Just a Business of Ferrets Pricing Guide

Just a Business of Ferrets

Pricing Guide

All kits out of JBF are high quality pets with the potential to be champions. Years of selective breeding and hands-on care from birth ensure JBF kits to have solid conformations and personable temperaments. All kits are sold intact and the new owner takes responsibility to have the kit spayed or neutered when mature. All kits come with a one year genetic health guarantee. Kits who will be used for breeding are priced higher than those who will be spayed or neutered pets.

All kits are vaccinated at least once for Canine Distemper prior to being placed.

Pet pricing range: $300 ~ $400
Breeder pricing range: $400 ~ $500

Blacks, Chocolates, Mitts, Roans & Sables.
Solids & Standards

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