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Invisible Jazz  sequence with song & poems

Villon sequence with song & poems:
      Ballade , Blois Slam Poem
      Pays sauvage, chez International Girl

Dark Night (.pdf file 5.6Mg)
   published in The Reykjavik Grapevine
   Issue 6, p.12

Zero Hour
   published in Karawane
   Issue 9

Thunder! the Mind's Consumation (from the Coptic)

A Night Like This

Blue Nile

When the god departs
the music plays on,
and when the music stops,
the wine still flows,
and when the wine runs out,
still, I will kiss your lips,
and when your eyes turn away,
and your lips are sealed
I will still love you,
and when that fire
has burnt itself out,
I will still have
the ashes of your memory.
And when I have lost my facility
to decode remembrance
into the present tense,
when the last metaphor
has sunk beneath the horizon
leaving the moon
just a pale cold rock in the sky,
when every shadow’s disappeared
and dogs have no names,
there will still be wind and sand
to sting my eyes
and scourge my flesh
for its delusions.