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Greg was a guest speaker at the
2003 National Aeronautical Systems and Technology Conference
Tuesday - May 13 in Dayton Ohio!
- Thanks to our GK Online Reporter Cat for this information

New Link to video of Greg from 2001 flying with Blue Angels - Thanks Melissa
Link to website with photo of Kelly family. Search on "greg kelly"
Thanks to Maria for the link

Fox's Brave Journalists

Newsday - Embedded on the Front Lines in Iraq - Foxnewsmen Injured in Iraq Mortar Attack

Post-Gazette - TV war is very new and a little strange

Greg Kelly - Desert Storm to Desert Fox

AJC - Baptism of Fire

JS Online:Embedding worked, reporters say

Rick Levanthal discussion group - includes Greg Kelly!

Media Research Center Ranks Greg Kelly 3rd best among all Embedded Reporters

Greg Kelly YAHOO Group

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