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Finnish Imports

I'd like to introduce my Finnish Imports. I have a very nice pair of ferrets, bred by Riinan Näätälä of Näätälän Fretit. You can find more information about Riina at Näätälän Fretit.

NF's Alderamin (Alu) of JBF
Black Sable Hob

Alu is a BIG (as of 10-30 he was 5.5 pounds), goofy guy who loves to play and be naughty. He is fitting nicely into my group. I hope he doesn't get much bigger otherwise he may have problems breeding a jill next season. I am currently working on my breeding plan to see what line to outcross with Alu.

NF's Ignika of JBF
Black Sable Solid Jill

Ignika is a beautiful black sable solid jill and her structure is as nice as her color. She is currently living with Squirt and she loves to tease him. When he tries to get her she just runs away or hops in the hammock. My plan is to pair Ignika with Black Hawk next season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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