publishing.

Variable Star (excerpts) - by Spider Robinson, based on a novel outline by Robert A. Heinlein.

Baen's Catalog of Robert A. Heinlein - At the moment (2006-11-15) it includes samples of

The Ballad of Roger Young - by Frank Loesser.  Referenced in "Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein.  The page has links to MP3, Windows, and RealAudio versions of a recording by the West Point Glee Club.

"It's quite a bit better than other mp3s I've heard elsewhere." - David M. Silver.

BookLoons Reviews - Red Planet by Robert A. Heinlein.  That site has a link to a excerpt available on  An account is required to view the excerpt.

Red Planet-Blue Pencil - "In 1949 Robert Heinlein submitted a juvenile called 'Red Planet' to Scribners.  They published it only after many cuts and changes in the plot and this is the version referred to as the 1949 edition in this article."

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Charles Darwin - Complete Works of Charles Darwin.

"This site currently contains more than 50,000 searchable text pages and 40,000 images of both publications and handwritten manuscripts. There is also the most comprehensive Darwin bibliography ever published and the largest manuscript catalogue ever assembled. More than 150 ancillary texts are also included, ranging from secondary reference works to contemporary reviews, obituaries, published descriptions of Darwin's Beagle specimens and important related works for understanding Darwin's context."

Just a few notable works:

Origin of the Species

Voyage of the Beagle (1839)

The Descent of Man (1871)

Coral Reefs (1842)


The Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle (1838-43)

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Judith Berman

Judith Berman's Home Page

The Window - "Runner-up for the 1999 Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award; Locus Top Ten Stories of 1999."

The Poison Well.  Complete work, illustrated, courtesy of Black Gate. 

The Fear Gun - "Asimov’s, July 2004.  Finalist, 2005 Theodore Sturgeon Award; one of Locus's 'Best of the Best' short stories for 2004."

Bear Daughter - Excerpt.  "Finalist, 2006 Crawford Award; 2005 Locus Recommended Reading List."

Science Fiction Without the Future - 2002 Pioneer Award for Best Critical Essay.  "[P]robably the most important piece of science fiction criticism in the last ten years." -- Bruce Sterling

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Russian SF - Russian Sci-Fi - Russian Sci-Fi in English Translation.> - More Russian Sci-Fi. - A little page of Russian resources.

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JBS Haldane

"Gentle fantasy" describes Haldane's Mr. Leakey stories perfectly. Aimed at children they nevertheless hit adults as well.  (Or at least one adult.)

My Friend Mr Leakey - by JBS Haldane.

The following is courtesy  "These books can be downloaded only if their use is for purposes of private study, research, criticism or review and not for commercial reproduction in any form - electronic or printed."

Please respect their wishes.

A Meal with a Magician - by JBS Haldane.  Also includes "A Day in the Life of a Magician", "Mr. Leakey's Party", "Rats", "The Snake with the Golden Teeth", "My Magic Collar Stud". 

Their site also has

"Find more such books at"

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Serial Novels

Fledgling - a bold new Liaden Universe® project from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  The story of Theo Waitley and how she came to have a "kind of complicated" problem to lay before the delm of Korval.

Hunt for the Dymalon Cygnet - a Serial Novel in the Scattered Worlds universe by Don Sakers.  Links to many other Serial Novels being web-published.

The Big Meow - by Diane Duane.

The Vondish Ambassador - Serial Novel in the Ethshar series by Lawrence Watt-Evans

The Note Beside the Body - Non-serial short story by Lawrence Watt-Evans.

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Sample Chapters of Books

Self-Made Man - Norah Vincent.  The Author Disguised Herself as a Man for Research. 

"Jan. 23, 2006— Norah Vincent, author of "Self-Made Man," left her job as a nationally syndicated opinion columnist for the Los Angeles Times to research this book. For 18 months, she dressed up as a man at work and in social situations. She even went on dates with women. Vincent said the experience left her with a greater appreciation and understanding of men — their emotions, their expectations and their relationships with women."  The excerpt is excellent.

Free SF samples from Baen and Tor

The Engine of Recall - PDF sample of a novel by Karl Schroeder.

Outward Bound - Chapters 1, 5, 13, and 19 from a novel by James P. Hogan.  This is one of the "Jupiter Novels" published by Tor.  They are intended to carry on in the tone and style of Robert A. Heinlein's books for young adults.  There may be more samples on Hogan's site.

In the Eye of Heaven - by David Keck.  Sample chapter(s).

Samples of the Dray Prescott novels by Alan Burt Akers.  Free eBooks from Mushroom eBooks

The Reaver Road - Sample chapter of the novel by Dave Duncan.

Resonance - by Chris Dolley.  Sample chapters 1-32.  "Graham Smith is a 33 year-old office messenger. To the outside world he's an obsessive-compulsive mute - weird but harmless. But to Graham Smith, it's the world that's weird. And far from harmless. He sees things others can't… or won't. He knows that roads can change course, people disappear, office blocks migrate across town. All at night when no one's looking. The world's an unstable place, still growing, sloughing off layers of reality like dead skin. One day you drive by, and it's changed."

Hunt for the Dymalon Cygnet - a Serial Novel in the Scattered Worlds universe by Don Sakers.  Links to many other Serial Novels being web-published.

Warbreaker - by Brandon Sanderson is a donation-free serial novel.

The Vondish Ambassador - Serial Novel in the Ethshar series by Lawrence Watt-Evans.  Author of 1988 Hugo winning short story: "Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers."

The Note Beside the Body - Non-serial short story by Lawrence Watt-Evans.

David Gerrold's Website David Gerrold is the Hugo and Nebula award winning author of the Classic Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles".  His site has sample chapters of at least one novel: Blood and Fire

The Trouble with Tribbles - available for free download as a PDF file.

David Gerrold won the 1995 Hugo and 1994 Nebula awards for Novelette with "The Martian Child."

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The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas - by Ursula K. Le Guin.  Won the Hugo short story award in 1974.

He Walked Among Us - by Norman Spinrad. 


"Most newsgroups and websites pirating novels are not in it for the money since there isn't any.  They see themselves as providing a service to readers.  The writers of the books see it as theft.  It seems to me this shareware viral distribution can bridge the gap."

"So all you pirates out there are invited to pirate HE WALKED AMONG US provided you post the complete file including the copyright and shareware notice.  I'll even send you the file upon request and post its URL on your site here!" - Norman Spinrad

The Machine Stops - by E. M. Forster

Short works by Larry Niven

microMEGAS - by Voltaire.  "A daring and heretical yarn when published in 1752, "microMEGAS" is the original SF short story, and still one of the best." - Blake Linton Wilfong

They're Made out of Meat - by Terry Bisson.  "From OMNI, April 1991. This story, which was a 1991 Nebula nominee, has been appearing around the internet lately without my name attached. Several people were kind enough to alert me, but the truth is I'm more flattered than offended."

Meihem in ce Klasrum - 1946 by Dolton Edwards.  "This is the famous simplified spelling story.  Dolton Edwards seems to have been a one-off author and one wonders if he weren't Campbell himself." - Joseph T. Major - "science fiction fanzines on-line"

Who Killed Science Fiction? - by Earl Kemp.

Standing Room Only - by Karen Joy Fowler.  First published in Asimov's August 1997.

The Horrow On Howth Hill - by Robert Anton Wilson.  All the fun of the Illuminatus! trilogy in one short story.

The Narcissus Plague - by Lisa Goldstein

Tune Out of Time - short story by Philip E. High.

Metropolitan (excerpt) - by Walter John Williams.   "Metropolitan was nominated for a Nebula Award for Best Novel."

I Remember Pallaxi - by Walter John Williams.  Excerpt available to read online.  PDF file available for download. More info.

Variable Star (excerpts) - by Spider Robinson.  Novel outline by Robert A. Heinlein.

The Final Gift - by Michael A. Stackpole.  Read to the end.

Ghost Stories - public domain ghost stories posted to alt.books.ghost-fiction, courtesy Otzchiim (at) America On Line - alt.books.ghost-fiction FAQ.   Many links to publishers of ghost fiction.

Knock  by Fredric Brown.  What follows is the story in its entirety:
"The last man on earth sat in his room.  There was a knock on the door...."
- This appeared in the december 1948 issue of THRILLING WONDER STORIES.

Pigs is Pigs - by Ellis Parker Butler.  "A story about guinea pigs, beaurocracy and multiplication.  First published in the September 1905 issue of American Magazine."

Before and After the Black Death:  Money, Prices, and Wages in Fourteenth-Century England - by John Henry Alexander Munro.

IDEAS:  Economics and Finance Research - "Welcome to the largest bibliographic database dedicated to Economics and available freely on the Internet. Over 425'000 items of research can be browsed or searched, and over 325'000 can be downloaded in full text! This site is part of a large volunteer effort to enhance the free dissemination of research in Economics, RePEc. To see the popularity of these services, browse the statistics at LogEc."

There Will Come Soft Rains - By Ray Bradbury

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Google - by Bruce Sterling

The Hacker Crackdown - by Bruce Sterling.  "Literary Freeware: Not for Commercial Use."

Gone with the Trash - by Patrick Lussier & Brad Rines.  "The Interstellar Detritus Reclamation Company is losing garbage scows at an alarming rate."  Free PDF download.

The World of Maelstrom and Starfish - by Peter Watts.  An immersive website.  The following quotes are displayed on the website.

"Like some adrenaline-charged fusion of Clarke's The Deep Range and Gibson's Neuromancer ... a major addition to early 21st-century hard SF." — Publisher's Weekly

"Utterly repellent ... horrific porn." —Kirkus

Starfish - by Peter Watts.

Maelstrom - by Peter Watts.

Blindsight - by Peter Watts.   Scientist-author Peter Watts, a Canadian, has released Blindsight under a Creative Commons license.

How Beautiful With Banners - by James Blish.  Reminiscent of Starfish.

Airborn and Skybreaker - by Kenneth Oppel.  Immersive Website.  "Set in an imaginary past where giant airships rule the skies...."  Excerpts.

* Governor General's Award for Children's Literature
* Michael L Printz Honor Book (American Library Association)
* Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children's Book Award
* Red Maple Award (Ontario Library Association)

Luthor’s Gift - by Elliot S! Maggin. (Alternate Title: An Enemy's Gift)

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds - by Charles Mackay.

The Meaning of the Word - by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.  Offworld archaeology.  See Also Omnilingual by H. Beam Piper and High Weir by Samuel R. Delany.

Riddles in the Dark, The Lost Version - The Riddle Game as it originally appeared in The Hobbit compared to the subsequent revision.

None So Blind - by Joe Haldeman.  "This story, which won the Locus and Hugo Awards for "Best Short Story of 1995," first appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine."

Eye of Argon - by Jim Theis.  Classic fanfic.  So bad, it's good.

Eye of Argon - HTML version - with notes, publication details, and the long lost ending.

Atlanta Nights - by Travis Tea.  The perfect companion to "Eye of Argon.  The story behind the book is funny, surprising, and enlightening.

Egoboo for Algernon - fanfiction by Terry Carr.

If All Books Were Written Like SciFi Stories

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - by Edward Gibbon

Alice in Wonderland - An Interactive Adventure

So You Wanna Build A Rocket? - Atomic Rocketships of the Space Patrol on Project Rho.  Main page has Robert A. Heinlein's "Green Hills of Earth."

"Your imagination has been captured by the roaring rockets from Heinlein's SPACE CADET or the Polaris from TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADET."   Worth it just for the scans of sf book and magazine covers.

Good Bad Books - from 1945, by George Orwell.  "A type of book which we hardly seem to produce in these days, but which flowered with great richness in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, is what Chesterton called the “good bad book”: that is, the kind of book that has no literary pretensions but which remains readable when more serious productions have perished."

The Boy Mechanic: Volume 1 - by Popular Mechanics Co.  at Project Gutenberg.  Book referenced on The Ghost Relations Department - "a weekly blog with new, obscure or just plain odd information about the Disney Haunted Mansions."

Diana Wynne Jones Autobiography

Excerpts from "STET!  Damnit!" - by Florence King.  'It is a collection of around ten years' worth of Florence King's "National Review" columns.  What brought it to mind is that she quotes another writer (whose name escapes me) therein in support of her own personal credo:  "I pledge allegiance to the English language."' - J.D. Baldwin

Jerry Pournelle - Lots of "Chaos Manor" columns available

Parody of "Chaos Manor" columns.

Short stories of old computer risks - mongrel.html - by Les Earnest

Wired Magazine - 100 six word SF stories by famous people.

Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses - by Mark Twain

The 3 Most Important Things in Life - by Harlan Ellison

Too Good to be True: 150 Years of Mary Sue - by Pat Pflieger.   "She's amazingly intelligent, outrageously beautiful, adored by all around her...."

Mary Sue in Beowulf - "'Hwæt!,' said Beowulf, looking really cute."

A Mary-Sue tale of the Heterodyne Boys - "Warning: quite silly."

Nine Men and a Little Lady - "Parodies virtually ALL the worst possible traits and cliches in bad "Lord of the Rings" Mary Sue fics." - Sea Wasp in rec.arts.sf.written.

The Very Secret Diaries of the Lord of the Rings.  by Cassandra Claire

A Dry, Quiet War - novelette by Tony Daniel.

Church of the SubGenius - It's not what you think.

"SubSITE is the Official Website of The Church of the SubGenius™ and is Maintained by The SubGenius™ Foundation, Inc. in the name of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs - High Epopt & Living Slack Master. Unless otherwise noted, all content is the exclusive property of the The SubGenius™ Foundation, Inc. and may not be reproduced in any form without prior written consent."

Evensong - by Lester del Ray.  Complete Classic tale offered as a free sample from the anthology "Dangerous Visions" edited by Harlan Ellison.

On Thud and Blunder - essay by Poul Anderson.

After Life - novella by Simon Funk.  Hard copy available from Lulu at cost.

Agent to the Stars - An Online Novel by John Scalzi.

"...a remarkably intelligent first-contact yarn, this book is absurd, funny, and satirically perceptive." -- Booklist, 5/15/05

Also has a free sample of Old Man's War also by John Scalzi.

Foresight War by Anthony G. Williams.  Excerpt from Authors Online.

Community - short story by Karl Schroeder.

Karl Schroeder's Website - There are probably more free online works there, but it's difficult to be sure.

Black Brillion - First chapter of the novel by Matt Hughes.   Also has links to the first chapters of Fools Errant, Fool Me Twice, A Little Learning, and Majestrum.

Pilgrim's Progress - by John Bunyan (1628-1688).  The Pilgrim’s Progress "From This World to That Which is to Come; Delivered under the Similitude of a Dream."  First published in 1678.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Gulliver's Travels - by Jonathon Swift.

The Sobering Saga of Myrtle the Manuscript - A Cautionary Tale - by Tappan King.

Where have all the proofreaders gone? - by Robert McHenry.

The Scribe's Problem Child - by Robert McHenry.

"The reason for having an editorial process is to minimize the number of mistakes that get published by having many persons look at any given piece of copy beforehand. One of the consultants I had to deal with opined we should aim for 99.95% accuracy in copy, using a number he had picked up in some class on quality control in manufacturing. He changed the subject after we pointed out that this would translate to an average of 5 typographic errors per page." - "Your source for affordable electronic fiction."  "We offer novel-length fiction specializing in science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and romance.  All of our books are either free or only $1.  Check it out (free first chapters for all books)." - Rob Preece.

TuxMobil: Free eBooks and AudioBooks for Mobile Computers. . Great selection of pricey ebooks in restrictive formats: Mobipocket, Adobe pdf, Palm Reader, Microsoft Reader, etc.

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Magazines on the Web

Helix online SF magazine - donation supported.

FLURB - A Webzine of Astonishing Tales.  Singing the Dead to Sleep - by Richard Kadrey.

Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature.  Excerpts.

Asimov's SF Magazine

Reflections: The Cleve Cartmill Affair: One - by Robert Silverberg, on Asimov's online.

  "The anecdote out of science fiction’s history that almost everyone has heard of is the tale of how Cleve Cartmill, a competent writer of middling abilities, published a story describing the workings of the atomic bomb in a 1944 issue of John Campbell’s magazine Astounding Science Fiction, fourteen months before the first successful atomic explosion at the Alamogordo testing grounds, thus causing a Federal security agency to investigate both Cartmill and Campbell to see if there had been a leak of top-secret military information."

Legions in Time - by Michael Swanwick.  Courtesy Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine.

[If you liked A.E. van Vogt's "The Weapon Shop"]
Almost certainly you will like Michael Swanwick's affectionate --and 
very, very good -- van Vogt homage, "Legions in Time":

"Time criminals of the Dawn Era!" his voice thundered from a hidden 
speaker. "Listen and obey!"

Excellent story.

Happy reading--

Pete Tillman

Closer - by Greg Egan.  on Australian SF Online.   There are other stories available in their fiction archive.

Preview Edition of Jim Baen's Online SF magazine Universe.

Baen Books Free to Disabled Readers

Nicola Griffith Interview on Strange Horizons a weekly speculative fiction magazine.

"Writing a balanced, beautiful novel, where plot and character and setting and pacing and narrative structure and imagery and, above all, story work in harmony and true proportion is f***ing hard." - Nicola Griffith.

Also on Strange Horizons The War of the Flowers - by Brenda Cooper

"View nearly every story Strange Horizons has ever published in our Archive, thanks to the kindness of our authors who allow us to keep their material online."

Allegory - Tri-Annual Online Magazine of SF, Fantasy & Horror.  (Formerly Peridot Books).

Preview Edition of Jim Baen's Online SF magazine Universe.

Ralan's Webstravaganza - List of horror and SF markets for stories(?).

Duotrope's Digest - "a database of current markets for short fiction and poetry."

StoryPilot - Science Fiction and Fantasy Market Search Engine.

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Stories I Haven't Read

Flower of Goronwy - by Michael Coney

The Object - by Leon Schoenfeld.  "Just Who is Leon Schoenfeld And Why does He Think He Can Write Science Fiction?  Retired now after a lifetime career as an Engineer in the Aerospace business I find I have time on my hands and a mind that will not retire.  So, what better outlet than to let my imagination roam and weave the ideas floating in my head into story telling?" - Sf, fantasy, horror fiction.  Full stories and extracts.

Infinity Plus A to Z - Different index to   "More than two million words of fiction"

John Findley - Illustrator.  A good illustration can be worth a thousand words.  The cover images and internal illustrations of Golden Age SF magazines told great stories all by themselves.  See also's So You Wanna Build A Rocket?.

Cosmos Magazine

Infinity Beach Excerpt - by Jack McDevitt.

Empire - excerpts from a novel by Orson Scott Card.

Rainbow - by Michael McKenny

Crystal Rain Excerpt - by Tobias S. Buckell

Stories by John Steakley

Spindle - by Ian Taylor.  The excerpt could almost be from Red Dwarf.

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Attack Vector: Tactical - Board game of space combat simulation.  Not free.

"It [Attack Vector: Tactical] is certainly the best boardgame simulation of actual space combat physics I know of.  Beyond the physics model, it includes some clever 3-D display components, and a lot of creatively buried math.  The end result keeps the mental overhead down to a minimum, letting you focus on the tactical situation.  If you're interested in space combat, this is highly recommended." -- Jerry Pournelle, Ph.D.  Co-Author of The Mote In God's Eye and The Strategy of Technology

Even more about that game and site from the author:

"There is a thumbnail discussion of several issues which define military spaceships in the introduction of the game, which is available for free: AVT_Tutorial.pdf

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Gharlane of Eddore

"Gharlane of Eddore is dead - But who the hell was the Usenet hero?" from The Register

"Gharlane of Eddore was named after a character created by sci-fi legend EE Smith.  He asked EE Smith for permission to use the name before embarking on a Usenet career that saw hundreds touched (and enraged) by his frequent postings.

"He was extremely witty with a wide-ranging and extensive knowledge - particularly anything sci-fi.  His absolute hatred of poor acting, writing or flimsy attention to detail caused many a spat with other users.  His frequent grumpiness didn't help much either.   But most of those offended at his remarks soon made up with the man."

The announcement of Gharlane's death on Usenet.

Gharlane's SF Taxonomy

Gharlane's Lensman FAQ.  If that link doesn't work try here.

Gharlane of Eddore Memorial Posting (2002)

VENUS ON THE HALF-SHELL - One of Gharlane's many classic Usenet posts.  It concerns the start of Philip Jose Farmer's literary career.

Gharlane's Usenet posts, via Google.   Gharlane of Eddore's Usenet Posts

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Professor Steven Dutch

"My Web Philosophy - It's not so much surfing as Dumpster-Diving.   I used to wonder how bad it could be if we just let anybody publish their ideas.  Now I know.  Real bad."

Praise for Professor Dutch's site:

"Well there goes today's productivity <grin>" - stevo

"Bookmarked!  Thank you very much for Dutch's site." - Mike Andrews

"Absolutely brilliant."  "He is an engaging writer, so even if I disagree, I am entertained. *And* he will have made me think, always a good thing." - Gallian

There's more stuff there.

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Politically Incorrect, Controversial, Some Hilarious

The Underground Grammarian - "Books, essays, and newsletters from America's greatest observer and wit on language, thought, and education. "

How Do You Cure Injelitance? - C. Northcote Parkinson, the father of Parkinson's Law

Nelson Rocks Preserve Disclaimer - NRP's well-known Warning and Disclaimer

Do NOT read   It will just offend you. Very Politically Incorrect.   He had a cop column from riding with policemen on patrol.   He was a Marine in Viet Nam.   Foreign journalist.  Expatriate.   Blunt language.    Reprehensible Curmudgeonry, Guaranteed Offensive.

Fred takes on:

  • Diversity
  • The Nanny State
  • Big Brother
  • Reporters
  • The American Education System (aka Literacy Prevention)
  • Gives advice on how to find America: Move to Mexico
  • War

Fred Reed has had the experience to back it up.  Worse, sometimes he quotes supporting data and gives references.

Fred's Greatest Hits:

A Nice Morning Drive - by Richard S. Foster.  "[ Taken from Road and Track -- November 1973, pp.148-150 ]"

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Comedy, Parody, Satire

Bound to Offend someone.

Acts of Gord - The trials and tribulations of a Video Game Store owner, dealing with the stupid, the dishonest, and the ignorant.   The page layout is a parody of religious texts.  The stories are plain English.

"I find it suspect that everything I've sold you has somehow broke..." spoke Gord.

Tales of the Bastard Computer Operator from Hell - A lowly computer operator learns to abuse the power of his position.   Hilarious rolling on the floor funny, if you like that sort of thing.  Not crude.  Courtesy of:  The Register

The PFY Stories - The BOFH's sidekick.

Bastard Operator From Hell - The Originals.

Bastard User From Hell - The BOFH's nemesis.

Caffeine - "In October 1992, the ABU support team in Bellevue sent care packages of Starbuck's coffee, chocolate covered coffee beans, and Frangos to the North Carolina and Texas ABU teams. This is one NC engineer's account of what happened next...."

Zen and the Art of Dealing with Computer Students.   this is a mirror of the original Zen Master Greg page

Win63k - Annotated M$ press release.  Full thread available here.

Troll: The Provoking - from

The Campaign for Real Monopoly - from

"Whenever you land on an unowned property you may buy that property from the Bank at its printed price." "If you do not wish to buy the property, the Banker sells it at auction to the highest bidder."

Eric and the Dread Gazebo

The Head of Vecna

Somewhere out there on the Web is a Patrick F. McManus short story.  I can't find it again.   It's hilarious, like all of McManus' work.  It might be from Usenet, posted with the serial numbers filed off.  McManus' work is dangerous.  People have hurt themselves with uncontrollable laughter.  I'm not kidding.  If you think Terry Pratchett is laugh-out-loud funny (and he is) then McManus could be fatal to you.

Ex-Suicide Bombers Blast Virgins-for-Martyrs Swindle - Howlingly funny.  Bound to be offensive to someone.

Hijackers Surprised To Find Selves In Hell  'We Expected Eternal Paradise For This,' Say Suicide Bombers.  Requires a strong stomach.

Virgins?  What Virgins?  Shouldn't be offensive, but what do I know?

Australia Gets Drunk, Wakes Up in North Atlantic

"" - Pooh goes Ape. 
Cautionary tale of the effects of modern pharmaceuticals on a bear of
very little brain.

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SF WebComics

Free Fall.  Free Fall's SF Links Page

Schlock Mercenary "The Online Comic Space Opera."

Girl Genius - "Adventure, Romance, MAD SCIENCE!"

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SF databases - Internet Speculative Fiction Database - "We're all about helping readers discover new science fiction and fantasy books and authors. We update our database almost daily, with the ambition to make it a comprehensive and accurate resource for bibliographies and biographies in our favorite genres.  As of today [2006-10-29] we include 57648 books, 15287 writers, 6551 series and 3552 web links."

"We focus on classifying books into series and themes."

Nebula Award Winners

Hugo Award Winners

Andy's Anachronism - Exploring the Themes of Time Travel and Alternate Universes.

Violet Books - Antiquarian Supernatural Literature

Alpha Ralpha Boulevard - "This site is for science fiction, fantasy and horror author information."

The SFsite:  The Best in Science Fiction and Fantasy.  The Home Page for Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Ansible - SF News & Gossip, by David Langford.

Thog's Masterclass - "Is Thog's Masterclass just a sadistic exercise in tearing defenceless prose fragments from their literary context and holding them up to the cruel light of scorn? I'd like to assure everyone that that's completely correct." - David Langford.

You Do It With Mirrors - by David Langford.  The amusing story behind the newsletter of Helicon, the 1993 British Eastercon. - The Locus Indexes to Science Fiction

SF Bibliographic Resources - by William G. Contento.

Interzone's SF Links

Science Fiction Citations for OED - "Hunting for the earliest citations of sf words."

nooSFere - toutes les spheres de l'imaginaire.  English Translation courtesy of Google&mark;

Thrilling Wonder Stories - Covers and contents on

rec.arts.sf.written is the Usenet group for discussing SF.  It can also be accessed through Google Groups.  Read the FAQ.  Many of the links on this site came from rasfw. 

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SF Authors

Patricia Briggs The Books link has sample chapters.

Lois McMaster Bujold - "[Lois McMaster Bujold] won Hugos and Nebulae for books in [the Chalion] series.  You can get a sample novelette for free online here: The Mountains of Mourning." - Gary Jordan in Lois McMaster Bujold's Baen Catalog with free samples.

Kat Richarson.  The Other Writing link has excerpts from her novels Greywalker and Poltergeist.  There also some short stories available.

Vonda N. McIntyre's Website - Online fiction and some excerpts.  With a link to Talking Squids in Outer Space - "The Pinnacle of SF," which has the short story "Sheena 5."

Robert Crais, THE WATCHMAN, Excerpts One, Two, and Three

Greg Egan Won the Hugo Award for the novella Oceanic in 1999.

Riding the Crocodile is available on his website.  "Set in the same universe as the novel Incandescence".  At this time there are eighteen free stories on his website.

All the stories in LUMINOUS have been published as individual eBooks by Fictionwise

Closer - by Greg Egan.  on Australian SF Online.   There are other stories available in their fiction archive.

David D. Friedman author of Harald - A Fantasy Withough Magic.  Sample Late draft of the early chapters.

The Manifold - "an unofficial fansite for stephen baxter, the uk's finest sci-fi author."  "all of Stephen's fiction excerpts and interviews available on the net on this page."

Norman Spinrad's Home Page. With links to his book "He Walked Among Us" and the directive "PIRATE THIS BOOK!"

Carcinoma Angels - Also by Norman Spinrad

David Brin's Official Web Site

Tank Farm Dynamo - by David Brin.

Ursula K. Le Guin

Philip K. Dick

Cory Doctorow

John F. Carr - He co-wrote Great King's War with Roland J. Green.  A novel of Lord Kalvan in H. Beam Piper's Paratime Police universe.

David Brin - The remarkable Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith.  "Atomsk" is available for download.  See Also: Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons - by Cordwainer Smith

Michael A. Stackpole's Home Page.  "...the award-winning, New York Times Bestselling, game designer, computer game designer and author."  Several stories and many essays available.

Transgalactic - by A.E. van Vogt.  Samples from Baen publishing.

The Weird Worlds of A. E. van Vogt (1912 - 2000)

Icshi - The A.E. van Vogt Information Site.  "A recipient of the Encyclopaedia Britannica Internet Guide Award, October 2006."

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Articles, etc.

The Heroic Nerd: H.P. Lovecraft

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