Watch for JD Isaacs reading 'Riki Tikki Tavi' in the new National Public Radio series for children, 'Stories in the Air', now airing in select markets around the globe.

Cinder Elephant by JD Isaacs, 30 minutes on audio cassette,$15.00
A tongue in cheek version of the Cinderella story with an elephant as the central character. Lots of twists and turns abound in this tale with a surprise ending in keeping with our times.
Chuck Robinson, past president of the American Booksellers Association, said of 'Cinder Elephant,'
"This is a very funny book, and hearing JD Isaacs read Cinder Elephant on tape was one of the greatest pleasures I have had in a long time."

Moonbeam Stream; The Legend of Annie Oakleaf and Bubble O'Bill
by JD Isaacs, 60 minutes on CD, musical, $18.00 (available now)

Moonbeam Stream is in crisis. The toxic bubble, Bubble O'Bill and his bubbling bandits are taking over Bullfrog Hollow with their terrible stench and ruining the lives of the creatures who live there. Annie Oakleaf, the tip-top leaf of the old oak tree then takes it upon herself to rid the stream of his wicked ways and return Moonbeam to it's normal, peaceful existence.
Nancy, an avid listener, reader and valuable critic wrote of 'Moonbeam Stream,'
"I love it to the very middle of my heart."

RainRider, by JD Isaacs 120 minutes on CD, musical, $20.00
The village of the cloud dwellers and the raindrop factory are threatened by approaching storm clouds. The only solution is to send young Hydor down to the face of the Earth riding a raindrop to find out what is the matter. When he arrives he meets up with several earthbound creatures and goes about solving the problem using wits and determination. RainRider points out that we are just one of the many creatures upon the Earth and should respect and protect all our fellow inhabitants, big and small.
Summer, a fourth grade student in Atlanta said of the musical, 'RainRider,'
"If I had written the book, I would've written it just like you did. I loved the CD!"

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