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Undergound Masterpieces You Haven't Read
History books to read, even if you're not interested in it
Other Non-Fiction
XIX Century Memoirs I've Read & Recommend.
XX Century Memoirs I've Read & Recommend.
The Last 200 + Books I've read
Some Words of Advice for Young Artists
Voting in the Year 2008 - the Candidates
2004 post-electoral rant - with predictions
from the Dec. 2004 issue of The Reykjavik Grapevine
Voting in the Year 2004 - the Major Parties
 Why I Went from "Revolutionary" to "Radical" 
See March 27th posting on this Icelandic blog
hosted by Val Gunnarson.
See February 5th posting at my niece-in-law's blog of my letter offering my services to the FCC.