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From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

I don't mean to come off as negative, that's not really my space.

It's just that there's a lot of pressure associated with the complete destruction of the historical middle class in this country. You see it venting out in different places, like the whole Trump thing, and what they're calling the Opioid Epidemic which is really nothing of the sort. What it really is, in my view, is a whole lot of formerly middle class people who no longer have access to health care (insurance is not the same thing as health care, damn it) and who are attempting to take care of everything themselves and failing miserably.

Let's say you develop lower back pain like pretty much everybody who gets old eventually does, or let's say it's your knees. Even ten years ago, you'd go and get scans and if they could fix it surgically, they'd try, and if they couldn't, here's some Lortabs. It had been that way for two hundred years.

Now, however, if you don't have a middle class job you don't have real insurance in most cases until you get old enough for Medicare. Most people are pushing fifty or a little older, but still fifteen years away from Medicare and no solution is forthcoming. Obamacare was never anything but a way to give taxpayer money to insurance companies. The formerly middle class can't even afford to see a doctor to get a Lortab prescription, let alone scrape together the money to pay for it. Nobody will treat you without insurance.

So they ration what Lortab they have at first like it's World War 2, taking only what they absolutely have to have to get through the day. They call in all of MawMaw's bathroom mirror stash. When no more friends or family have pain medicine available, they cut what they have into smaller and smaller pieces and ration harder and harder until only dust remains.

Then, they ask MawMaw if there's something else that's close. MawMaw has enough shit in her bathroom mirror stash to put the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to sleep, so sure there's something, maybe Oxycontin. They round that up from everybody and ration it to the bitter end, too.

Then comes the day when there's nothing else to get, nothing of any sort, and twelve aspirin and twelve Motrin don't touch the pain. They fall into depression as folks with untreated medical conditions always do.

Then, Cousin Wiggy gets work-released parole. Gee, but Cousin Wiggy sure hates to see you like this. Cousin Wiggy's cellmate had a third cousin whose sister in law's first baby daddy handles a little bit of synthetic Fentanyl. Cousin Wiggy's associates hook you up with a Fentanyl patch. For the first time in maybe two years, you feel something like yourself again. You find some work on a project (there aren't any jobs anymore, just projects) and you've got income again.

The Fentanyl is cheaper than your old copay was when you had insurance...until either the Fentanyl patch guy gets popped for trafficking or the supply just dries up. You had almost caught your mortgage back up. Your family cannot go without your income, it does not really matter what happens to you in the long run. By now, Cousin Wiggy has been out long enough that he is tying off and banging heroin again, and yeah, you hate needles, but Cousin Wiggy assures you that it won't kill you, it didn't kill him. The H is even better than the Fentanyl but doesn't last for shit. Eventually, somebody fucks up and gives you Fentanyl in place of the H and you shoot up pure Fentanyl and it kills you.

This is your "Opioid Epidemic", regular formerly middle class folks with no other options for pain control who get drawn into street drugs with no idea what risk they're taking and no real choice in the matter anyway.

It plays into what I was saying earlier about the availability of knowledge, but not wisdom from the Internet. You can find out how to kill yourself, basically, and nobody will help you. If you get caught trying to help yourself, then you're just a goddamn druggie who deserves whatever happens.

I really do not know why half of America isn't on fire. I do not look forward to it, but it cannot go on much longer and what I have outlined above is only one small bit of what people are suffering through.

Maybe they just can't afford the fuel for the Molotov Cocktails.

From: Swamplord
Email: Swamp

Grim predictions.

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From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

I came to realize that most of what I had to say, nobody wanted to hear.

Everybody has their own agenda, and on the big political points everybody already has their mind made up. I saw that first hand here in CA during the last presidential election cycle.

It used to be that you weren't moving folks on things like abortion. Either you were dealing with a new life and a disposable incubator, or you were dealing with a living woman with disposable tissue. Nothing in between.

Now it's like that for everything.

Around LA, Secretary Clinton was The Great Hope and you better not say otherwise. You could literally lose your job. People were literally crying here when she lost. I can't believe how racist my country is, blah blah blah, when if Trump had actually said or done something racist, that would be the story instead of this insane droning about Russia.

Nobody wants to have a thoughtful discussion about what is on the table, everybody instead squares off into tribes and lately, they're willing to start hitting or shooting one another. When it gets to that point, what is the point of anything I have to say?

There's no way forward but to learn to face reality or square off and start killing each other. If they want to talk instead of threaten and harass, I'm here. If they want to square off, I'll be down in Mexico until the survivors are ready to talk.

The Internet was really the end of our civilization. It conferred knowledge, information, but not wisdom, and as a result every Dunning-Kruger Dipshit out there became convinced that he/she knew everything that mattered or could look it up in split seconds on the phone.

The end result is what you see now, nobody is going to listen because everybody already knows everything. It will take a whole bunch of deaths to wake people up and make them scared enough to listen to common sense.

It's going to get a lot, lot worse before anything gets better, and I just don't feel like chronicling all that.

I'll keep the site here on the off chance that once the smoke clears that I can do some good with it again, but don't hold your breath.

From: BubbaBob
Email: 6.13.2017

Islam is not a religion. Never has been, never will be.

It is a cult...a cult of violence and domination. Every couple hundred years it pops its head up and decides its time to Islamicize the world, and every couple hundred years the rest of the world, civilized people, have to beat them back into the stone age where they belong.

Come'n Jeff...time to update. You have me hopeful JS might be revived yet...

Updated 6/12/2017 11:45 AM (Pacific)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

I've been running this over in my head for a few days. I didn't want to make any snap judgments.

I made myself really unpopular at a place recently for saying that it is the job of Islam to reel in its assholes. It currently appears that Islam is not willing to do this. Therefore, I am forced to conclude that Islam is willing to accept the problem. The rest of the world can't, and so a great big conflict is inevitable.

This means in the end it's Western Civilization vs Islam, and this is where I got *really* unpopular. I said if it's to be open war against Islam, then let's have it and have it over with. Winner takes all.

I know that some leakage will occur, but in general terms organizations can and do self-police. The Republican Party is a really good example. They threw Trent Lott overboard for the merest suggestion that he supported Strom Thurmond's 1950's positions. He'd said something to that effect at a private party, but still out he went because he might be racist now all of a sudden.

The Democrats don't really do this, because they don't have to do it. The media isn't looking to sharpen its teeth on the Democratic Party. That's how we ended up with eight years of President Boyfriend and all the excuses that were made for him, and how we nearly ended up with the vicious and avaricious Secretary Clinton.

Islam has to do it, though, and eventually it's going to be do it or die. I know there will be leakage, just like we can't prevent 100% of car accidents, but as it stands we're looking at one of these suicide bombings/shootings somewhere in the world almost every week. Despite the media and the Left's screaming about racism, Islam isn't a race. They can stop hiding people who they know are going off the deep end and they can shut down the radical mosques.

The alternative is that they can live their version of the End Times.

It's up to them. The rest of the world can't do any more, and can't and won't tolerate much more.

From: Firestorm
Email: Occupied Alabama, CSA

So, uh, the streets of London are literally running red with blood right now...

Updated 5/12/2017 2:45 PM (Pacific)

From: BubbaBob
Email: 5.12.2017

Firestorm, you forgot one thing...you need a Barney Fife deputy to fight with to make the transition complete.

Fortunately, Barney is no longer in the picture...though I do now have a dog named Barney, and another named Thelma.

From: Firestorm
Email: Occupied Alabama, CSA

I think I'm turning into the Bubbabob of Alabama. Bought seven acres on which I now have a couple of tents made from scrap canvas; thinking of upgrading to a yurt when I move there full-time. Already got hogs aplenty in the area and the makings of a very nice tomato garden... and one of the biggest blackberry patches I've ever seen.

All I need now is some goats (burros to start with, more likely) and worse relationships with my neighbours. Of course, for the latter I suppose I'll need neighbours first.

From: BubbaBob
Email: 5.11.2017

Jeff...thought you would like to know...Jeff Bennett died this morning.

Sad. He was one of the best people I've ever met. R.I.P. Jeff.

Oh...and about the house. Yes. The same neighbor that blew me up in the propane explosion in my concession trailer, Christmas Eve day 2005.

That LifeFlight to the Grady burn unit was my one and only ever helicopter ride.

Updated 5/11/2017 8:45 AM (Pacific)

From: Anti.Bubba.Club

Yeah, shut the fuck up, Bob, you sanctimonious bastard. Don't you have some goats to mistreat?

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Did somebody really burn your house, or are you just saying that as a literary device?

I know you're not exactly universally beloved but it's hard to picture the level of animus that would be required to cause somebody to burn you out.

From: BubbaBob
Email: 5.11.2017

What woulkd I do if I were you? Immaterial, as I'm not you. Each of us tend to have different needs/wants. I came really close to leaving when the asshole burned the house down, and was within a couple of weeks of welling the land and going to the backwoods of Costa Rica.

I didn't, and now here I still am, sitting on the mountain raising a heritage breed of pigs.

Yep, "An armed society is a polite society" is a definite truism. Note the BLM/Antifa shit doesn't go on in states like Texas, Georgia, and some others. Those folks are a bunch of cowards.

Updated 4/27/2017 6:45 PM (Pacific)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Okay, *you* tell me how to write and update a continually interesting hyperlocal site focused on an area where you haven't even set foot in two years and may never again set foot and I'll see what I can do. I used to see people and hear things that nobody would dare write down or record, but those days are over.

I meant the regular posters who were still physically in Pickens County. I think you are still there but I am not sure if anybody else is. Neither CL or myself are. I consider myself a resident but I don't know why. I still have a home there but I'm sure by now my children have destroyed it. I'm not particularly broken up over that, it's their inheritance.

I know mandatory carry is not strictly Constitutional but neither is the current state of affairs. I know that the psychological situation changes when everybody is armed or it's assumed that everybody is armed from times I have worked in places where for one reason or another we all had guns somewhere on our person. People are just nicer, more polite, even if they're not good people. Self-interest is a powerful motivator, and when you have a self-interested reason not to create shit or cause offense, you generally will not do so.

I made a couple of attempts to interest locals in carrying on with JS, but nobody was simultaneously willing and able. It can sit right here, then, until a future time when I am back for some insane, unknown reason and have something to complain about.

I'd been saying for a long time that until things absolutely crash, there's nothing for the average person to do but leave. In the event of a currency crisis or a 2008 type economic cratering that the .gov can't fix, I would probably come back and make the woods give the community the chemicals the community would need to survive (medicines and such), and repair small electronics until I couldn't further cannabalize what remained. I might also be the power company, depending on how we felt about doing that again as a group.

Until then, there's no need of anything I can do in Pickens County, and it remains a beautiful place to starve to death.

Alternatively, I can fuck off around the world for a while. If something happens, I can come back to Pickens County. If nothing happens, it can happen when I'm in the Republic of Kiribati or Guam or Mexico or some such place.

What would you pick, if you were me?

From: BubbaBob
Email: 4.25.17

I'm still here, occasionally. I used to come often after JS started its downward spiral but gave up as postings got fewer and fewer.

I was just scrolling back to catch up and before getting back to the last thing I had read I came up against something that REQUIRED a response...your re-write of the 2nd Amendment.

If the Bill of Rights, specifically the 2nd, were re-written as you suggest, the gun issue would have to be taken out of the Bill of Rights and incorporated into the maoin body of the Constitution. Required ownership and required training make it cease to be a right. A right is something you MAY exercise, not something you MUST exercise, and a right requires no permit, license or training.

Constitutional Carry is the ONLY standard that meets Constitutional muster. No other "right" requires a permit or training...anyone can express their opinion in a writtem form, be it a post like this or an article for the front page of the NYYT, without attending journalism school or getting a "Reporter's License", and that is true throughout the Bill of Rights.

Updated 11/24/2016 6:45 PM (Pacific)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Like you and me, most of the regulars bailed out over time. Bob may still be there.

I think at this point she wouldn't care but at the time Tink didn't want anybody to know that she got cancer. She went into treatment and stopped emailing me, I have wanted to think she got better and went on her way. I am not really sure.

I haven't kept up with news there at all so I was surprised to hear about Mark. I will have to go and read the Pravda site and catch up a little.

I never even knew who Pinto was, I saw some posts originally over at the Pravda message board but that was all.

The only real property I still have is my little home and a lot up at Bent Tree that I bought years ago for next to nothing. I had to sell my rental property, I couldn't keep up with it from across the country.

I expect that Donald Trump will try really hard to bring manufacturing back to the US, and I expect that the now-global former US companies will fight him every step of the way. Reagan was able to start the wheels turning again with borrowed money, but thanks to the current administration the US is nearly 20 Trillion in debt. I don't know where Trump will get the money, the Chinese aren't going to loan us much more and certainly not to move manufacturing back onshore.

I expect after they thwart him at every turn that Trump will throw up his hands and coast. It's already started and he's not been sworn in. The latest is that a recount is going to be forced in Wisconsin and Michigan to try to deny the election.

Every day somebody out of that BLM bunch threatens to assassinate him or to stage a coup. That's going to be ugly when it happens, but they want it real bad and I'm afraid there's a bunch of country boys who would be happy to oblige them and show them what guns really are and why you want to hold a pistol the right way when you fire it, not sideways.

At the end of that kind of Civil War, I could come home, but I am too old now to involve myself. So are you. Until then, I will keep myself spread out enough that I am of no real interest to anyone who would bother me.

Ideally, you should have citizenship in one country, a job/income stream in another, your home in a third, and your savings in a fourth. That isn't practical for me at this stage of life, but if I were a younger man I'd be making it happen right now. Playing countries and their hunger for your life and resources off one another is about all the security anybody can get right now. If I was twenty years younger I'd be getting myself a second passport. As it is, I am an American, I was born in America and I guess I'll go down with the ship.

They'll call me a racist for this, but listening to the BLM crowd tells me one thing which is that they think the white man is their enemy. He's the least of their worries. Their enemy is dependence. If the dog drowns, the fleas drown, too, and there are two nifty ways to get rid of that twenty trillion in debt.

One is to dissolve the current government and disavow the government's debts and responsibilities, including Social Security and other entitlements like EBT Cards. You then call another Continental Congress and start from scratch again. When that happens, the BLM crowd and a lot of poor whites will be sharecroppers again and glad to do it.

The other way is just to print up twenty trillion and pay the Federal Reserve in full, destroying the value of the dollar. When that happens, the BLM crowd and a lot of poor whites will be sharecroppers again and glad to do it.

The clock is ticking on all that debt and that isn't counting the fact that the average household in the US is well into six figures of debt for mortgages and credit cards. It's all coming down, and they'll probably find a way to say that Trump caused it all.

By then, of course, I'll be safely and cosily dead.

From: Lay.Preacher
Email: Laypreacher@jaspersucks

Hey Jeff,

Just went back to Jan 1, 2016 and played catch-up.

You still tell a fascinating tale and it is good to see you still doing it.

I think Pickens County still needs JasperSucks more than ever.

Mark Miller has been in jail since June over missappropriated funds to the tune of 1.7 million plus. Judge Weaver has some problems involving open records request and spending court funds on a private civil matter. Judge Bradley used the "n" word in open court which started some of this when a reporter found it was not shown in the court transcript and was refused the recorded version. You can see it all in the back postings of PickensProgress.com for what it's worth if you'r interested

Property Taxes for 2017 were raised some 12% to pay for what was spent in 2016. I guess by now you;re asking 'So what's new'

Me and my Church Lady moved out of Pickens in 2011 to a place on the lake in Hall County.

I am now 89 and often wonder what ever happened to 'Tink' and some of the other regulars from years back.

Last question - is Pinto Colvig a real person in Pickens or just the clown from the northwest??

Glad you are finding some semblance of freedom & peace in Mexico. We envy you and wish you well.

Lay Preacher and Church Lady

Updated 9/28/2016 3:45 PM (Pacific)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Well, like I alluded to earlier, I am currently nothing more than an illegal alien. Nobody has tried to stop me from being an illegal alien. Since I have no legal standing here and no legal right to even be here, I do not appear in any tax database here and have no demonstrable liability. Essentially, with the current state of affairs, I have tabled the taxation/reporting issue.

I'm an engineer, all my work is on a laptop. If I am on a laptop, am I working or am I fucking around and killing time? They don't know, and they don't really care. I look like just another greybeard retiree to these guys. The last five or six times I have crossed into Mexico they have not even stopped my car. On the other hand, the very last time I drove up to the US they went into my trunk and opened all the stuff inside the trunk. They have never not played twenty questions with me at the US Border. If their attitude is dismissive, it is the best you can hope for, because it will much more likely be antagonistic. Also consider I have the highest form of credentials a regular citizen can possess and I am still trash to these guys. I've taken to telling them the reason I was in Mexico is because I have a girlfriend there, they hate that answer but can't respond. It's like Mexico is glad to see me, my own country, not so much. Which country is free again?

I'm a legal resident of the State of Georgia. From a legal standpoint, I do not see how the State of Georgia can charge me property taxes on my residence *and* say I'm not a resident. It hasn't been tested yet, so who knows.

You can absolutely get into trouble via FATCA and the IRS. I have avoided this by not claiming foreign residence and not attempting to open any foreign bank accounts. They can't fuck with me over what I clearly do not have. Most people who have real FATCA problems are people who are deemed to be US Citizens due to parental citizenship yet they've never stepped foot into the US. Suddenly, for one reason or another the US becomes aware of them and hits them with back taxes for twenty years.

The US is the only developed country in the world that taxes its citizens on worldwide income. The rules, as I understand them, is that you are shaded on the first eighty thousand dollars you make outside the US, so most people don't have issues. I am certainly not generating anything like that these days. The problem is that you are still required to file a return and people don't.

To perfect their claim on money, Congress passed the FATCA to force foreign banks to disclose every drop of data to the US on an ongoing basis regarding funds held by US Citizens in foreign banks. Since everything clears through the US, no bank can afford to play games so most of them just closed any account belonging to an American. It's no big deal if you stay within driving distance of the US like I do and can continue to enjoy your freedom in the venue most appropriate to your chosen activities, but if you go to live in Switzerland like Tina Turner did you might find yourself saying "fuck it" and renouncing your US Citizenship. If you don't, you will have to file and pay the US for the rest of your life whether or not you ever return to the US. In a superconnected world, it doesn't make sense, and less so when you think about how they've pushed Globalism for the last fifty years, but it is what it is.

I am very careful that I do not establish any sort of economic footprint here. In a nutshell, that is how I have handled the issue. What little work I do these days gets carried out in one of the United States. If I move onward to SE Asia or South America, and I probably will, then I will have to revisit all this bullshit. I am thinking that when my busy season is over I will check out Costa Rica next. I can fly there round trip cheaper than I can fly anywhere in the US from here.

For now, baby steps. If Mexico starts throwing a rag for some reason about my presense, I'll buy a six month tourist visa (cost: $25). When that runs out I will get another.

If I'm doing the math right, there have been something like ten thousand renunciations of US Citizenship since 2010 when FATCA was passed, almost all related to FATCA. It's the trickle before the damn bursts. I, and many other folks in the US, are descended from people who were getting fucked by parasites in the places they lived so they left. For the last century and a half the US has been the place to go, but democratic republics historically only last two hundred years and we're way, way out from anything that could be considered a democracy now. Nothing in the US is run for the benefit of people like us and it is going to get worse. It will not be comfortable always if you bail out, but at least you'll be in charge.

From: Swamplord
Email: Swamp

Sounds like a pretty cool setup.

Out of curiosity, if you don't mind discussing it, what is the tax situation? I've read about some expats running into issues with Uncle Sam who digs his claws into all earnings. And something called FATCA. May not apply to your situation, but just curious.

If you are working remotely from Mexico, do you have to pay any taxes there, or is it all US? Maybe a dumb question, but very curious.

You make an interesting case to try a new locale...

Updated 9/21/2016 10:45 AM (Pacific)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

I've got to tell you way more than you want to know for any of this to make sense, but on the other hand, you did ask for it.

One constant in the Third World is chickens. Everything about them is useful for regular people, including their propensity to start raising Hell at dawn. Chickens are no surprise to me, being a country boy myself, but that is why I am commonly up at daybreak these days. Someone decided that the water tank enclosure fence across the road would also make a fine place to keep chickens. The water tank is concrete and the chickens can't hurt it or access the water, so nobody has done anything. The dogs and cats can't get at the chickens this way.

By the time I drag my arthritic ass out of bed and get cleaned up for the day, the breakfast rush is over anywhere I would go to eat. I despise waiting. I wore the easily walkable places out fairly early but they are returning to the rotation. The places further out that I like are a buck or two USD via Uber. I like Uber here because I can't be price gouged like used to periodically happen with the regular taxis.

I met a woman through mutual friends who started out as an interpreter and driver. She'd take me anywhere I wanted to go for not much more than the fuel cost and she'd deal with any Spanish I encountered so long as I paid any expenses. In other words, she would drive me around and order for me or whatever if I'd feed her and pay for whatever arose. She started being around all the time and sort of got incorporated into daily life. She's got this big Suburban that is much more comfortable to ride in than any of the little Uber cars here.

Because you can fuck a twenty year old woman here anytime you get ready for $25 and a 7 or 8 for $100 and both prices are including the room, a woman who is 40 is pretty much invisible and she's 42 to my 49. It's also true that they have an unfortunately tendency to look like Columba Bush once they hit 30 but for some reason this one doesn't look bad at all. Jeb wishes Columba had held up like this. I suspect this one is probably 25 to 50% white. She has no idea, of course, she can't prove the woman she calls "mother" is her mother and there has only been lifelong silence regarding the father. This state of affairs is super common here. Anyway, she's what I needed at the time, isn't hard to look at, and knows her value or more precisely knows what her value isn't.

Once she figured out that I wasn't cheap and wouldn't get drunk and beat her ass, plus I didn't mind her presence, she became a fixture. She is extremely realistic about everything. I have always found American women to be practical about these matters when practicality was required but she also doesn't apparently care what anybody thinks of the arrangement, and an American woman of this age might.

I don't want to leave the impression that if you arrive in Mexico without a girlfriend, one will be assigned to you, but that is sort of what happened to me. Looking back, all my relationships have been practical (for the woman) when they weren't totally about monkey lust, so this isn't really a departure.

I put her to some pretty sadistic tests, although I didn't plan to do so. My daughter needed me when my granddaughter was born and I straight up abandoned this woman in Mexico with $600 to operate my apartment for a month and a half, rent, food and all. When I came back, everything was just as I left it, even though she was out of propane and had had trouble with the Suburban she never complained, so there's a higher degree of trust in her now than I might otherwise have.

She'll drive me to a breakfast place. The peso is in free fall so an omelette with ham, cheese, and bacon along with the obligatory beans and rice and both orange juice and coffee for two people averages 200 pesos, although a similar smaller breakfast has cost me 150 for two people. 200 pesos as I write this is just about ten bucks, for comparison it generally costs me twenty bucks for just myself to get breakfast cooked for me in Los Angeles. I think it's about eight bucks for breakfast at McDonald's in LA, so it's like she really doesn't cost me anything most of the time.

I'll come back to the apartment and fuck around on the Internet and do my regular email correspondence. The engineering gigs I get have a multitude of questions but I can handle most of all of them via email. If I have to call somebody I do. Generally on an event weekend I rent a car and drive across the border to run the event. I try not to get a hotel anymore because Mexico has made me really cheap, I can't bear to pay $150 a night for a hotel anymore. I used to not even notice.

If we have a late breakfast, sometimes we'll skip lunch and eat supper early. She'll drive me wherever I want to go. Seafood of course is fantastic here and you can get very nice sized chunks of salmon on beds of rice from a place that has good presentation for the equivalent of twenty or thirty bucks. Never ever pay in USD here, they'll fuck you sideways. We took a little day trip out to their "wine country" east of Ensenada and I got bacon-wrapped shrimp, a baked potato, and a salad and she got salmon. The bill came and it had a Peso and a Dollar price printed on it. The dollar price was $72 but the peso price was the equivalent of about $32 USD. In LA, this meal would have cost $100 considering the drinks.

Movies come out here generally a day or two before they come out in the States. I missed the Marvel Civil War movie here but I have seen Suicide Squad three times. A regular cinema experience is about three bucks for the ticket. I have never seen a VIP Theatre back East but they have them here and in Los Angeles, it's basically dinner theatre. You get your own recliner (no shit!) and you can order food while you watch a newly released movie that maybe hasn't even been released in the US yet. VIP tickets are generally seven bucks each plus the food.

The movies are exactly the same except they're subtitled in Spanish. If you get far from the border they're dubbed into Spanish and you're out of luck if you can't follow it. I watched the Jungle Book in Spanish with the girlfriend's granddaughter, but I already knew the story of course.

If you're broke, and I have been a couple of times waiting for somebody to pay me for a gig that I had tied up all my own money on, you can walk down the beach and pick up sand dollars. The beaches here have quartzite and pyrite sands so they sparkle like gold and diamonds. Periodically somebody will filter out a bucket of the pyrite and try to sell it, which is always entertaining, she says. They've got a kind of squirrel here they call "ardilla" that looks just like your common GA grey squirrel except that the tail isn't fluffy and these ardillas have white blotches on their front shoulders. They live in burrows like rabbits. They're everywhere and fun to watch.

They're big on parks, too, if you're broke the parks are free and some have more or less elaborate zoos. One near here has camels and lemurs and such. The funniest thing to me was the peacocks. They aren't peacocks here, they're "pavo real" which I translate to mean "Royal Turkey". I felt like they nailed it.

Some of the parks have fair-type concessions and one close to here has a zip line. There is no concept of liability in Mexican law. If you've got the fifty pesos they will cheerfully strap a four year old into a zipline rig, no helmet, no nothing, and give them a sturdy push off the platform.

The closest thing to liability is a car wreck. If you hit another car, the police come and determine fault. If you are determined to be at fault, you go to jail unless the other party says you don't have to go because they like the deal you offered them. Nobody has insurance. It is common to hand the vehicle title to the party not at fault. My girlfriend/interpreter/cheuffeuse keeps the title to the Suburban in her purse. If there is a wreck, we will go back to the apartment via Uber. The government also likes to seize vehicles from locals for little reason. They then properly tag the vehicles and sell them. It is common to see car fires here because somebody decided if they couldn't have the car, neither could the government.

If you like to just roll around and look at shit, and I do, Mexico seems endless. Food is good and plentiful everywhere. Mostly on an average day I just fuck off when I'm not doing what passes for work with me. If I had a job in San Diego or El Paso and had to cross the border every day, this would not be possible because the border is so unpredictable going back to the US. Even though I have the VIP Card (Global Entry) anything can happen. Thousands do it, though.

After the Houston Superbowl my current grand plan is to go look at the pyramids. I always wanted to see them. It'll cost us about $200 each round trip to fly down there, money well spent. They are telling me that a new tunnel has been discovered and that new stuff from the tunnel is being put out into the museums, so it's a fantastic time to go. I have not flown from a Mexican airport, I am curious as to how this works. When I have flown from the UK or EU, it wasn't much different than the US.

I can't think of what else would be of interest. Ask me and I'll tell you.

From: Swamplord
Email: Swamp

So what's a typical day like? How do you spend your time?

Updated 9/20/2016 6:45 AM (Pacific)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

No, from what I hear that's exactly what it was, a stockpile big enough to make 77 Billion beer cans. They figured out that they could move large quantities of just about everything into Mexico, wait a bit, and then claim Mexican origin and NAFTA privilege. I hear it's not here anymore, they will now attempt to run it through Viet Nam.

That's the not the only example of fuckery that's gone on under NAFTA. I hope that all of that is re-evaluated as is currently being claimed by the Republican nominee. I'd especially like to see the tax havens collapse as is currently happening to Google in Ireland and elsewhere and I'd like to see the US Government begin to function for the benefit of US Citizens for once. These manufacturing jobs from Carrier and everybody else that are being run in Mexico belong in the US. No US company deserves US protection just to shaft US taxpayers/workers, and multinational corporations should be treated as hostile entities until they prove otherwise.

The Chinese love investing in raw materials. They hit a pretty good lick from the rare earth minerals that exist mostly in China and without which you can't build a modern cellphone, and the memory lingers. They've put money, big money, into places in Africa and throughout Latin America, anywhere that big money pushes the government around easily.

For the Mexicans, it's a pretty sweet deal. They've got resources, they've got manpower, but they've got no capital and up to around the Clinton Administration the Monroe Doctrine applied, nobody could play in the Western Hemisphere under threat from the US Military. Clinton reportedly accepted a lot of Chinese money to look the other way. Now it's a free-for-all, almost literally.

From the point of view of the Chinese, what are they going to do, put the money in banks? Shit. Half of the central banks are charging for deposits or imposing some sort of negative interest. Everywhere else interest is flat, even here. Much better to own a shit ton of aluminum. Beer cans are a thing and they're going to be a thing for while.

As to my personal safety, I fully accepted about thirty years ago that nothing normal was ever going to happen to me. I tried, I really did, to be normal but it just wasn't going to work.

"Killed by a Chinese billionaire in a misunderstanding about a dodgy six billion dollar aluminum stockpile hidden in the Mexican mountains" is just about how I expect my epitaph to read. It's just bizarre enough to sound just about right for me.

From: Swamplord
Email: Swamp

I just read an article about some Chinese billionaire hoarding 6% of the world's aluminum supply at some remote location in Mexico. Apparently an effort to circumvent tariffs or something.

Be careful if you're out exploring. Between the cartels and Chinese crooks, things could get dicey.

Updated 9/18/2016 4:45 PM (Pacific)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

I'm fascinated by it, actually. Bear in mind I'm not saying I've done it, I have no idea what the law is either here or internationally so I'm admitting nothing. Rather let's say I'm reporting what I've seen, not what I have done.

There's a completely different, maybe you'd actually say *indifferent*, vibe about it here. Because quite a few people here believe that a girl selling pussy is supporting three generations of her family, there's no stigma like there might be in Georgia. I actually asked a woman that I expected to have a prudish reaction and she shrugged her shoulders and said that nothing can be said to a woman who is trying to feed hungry kids.

In GA, the culture would absolutely prefer that you starve. When my second ex-wife came to live with me the busybody bitches in the Pickens High School office could not restrain themselves from saying stupid shit to her. I eventually called the Principal's Office and asked what their interest was in my wife. They stopped fucking with her after that. I wouldn't have cared but I was already mad that everybody was up in arms because she married me, but nobody could take a minute to give her as much as an aspirin when her jaw got so swollen from an impacted tooth that she couldn't talk before I came into the picture. Her folks were broke and couldn't afford to feed her half the time, but God forbid I do it. It was perfectly okay for her to starve, but God forbid she fuck the man she married.

I hated authoritarian fucks when I was in high school myself, my patience level hasn't improved with age. I doubly hate busybodies who want to interfere in what isn't their business but think their opinion matters when somebody else wants to fix things.

It cost me $250 to fix that tooth. Not one of those uppity cunts offered to chip in. So with any luck, there's a special section in Hell for people who work in high school front offices and act like they don't see sick students and then turn around and interfere if a student uses whatever means are at her disposal to fix the problem.

But again I digress. If you ever worked as an "administrator" at any time at Pickens High School, I probably hate you. Just sayin'.

When the Federal government can no longer play shell games and suddenly stops feeding the 25% plus of its population that can't or won't work, there's going to be an awful lot of pussy for sale in GA again. That's the major difference between here and there, the government supports the weak in GA. Here in Mexico, you better figure it out because all the government is going to do for you is haul your body off the street when you finally die of starvation. You know, just like all throughout human history before the 1960's.

I imagine there will be a huge outcry, too, and a special unit created within local law enforcement, like they do with drugs. Sex is absolutely used to control a whole bunch of stuff in GA, we can't have people making it easy on anybody.

You have to be free of GA for a while before you realize just how much a stranglehold that the remnants of the Church have on the culture still. As you move west, attitudes about pretty much everything get more relaxed. CVS Drug Store probably makes more money from selling liquor than prescriptions in Los Angeles County. The grocery stores have their own store brands of wine. I've encountered women who have sex for pay all over the country, but once you get to the Vegas and Los Angeles level, they've got websites and business cards for it.

I will say that I never paid a woman in the US for sex as a straight quid pro quo. I'm quite sure I made a lot of car payments or did a lot of financial favors for a "girlfriend" here or there but there was never a "leave the money on the dresser" sort of thing with me. There was always that much of GA still in me, I guess. I'm not sure I could have done it, and yes, I had the money on many occasions. A quickie throw with a 7 or 8 will cost you maybe a hundred and fifty bucks in Los Angeles. So you're out the girl and the hotel there, so just about anybody has the money. I knew girls who got $500 an hour, too, though.

Did I have "relations", to use a Clintonesque term, with women who sold themselves to others? Sure I did, but I was a "friend", not a client. They're fascinating, some of the stories they have to tell are fantastic, they're cultured because they know all the possible types of human being and they're most often "purchased" by the Upper Classes who impart Upper Class mannerisms to them. Some of them really do have hearts of gold. Some of them have gotten powerfully rich by being clever.

But that's the US. In Mexico, it's way more mechanical. It's not as mechanical as the Far East where the girls sit behind a window on bleachers holding numbered placards and you say, "I'll have a number 27, please!" but it's still a machine. It goes like this, according to what I have observed:

If you, as a white non-Spanish speaking person walk across the border from San Diego to Tijuana you'll eventually encounter the Taxi Stand and you'll say, How much to get me away from the Border, they'll say Five Bucks. This represents roughly twice what a Spanish speaking person would pay.

They'll get paid twice for that trip. Once from your five bucks, once from the bar/whorehouse to which they'll deliver you in what is called the Zona Roja, or Red Zone. Think "Red Light District" in Germany or Holland or other laid back place.

The girls pay a set fee every week to come into the bar/whorehouses and lounge around half naked. You can buy them overpriced drinks and they'll sit on your lap. They will take turns grinding on a pole, too. Think every American titty bar you've ever been in, except in MX you can fuck any one of them for about a hundred bucks. About thirty of this goes to the girl, the rest to the house if I understand what I have been told when I asked.

It's really the Cosmotology model of finance, instead of renting a station in a popular shop, they rent the right to sell pussy from the house. Whatever they make plus a chunk from each throw is theirs to keep, tax free.

The girls who come up from the country to try their luck or girls who got crossed up with the bar management will line the streets outside, on a Friday or Saturday night there might be a hundred of them. They can be had for the equivalent of $25 and for that, they supply the dingy, grimy room. If you supply the room it's cheaper still. There's a stigma against them locally, the thought is that there must be something wrong for them to be ejected from or not part of the bar system, but I don't see that at all. There's no guarantee that there's absolutely nothing wrong with a bar girl, no more than if you fuck a girl from Tinder or OKCupid or POF.

Again, age and arthritis have delivered me from such frivolities, but I do not judge. I have seen everything I've described with my own eyes though, and I know the prices from having asked how much. I'm still that much of an old dog, I'm going to chase the car even though I wouldn't be able to do very much with it if I caught it.

If you're old like me, maybe you just want to see pretty landscapes. This is what it looks like between Tijuana and Ensenada:


From: Swamplord
Email: Swamp

So what's a typical day like? Any activities, sightseeing, etc. in the area you're in? I'd probably be hitting the cerveza pretty hard if it were me.

You mentioned prostitution a time or two, so I guess that could kill some time.

Updated 9/10/2016 11:45 AM (Pacific)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Ever ask a question and then wish you hadn't?

I took a quick poll of three people who had worked in what they call "la fabrica" which is their word for a manufacturing plant. The average weekly pay from this work is $900 MXN Pesos according to them.

What is this in money? At today's rate, 900 Pesos is equivalent to about $48 USD.

The average rent runs around $2000 Pesos and up as places become more desirable. I have personally seen nothing cheaper than $2000 that I would consider livable, so consider this a bottom bound.

So just like here, people are working almost three weeks just to pay the rent every month. Oh, but for these guys, it gets even better still!

Because there are not really any labor laws in Mexico, or at least not any that are enforced, the pay is set up as base pay and incentives. If you are late, you lose the incentive pay. If you miss a day, you lose that incentive pay. Do either, or both, and you might bring home $200 Pesos which is not quite eleven bucks USD.

I'll say that again.

You might work five days a week, ten hours a day, for not quite eleven bucks. This is all legal in Mexico. Don't like it? Go get another job. Oh, there are no more jobs or no other jobs that aren't just like this? Isn't that just too bad!

These are not fly by night outfits, either, we're talking major American corporations that sent their manufacturing to Mexico where they could dick people around with impunity. They'll build maybe three major pieces of a washing machine or air conditioner, bring the pieces across the border, snap the pieces together and boom, Made In America!

So no, forget working in Mexico. That's a dead issue unless you can get into a company through San Diego or El Paso or somewhere and get paid in USD. You can always horsetrade, selling whatever you have. I know a woman whose husband is in the USMC and they're citizens on the basis of his service. She takes orders from folks for a given brand of shampoo or whatever that isn't available in Mexico, marks it up 50%, and delivers it when she comes back home to Mexico.

This is the major reason that it takes at least an hour to cross into the US at any given time of day. Poor people with either a work visa or US Citizenship cross into CA, AZ, TX and with their American paycheck support three and maybe four generations of their family. Even McDonald's gives these folks a better shake than almost any place in Mexico.

What if you have no US connections, can't get a Visa, and can't find a loophole and you don't or can't learn to speak English? The guys end up thieving or drugging, eventually both, and the girls get pregnant at 14 and end up whoring to feed their child. Whoring pays better than the factories, and in my view if you're whoring at least you get to keep your dignity. I didn't initially realize that the government will not give you money like the US Gov does. There's no shame in whoring, as I see it, to feed a hungry child. I realize this is a very Un-American thought in the Current Year, but I believe it. For that matter, the US was a very different place back when the government stayed out of things. People took care of their families, like they do in Mexico still, because the family might save your life or the life of your child. That's the underlying idea that makes a Mexican national with dual citizenship or a Visa spend at least an hour every day crossing the border into the US to work twelve more hours at McDonald's, they do it because the entire family will collapse if they do not. When they are old, the kids they are feeding will take their turn in line at the border.

None of this should be read as an endorsement of immigration. I feel about Mexico the way I do about Syria and every other anti-Labor hellhole on Earth. The US got out of hand in exactly the same way after the Civil War and before WW II and the American people marched and raised Hell and put a stop to it. When the Syrians and the Somalis get tired enough of waiting for pig-fucking Allah to fix it all and decide to fix it themselves, then I will feel differently. No, goddamn it, I am not a racist. Islam is a religion, not a race. I reserve the right to be a racist, however, nothing in this should be read as an abandonment of my rights to be racist.

I particularly hate the Syrians and Somalis and the rest of the current run of immigrants attempting to overrun Europe because I know for a fact that most of them are military aged males who left their wives and children in an active war zone. I regularly see pictures of little girls and older women who have taken up machine guns to protect themselves against Daesh (ISIS) because their useless, thieving, raping, cockroach men have abandoned them in their greatest need to go take a chance at getting onto Welfare in Germany or Sweden. They can't be assimilated and they won't work. And Obama has dropped ten thousand of these bastards into the US! Most people don't know this.

I'd like to see that "Jungle" camp at Calais firebombed. You don't have to search too much on YouTube for examples of these bastards breaking windows, breaking mirrors, dragging drivers out of trucks, throwing tree branches at trucks, breaking seals on trailers and throwing out the load so they can get into the trailer, and the list goes on.

Enough about that, I think I've been clear. Fuck those guys until they're willing to put at least as much work into fixing their shithole as they're willing to put into getting on European Welfare. Encouraging this is the only proper role for any other government, and that goes double for the US.

To your other question, they're really tightened up on medical services compared to even just a few years ago. It's still cheaper than the US but you have to do your homework and watch who you are dealing with. I have gotten dental cleanings and such and it was okay, they don't push X-Rays like US dentists do. In my experience, dental services are about a third of the price, regular medical is cheaper still. I would not be brave enough at this juncture to attempt a surgery in Mexico.

Even three years ago when I was scouting, you could just walk into a pharmacy and buy antibiotics or antifungals, and they loved to sell boner pills. When Cialis was $35 in the US, it was $15 in MX and you could buy individual pills if you wanted (not that I'm saying I did). Now they force you to see a doctor. This is just a formality, the doctor is in a broom closet just off the main pharmacy floor. He costs less than any copay I ever had in the US, so it's not that big a deal, I just remember when it was easier.

A big reason for the change in Mexico is pressure from the US. They want to stop what they see as worldwide overprescription of antibiotics. That ship has sailed, however. In many other countries, they can culture whatever bacteria has infected you, engineer a bacteriophage by jiggling the DNA of another harmless bacteria or virus, and let the bacteria eat each other. They can't do this in the US because you will never get this treatment past the FDA. It costs about $500 Million USD to get a treatment approved, and nobody is going to ante up for bacteriophage treatment because they can't make any money from it.

So yeah, if I had terminal cancer or flesh eating bacterial infections, I wouldn't wait around in the US to die, either. For most people, either insurance or Medicare/Medicaid is paying and they're not going to fly you somewhere else. Unless you've taken the time to make connections, like I'm doing now in more than one place, you're going to die.

The US is not going to collapse in my lifetime. It is, however, going to collapse. Nothing lasts forever. Then what?

Various expat locations...I wanted to retire to Baja and spend my days watching the tide go in and out, maybe in Ensenada or Rosarito or San Felipe, but I also knew that my mouth might cause me to run afoul of someone in the US Gov to the point that I wouldn't be safe in Baja. It's just not far enough away if somebody really wanted to hurt me over something I said on the Internet. At that point, I was thinking about the Philipines and also Thailand. I'd be just another retiree stumbling around. Thailand and the Philipines both are stuffed full of Australian retirees, old guys whose wives died or who were divorced and on a pension, which goes crazy far in SE Asia, even further than Mexico. Again, you're bringing in money, which makes you invisible so long as you don't start creating hell. I also thought about India because the same economic situation applies but everybody speaks English and there are many professional people, engineers and such to befriend. Lots of ruins and things to look at, too, if you're having a good day and can walk out to the country a bit.

When I am finally crippled for good, I could buy a whole family in India to take care of me and change my sheets and such and they'd be proud to have me and my American USD. Of course, a certain sequence of things could happen in the US and you could nearly do the same thing in flyover country. It's shocking how little it would take in the Third World currently just to buy into a family and if that isn't your thing, live-in nursing.

Options...something we all need and so few of us have. Every day, we are closer to being out of time.

From: Swamplord
Email: Swamp

Sounds like one hell of an adventure. What types of opportunities are there to make money in Mexico, or is it reliant on US income source(s)?

I don't blame you a bit for opting out of experimental treatments that sound freaky. I recall at one point (may still be the case) that US cancer patients (generally those that were terminal if memory serves me) went to Mexico for treatments unavailable in the US for whatever reasons. How do you feel about even routine healthcare in the area you are in, assuming it became necessary?

I've read up lately on various expat locations worldwide. Not that I'm planning to make a move, but interesting to read about and consider the "what ifs". Had kinda passed on Mexico due to crime perception, but may have to revisit.

Updated 9/6/2016 10:45 PM (Pacific)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

No, God no.

I may have oversold this a little, let me see if I can paint a clearer picture.

Way before I left my job with SPSU after it became clear that there was no advancement and in fact soon there would not even be a SPSU anymore, I got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It's a family thing. If you've got good insurance, they'll do a bunch of crazy shit like shoot tiny gold pebbles into your joints or even start you on chemotherapy. They approached me at one point with some kind of shit made from mice, I kid you not. I was fortunate in that I'd seen that none of it works so I didn't put myself through it. My mother tried everything and you should have seen what a pretzel she was when she died. Family legend said that Aunt Clara was such a pretzel that they had to literally break her in several places just to get her into the coffin.

The other thing I learned from watching Mom's bunch was that there was every chance you could die relatively young. My grandmother had three children and not one of them lived past 61. Mom was 61. I was already 40 and my kids were grown. I figured it was time to live if I was going to have any life at all.

I worked in New York and Los Angeles because there was nothing to be had in GA. I looked. I never gave up hope that maybe something would happen and I could come home to Pickens County, but with each passing year this looks less likely. I still consider that I live in Marble Hill. If I don't, then I'm homeless. No place I've lived since 2011 has been in my name except my little place in Marble Hill. I paid the State of GA nearly fifteen hundred dollars of income tax for 2015. Surely Georgia is home, I'm paying for it.

I said all this to point out that I'm in no shape to fight anymore, less so to run away. Mexico takes a dim view of US Citizens bringing firearms into Mexico thanks to Obama and his little scheme to arm the cartels several years ago. So it's got to be safe for me to be here, I can't handle any kind of shit anymore like the sort I used to regularly invite.

After I got laid off the last time in Los Angeles in 2014, I began to conceive of life in Mexico. I'd talked to a lot of people about it and figured I'd get a big RV and just be on the beach all the time like Mel Gibson in "Lethal Weapon". After I'd learned all I could from talking, I started to scout around. I got myself a fancy VIP card that the Border folks give out called Global Entry so I didn't have to wait in line coming back into the US. I scouted for about a year.

Like I said earlier, you just roll across the border into Mexico, nobody here gives a fuck. It's going back into the US that is the pain in the ass. When I first started scouting, I came on foot and back then, they didn't stop you either. You just waltzed right in. Now they stop you because San Diego and Los Angeles started dumping their homeless into Tijuana and they can't have that, of course, but if you're driving you just roll right in.

I discovered that the spread between the USD and the Mexican Peso made it so that if you got paid in dollars, an apartment was insanely cheap by Los Angeles standards. A one bedroom apartment might be $2500 pesos a month, but that's $137 USD at today's rate. When I was working in LA, I regularly dropped $150 a night on a midrange hotel room. My storage in LA was $200/mo. You get the picture. It's a negligable amount of money to spend in order to find out if Mexico is the right call.

As an illegal alien and one who didn't speak the language to boot, it was necessary to make a friend and then get the friend to sign a lease for me and establish all the utilities. That was easy enough, I've always made friends easily. I wasn't putting my friend in any jeopardy because there's no Equifax or anything in Mexico. Everything is Cash on the Barrelhead. I'd rather have access to the apartment than deal with the maintenance and expense of a RV, even though I'm not on the beach here. I could be, those apartments are $700 or so, but that's out of my comfort zone right now.

The cartels do exist. However, the government and the cartels are so interconnected that they are pretty much the same entity. The government/cartel wants as much legitimate tourist spending as they can possibly generate, it helps to launder cash. Therefore, if you look like me, you basically don't exist. Nobody is going to hassle a tourist and take a chance on getting whacked by the cartels for it. Even the police don't make eye contact with me here. I'm a nonentity.

Because of my (ahem) familiarity with the Criminal Justice System, I can also assure you that there are some things criminals do not do, because if you go to jail and other criminals discover you did these things, you just might be killed for it. About the lowest on the totem pole is people who fuck little kids. In prison systems all over the world, lifers kill kiddy diddlers just to alleviate boredom. The next on the list is people who hurt old people. This is highly frowned upon. Because I'm already so drawn over and my spine is so fucked up, I look older than I am. Nobody here is going to hassle or hurt a viejo (old man). Catholicism doesn't like it, the government doesn't like it, and the cartels don't like it. Because of this confluence, you could say that I'm actually protected by the cartels here.

It's still very much an experiment, I may get chased out of here tomorrow. Right now, it's a good extended vacation that may turn into something more. I feel better because the neighborhoods are walkable and I'm getting more exercise than I got in the US. I've lost weight from the walking, too, which also helps my fucked up spine and legs. The food quality is pretty good once you learn what to avoid. If I wasn't a high functioning sociopath the crushing poverty I see every day might bother me, but I grew up in a situation that wasn't much better, just different. I tell myself that I am making things better just by being here, buying food here, and that may be true.

Because my Spanish is shit, I am treated most of the time like a dementia patient. People will talk to me really slowly in Spanish, thinking that somehow that will help, which always makes me laugh. No, goddamn it, I don't speak Spanish, it doesn't matter how slowly it goes by, speed isn't the problem. Most of the time I get what is happening from body language and context. When I understand something, everybody is delighted, me included. I find myself thinking that Myrna West from Pickens High School circa 1982 would be really proud of me, at least until she realized I remembered nothing she taught me in Spanish class.

If you're adventure-minded, in other words if you see this sort of thing as a continuing adventure as opposed to an imposition or a problem, then it's pretty cool indeed. If you are used to life the way you've always lived it and can't stand not to have exactly the brands you're used to buying and that sort of thing, it would probably slowly drive you insane to be outside the US.

From: Swamplord
Email: Swamp

That sounds pretty cool. I keep reading about all the crime, drug cartels, etc. I gather you aren't encountering any of that?

Updated 9/3/2016 6:45 AM (Pacific)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Something like that.

On a more serious note, anybody who is looking for me can find me as easily as you did. I never stopped checking this email address, just couldn't quite ever think of what to say that I hadn't said already in the ten years this site has been online.

I'm certainly not running from anything, unless you count actual productive work. I would wager that you can get an answer from me more quickly than anybody you voted for in the last ten years.

Mexico...I had always been curious about Mexico. A country boy hears things.

During our first failed experiment with Prohibition (we can't learn from our mistakes), Mexico realized they could become the booze cruise capital of North America and soak up all that blue collar frustration in real dollars. Later, they did away with the cruise part and just opened bars within walking distance of the border. When Prohibition was over in the US, they sweetened the pot so to speak with easily obtainable pussy at the bars, Old West/Miss Kitty style. It works, they're making money. Fortunately for me I'm getting too old for either these days but it's still there. You can't do that in the US, it's one of the few things that the Authoritarian Right (jihadist Baptists and their theocratical kinfolks) and the Authoritarian Left (problem glasses-wearing SJWs and numale beta orbiters) completely agree on, that a woman can't have sex for money regardless of how badly she or her kids need it. She can give it away but she can't sell it, even when it is all she has to sell. Most of the rest of the world is not squeamish this way, Mexico included.

It's funny now considering current politics, but for the first nearly two hundred years the border between Mexico and the US was like the border between EU states, you just walked across whenever you wanted. You did this in either direction. Nobody cared.

Instead of paranoid, let's say I'm cautious. When I started hearing about a Border Wall, my first thought was how effective this would be to keep Americans in as opposed to the stated goal of keeping Mexicans and others out. I have expected the closure of the US Borders way before Trump became a candidate. They're going to have to do it eventually. Somebody has to pay the interest on all that debt.

The key is not getting stuck on the wrong side of any closed door.

Now, let me say that they could build a wall fifty feet thick and a hundred feet high and it won't matter. It isn't how people become illegal aliens. They save their money and pay for a tourist visa and airline ticket and fly into the US all nice and legal like, then criminally minded employers put them to work in sweatshops in the US. They lose track of time and the visa runs out while they go about their new lives, and boom: Illegal aliens. The US Government knows their names and general whereabouts and always did. There's just no political will to round them up and a lot of pressure from the Sweatshop Chamber of Commerce to leave everything as it is.

Recall if you will the 9/11 Commission Report. The hijackers all came in on student visas and nothing was done when they violated the terms. There are some border hoppers, sure, on trains and the like, but the vast majority come in on visas. So what is the point of a wall? We've already got a double fence complete with a no-man's land down here. It looks an awful lot like maybe they don't want everyday Americans crossing too casually. They might get a taste of real freedom or something. Coming back into the US from Canada one time I was absolutely certain they were not going to allow me back into the US, they were so shitty, and this was before 9/11.

People all over the world are curious by nature, and Mexicans ask me what I am doing in Mexico all the time. Retired, I say. I usually use the opportunity to ask them where something is or how to get something done. They generally tell me and then say something to the effect of "don't worry, you'll get it, you will eventually learn to live in a free country".

That really struck me the first few times they said it. It's true, though, in a really basic sense. When I cross back into the US for whatever reason, it's worse than getting on a military base ever was. Alternatively, driving across into Mexico I am not even stopped or questioned if I'm alone and only once when I was not. I probably should not spell it out, but I'm a straight up illegal alien here myself. Nobody cares.

If you want to start a business here, you just do it and if you are profitable, you settle up with the government after the fact. If you are clever and have a little bit of capital, Mexico is a whole lot of fun.

On the whole, being here is a lot like going back to the seventies. I remember people being a lot more social when I was a kid in Pickens County in the seventies. My maternal grandparents lived in Fairmount and their neighborhood was walkable, there were little stores in half a dozen places and a butcher, etc. That all dried up years ago, but it's still in full effect in Mexico. The average power bill is the equivalent of $24/mo. The average water bill is $18/mo. My Mexican cellphone bill is about six bucks a month, contrasted with $45 for the US number. Need something from Walmart? The cab to Walmart is two bucks. I can't justify working until I drop in the US when I can afford to be here just from my usual horsetrading and jerking around.

Everything has a downside, of course, and the downside is that it's a third world country. There are people and neighborhoods here that are unimaginably rough to American eyes. To say someplace is like a third world country is the equivalent of saying it's like living in a trailer park without the trailers. They've got a word down here, they say "chingada" which I take to mean somebody or something is fucked, but it's even worse than that, it's like Ultimately Fucked Forever. There's a lot of people even in the prosperous places like where I am who fit this description. Where I am, I don't see a lot of it, but it's there. Always there are people with no capital or no plan, I think maybe even Jesus said something about this. Again, if you're tender hearted the third world is no place for you, but fortunately for me I'm a sociopathic son of a bitch. I've always protected what I considered mine and cared little for the rest of humanity, or in other words, I was raised in Pickens County.

Trump is absolutely correct when he says that the US Government and the US itself is not being run for the benefit of US Citizens and if he can change that, he deserves to win. The verified with my own eyes truth is that a US Citizen is better off currently many places in the world than the US, and that is just wrong.

People are so loaded down with debt in the US that they can work and sleep and that's it. That's no life. I'm nobody's John Galt but I'm fucked if I am going to participate in the current US system any more than I have to. When everybody else has had enough, it'll be a free country again and I'll be back. Until then, I have to be where I am free to do pretty much any and everything I choose as long as I'm not hurting anything.

From: Brooks
Email: brooks@shawshank.com

Mexico, eh? Strangely enough, a dude named "Red" inquired recently where he might find you. Are you on a coast restoring a boat and running fishing charters?

Updated 8/27/2016 10:45 AM (Pacific)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Like everybody, I'm looking at the Presidential Election. I'm a little bit flabbergasted by what I see, too.

I remember when Obama won. Simple black folk acted like they'd just learned about the Emancipation Proclamation (and in lived in the South, the only place where Lincoln's gambit had any force, he never freed the Northern slaves).

I saw a few of the elders among them make a face and say, "Is this how bad it is? Everybody stepped back and let a black guy have it for the first time?"

Yes, it was how bad it is. It's worse now.

Now, those same black folk are marching and setting fire to shit like LA in the 90's. Fortunately for Obama, as a nation we've decided that we will never, ever blame him for anything, and once he is out of office, we will go ahead and give him his postage stamp and his memorial on the DC Mall even though he's still alive, much in the same way they gave him a Nobel before he had a chance to do anything at all. He isn't a man or a President so much as a national decision that We Are Now Done With Racism and He's The Poster Child For It All.

He told the press that he's on a countdown when they whined about nothing being done for Louisiana much the same way Bush didn't do much and got crucified for it. Obama's quote was something to the effect that he's gone in five months, and the inference is Fuck You Guys, I'm Going Home.

The Republicans are generally business people. They know what's up. Look who the nominee has been on that side for the last few cycles. McCain is flat-out crazy, a horrible martinet of a human being and totally emotionally unsuited to the job. Romney is a legacy candidate, a leftover of sorts. Now we've got Trump. I think Trump means well but think about how many folks started backpedaling on their campaigns once the Security Briefings started coming in. What Trump is, as I see it, is a competitor. If he joins a battle of any sort, he is in it to win it. He's obviously executive material and there's still plenty of steel to him at 70. If the problems facing the country were merely a lack of organization and discipline, I think he'd be fantastic. The problems are deeper than that, though. We are digging in a played-out mine. There's no more gold to be had, not even the gold that cost a lot to get out of the rock. It's all gone.

Oil costs, on average, $75 a barrel to get out of the ground if I remember that figure correctly. Let's use it anyway. If oil goes to $50, it's unprofitable to pump it. But if oil goes much over $100, it destroys the profit margins of everything that it is used to create. Everything from plastic to airfare gets unprofitable and the economy dries up. This has been the reality we live in since sometime around the Nixon Administration. The government can't just do nothing and it sure can't admit that the US economy is a played-out proposition, so they get the Fed to begin to create asset bubbles. The US stock market is crazy high right now, largely because there's no other place for all that 401(k) money to go. There's no putting your nest egg into CDs and getting a livable income from it, so you get the Boomer generation taking on absolutely unacceptable risk with common stocks that are trading at 25 times current earnings. They have no idea what else to do.

What they've done to keep the ball rolling is first they made the US Dollar pure make-believe by closing the gold window. It's backed by nothing but good wishes and hope. Once that was done, they could export inflation to the rest of the world by insisting that the oil producing Middle East price its oil in dollars in exchange for military support. Everybody had to have dollars on hand at that point. Also, the US is one of a tiny number of countries that insists on collecting taxes on its citizens even if they've never stepped foot into the US at all. US Taxes must be paid in US Dollars, and the US Dollar became the World's Currency.

Once that was under way, they could basically create dollars out of thin air and as many as they wanted to create. These were used to create credit bubble after credit bubble, which had the effect of hollowing out the Middle Class until it is almost gone. No person in the American Middle Class wanted to admit they were $100K in credit card debt, so they silently joined the ranks of the working poor and told themselves they deserved it.

All of this, Trump understands, or so I believe. He also seems to believe that we can hunker down between our oceans, disengage, renegotiate, and re-engage with the global economy on better terms and make it all better. Nationalism, America First, that's his angle. It would have worked in 1970. Now we are 20 Trillion of our own dollars in debt, which can only be paid by printing the money, which in turn will render it useless. In the Great Depression, there were plenty of goods and services but no money to buy them with. In the next big crash, there will be all kinds of money and nothing to buy. Most everything is imported now. We no longer have the manufacturing skillset we used to have after two generations of a service economy. Once we disengage, that'll be the end of imports.

The other side, Clinton, is also living in the 1970's but it's the whole Star Trek OneWorld idea with her. Globalism. We can invade the entire rest of the world and force everybody to dance to our tune, she thinks. What she doesn't think is, like Trump, why did a whole generation of very able statesmen get out of their way for her? It's because they don't want to be President when it all comes crashing down...and it will. If Trump wins, he doesn't have enough time or enough resources to stop it. If Clinton wins, she simply would have no idea what to do. It won't help to blame white people and set folks against one another, that will already be happening in full force. She won't know how to stop it from crashing, and won't know how to begin to start anything up again.

I think I've said it before, I love Uber. I hated cabs, everything about cabs. I have used Uber from NY to CA and I've used it in Mexico, where it's super cheap. Everybody uses it. However, it's a great example of what I'm talking about. Companies don't make money anymore. They run off other people's investment capital and spin. Uber, despite being international and very well known, has lost something like $2 Billion in startup funding from Day One until now. Uber is not public but they are also pretty open which is why this is known. First, the Middle Class stopped making gains, then it started going backward. Now, this same situation is being felt by all sectors and there isn't any way to overcome it. The mine has no more gold in it.

When the dust clears, I want to rewrite the Bill of Rights. I want to make the 2nd Amendment very clear and make gun training and possession mandatory like Switzerland or better. I also want to write in some responsibility. I am so sick of hearing people going on and on about their rights with no thought whatsoever to their responsiblities. We need to make certain that the government can't turn control of the monetary policy to a private bank like they've done.

I'm curious as to what you think the New Bill of Rights and Responsibilities should have in it.

Updated 8/15/2016 1:45 PM (Pacific)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Okay, okay, damn.

Let's talk about uselessness. I'm trying to figure out, now that it's been mentioned, did I educate myself into uselessness or was I already pretty useless?

Current Events Since Last Update: My dad died within days of my first grandchild's birth. That'll make any man stop and take stock, so fortunately for you I've got this covered.

In the way of all fathers and sons, I considered that as an adult, I was nothing like him. He was a great believer in what I think of as the American Jesus, which bears no resemblance to the Biblical Jesus. I have no use for either. This distressed my father, who would say things to me like, who do you lean on when you don't know where else to turn, son?

I said to him finally, Dad, I turn to my own iniquity, a thing which has never failed me and never turned away from me and has never in fact been as silent as your God when I gave up trying to turn to Him when I was maybe 12 and had to abandon magical thinking. My own internal evil has always been the first and loudest voice. When it's the only voice, it's usually the one to go with. He changed the subject. I had failed to read my lines, the things he wanted to hear, and told him the truth instead. If I could have just read my fucking lines and said what other people wanted to hear me say, I wouldn't be twice divorced, alienated from my remaining kinfolk, and living in Mexico.

No, I'm not trying to see just how far away I can get from Jasper/Pickens County. I think you always carry a little of it wherever you go. I have always been a traveler, and right now it suits me to be in Mexico. There's another whole post in that story, let me stick to the subject at hand.

Re-reading in an effort to get back on track, I realize part of the above could be read as a lament. It isn't. It's an observation. I should never have been with either of my wives for their sakes alone, let alone mine. My kinfolk burned the bridges at their end, not mine. And Mexico is just about the most agreeable place for a person like me to lose themselves that I could name. Or find themselves, if that's your thing.

To tie all this together, I know my dad's line way, way back, and I compare my place in the world or social class to what they occupied. Dad was unemployable. I know, I tried to give him work myself and he nearly got both of us blacklisted. He ran a little business doing audio visual duplication and recording. I thought of it as his lemonade stand, something he did to keep himself busy, but I never said that to him. I was never cruel to him. He was super-active in his church and his funeral was quite well attended. He inherited money from my grandfather and he married quite well, so he could do the lemonade stand and she'd pay the house payment, or so I assume. He was good at manipulating people and people liked it, as far as I could tell. Dad's tastes and living conditions were quite comfortably middle class, although I'm quite certain he never made a living in his life. Hell, he died owing me four thousand dollars. I could make the case that if you die half a million dollars in debt, you win. He won.

His dad's tastes were also middle class, but the middle class of the 40's. He liked quality in his liquor and in everything, really. He liked to screw women at every opportunity. Back in the 40's, it was apparently expected that men would do just that. He was married and divorced seven times that I know about. He was the one that scared me to death of having any money. He was a millionaire but he sat at home alone on many nights watching reruns on television. He never knew when somebody liked him for him or for the fact that you couldn't hide a multimillion dollar net worth in a rural agricultural town like his. I never saw anything bring isolation and trouble like that money brought to him. I once saw him give a woman a hundred thousand dollars to go away. If you don't believe me, it's a matter of public record and he's dead, he won't care if you look. His big thing was starting businesses and selling them once they were profitable. Once he'd made them work, he lost interest. Once they worked, it became a job. He didn't want a job.

I considered myself a High Prole for years, with the other journeymen and craftsmen of that designation. I never thought I was Middle Class at all. I saw Middle Class values as some sort of perversion of nature and/or reality and learned early on that if I made the right noises and played the game, I could do whatever I wanted and did. I never saw showing up for a job five days a week, 10 hours a day as something natural. I really tried, I really did, at one point in my life. Now? Pffft. My children are grown and that's the last of responsibility that I ever want to have or know.

All of us, man, father, and grandfather were wizards on projects that interested us, but make it a job and we were done. My grandfather made money anyway, big money for the time and place, and my father lived with all the trappings of wealth but never earned wealth. Because Dad didn't give enough of a fuck about any of the children he fathered, I was raised 100 miles away from him in a single wide trailer in the woods in Pickens County by my tranquilizer fiend mother and her new husband. I didn't even care about the trappings. I cared about living my life. When I got interested in a project and got turned away because I didn't have a Bachelor's, I made a project of getting a Bachelor's. I still feel like a High Prole although I'm not sure you can still be accepted as such once you get a degree. There's not really a handbook.

That line was Upper Class until the Civil War. Regardless of Thomas Jefferson's advice, it's seldom a good idea to get your money tied up in anything that Congress can later decide is a free human being. I'm not judging one way or another, just reporting what happened. The British had a better solution, they had the government buy all the slaves and then free them. No noises about reparations, no distress to the economy, bunch of new consumers created. No Civil War, but again I digress.

I was enjoying working as a High Prole in California for a while, but the taxation got the better of me. I kept expecting things to get better, but they continually got worse. Between the premiums on insurance and taxation, I was eventually digging for change out of the cupholder to pay McDonald's drive through. This, in a year I paid taxes on $94K adjusted gross income.

I figured out that in order to take a dollar home, I had to make nearly three dollars. My little house cost me $1600 a month plus utilities and all the other little day to day things had to be paid out of post-tax dollars. I was working to feed a bunch of useless eaters, as I saw it. So I quit. Drifting about as I do now, I have more disposable income than I did when I was on call 14 hours a day.

I get to feel all virtuous in my laziness, too, as I'm not helping anybody with paying for their stupid pointless foreign wars and I'm not feeding drug addicts via Welfare. I guess that's the true tell right there: I was useless from the start, because only somebody as basically useless as me could feel pure pride in idleness.

I don't have to tell anybody to join me: Pretty soon automation is going to destroy most jobs, even the ones at McDonald's. So there's another way I can feel virtuous, everybody else adopted uselessness, but I was born to it. The globalists will hire half of the folks who still think they need a job to go out and kill the other half eventually anyway, so you've got that to look forward to.

And again, that's not a prediction that I'm happy to make, it's just the way I see things going. People are getting ready to die over what amounts to whether light beer Tastes Great or is Less Filling. I got unfriended on Facebook over this election cycle by supporters of both candidates and finally decided to make it easy for everybody and deleted my account. I'm told that people are getting divorced over Election Year 2016. At least I got divorced both times for the very good reason that I should never have gotten married in the first place.

From: BubbaBob
Email: 7.29.2016

5 posts a year? Come on Jeff...you can do better...

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

To those that might not see this already, I take and never took any pleasure from the prediction and would rather have been way off base. I just knew that shit that happens on a battlefield somewhere always comes home eventually, it's just too useful and easy for the folks who make such things to make a smaller version for Law Enforcement, and once that's generally accepted, a pink one for the ladies.

I regularly see people online call for another Civil War, and I generally write those people off immediately. Part of my need to memorialize and remember my dead Confederate Soldier family members is a need for people close to me to know what happened, how fucked up it was, how the South has still never recovered, and how even though it's clearly going to happen again that there's got to be a better way. I know we can't learn and it's going to happen again, but my personal morality says I have to ask people to stop and think.

Our culture has been good about making sure that nobody can do that without being called a Racist Homophobic whatever, but I'll chance it if it makes one person pick up a book and read what the people wrote who lived through The Actual Civil War as opposed to play-acting and LARPing.

From: Firestorm
Email: firestorm1917@hotmail.com

I've been traveling quite a bit and have come to the conclusion that, as bad as Jasper and Pickens County might suck, other places suck a lot worse: Gadsden, Alabama; Pueblo, Colorado (no, I didn't smoke any weed while I was there); et. al.

Thinking of going back next year. Still got property there and getting back into farming doesn't seem like a bad idea at this point in time. Maybe I'll take a side job too; finding a way onto the County Triumvirate wouldn't be a bad one.

(Hey, Pinto Colvig tried it, and we live in a country that might have Donald Trump as its next president... how bad could I do?)


I was never a big follower of weev but he does have a good point here; Trump marks something we can never come back from regardless of whether or not he wins. Plus, everything you see in politics now is just prepping the ground for Round 2.

My biggest fear ain't that Trump's going to lose and it ain't that he's a liberal sleeper agent, as all the Cruz fans back home used to tell me. I'm afraid that he really will try to Make America Great Again without purging the institutional rot (assuming this is even possible) and end up prolonging the life of a system that needs to die ASAP. Basically what happened with Reagan post-Carter, or what would have happened in Russia had Perestroika worked.

"Obama has assured everybody that he personally makes the kill decisions, just as he did with bin Laden. This means he made the decision to end the life of a kid born in Denver, Colorado, and the rest of the teenagers he was with at the time of the killing. Increasingly, the definition of "terrorist" has come to be anybody Obama would like to kill. Let that sink in a minute: the only thing standing in between you and death as an American citizen is that Obama isn't interested enough in you to kill you. Your American citizenship hasn't protected anybody else who had it. Now, as I predicted here years ago, they're flying these goddamn killer robots inside the US now, and they're openly using civilian cars to train the operators to track targets. Here's another prediction: They will kill an American inside the borders of the Lower 48 sometime within the next five years using one of these killer robots, these euphemistically named "drones". They will say the victim was a terrorist or maybe a drug dealer. It's the next logical step past these SWAT raids of the sort that killed that old lady in Atlanta that they tried desperately to cover up. Arm yourself, go ahead. They can kill you from the sky from miles away, you will never see it coming. It will not matter if your children are with you when it happens, they will be judged to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Considering what just happened to the shooter in Dallas, you were off by a year.

I think I predicted in 2008 that we'd see another civil war within ten years... let's see how far off I am.

Updated 5/20/2016 10:45 AM (Eastern)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Yeah, I had fun with it, but after 2008 there was no more Joy In Mudville. The Legal section with its hundred foreclosures with too many names of folks I called friends started wearing on me.

I maintain a residence there still but I haven't spent much time there. I semi-retired and hit the road. Since the Crash of 2008 I've worked all over the world.

I knew the history of the place. I knew that there wasn't a whole lot of "there" there and mostly folks either subsistence farmed or dealt in illegal substances or a little of both. I'm too old for either now, but it was the whole history of Pickens County for regular folks until easy credit spawned the Real Estate Madness that saw houses built way beyond the increase in population and at the same time commoditized housing and put the price out of reach of people who might live in those houses.

Everything sort of reverts to how it used to be. With the money gone, all the construction jobs and such that were propped up by the Madness are also gone. Even during the Madness, a large percentage of Pickens County lived from government transfer payments. I never got in as much trouble running my mouth on JS as I did when I started talking about how the main business of Pickens County was government welfare of one sort or another.

I don't spend enough time in Jasper to get the sort of gossip I used to get, and gossip powered a lot of the major interest in the site.

Does it still suck? Sure, it always sucked and it always will suck. However, it's still home, regardless of how few nights I spend there.

Yes, FS, the cartoon, I'm not old enough for the other.

I called bullshit on Trump originally because of all the times he did this before and got bored and quit. Now, however, he's the nominee.

What was I going to do, vote for Hillary? Shit.

From: E
Email: Nah

So, does Jasper still suck? It's been a while, but this was always my favorite website when I lived in Jasper.

From: message.sender
Email: -

Do you guys ever look back on the ride? I first found this site almost ten years ago, probably, and, until now, I've never posted a thing. The fact that it's still up seems a little phenomenal. Must be powered by hatred for Jasper. Only reason I'm posting now is because I recently moved to a town near Jasper and was reminded of the site. I still see names I recall seeing many years ago. Many topics must've come and gone, since then, but what's changed? I suppose some of you will keep posting here 'til the day the FBI decides to shut down the entirety of the Internet.

From: Firestorm
Email: Trumtopia, Trumpistan

"I should stay out of anything involving the appearance of Romanov worship: I named my eldest daughter Anastasia. Yes, this was way before the movie and soundtrack, she was nearly ten when that came out."

This would be the 1997 Disney cartoon? I watched that for the first time recently and it actually was pretty good. If your daughter had been ten when the Ingrid Bergman film came out, that would make you a lot older than I ever before imagined.

Yeeesh... those mugshots. Want to play a game of "spot the CI" on this one?

(neck tats)

Anyone can be charged with either terror- or tax-related crimes if someone powerful enough hates you enough. They don't even have to plant a baggie of meth in your house after kicking the door down any more. Still, there does seem to be a special kind of stupid that comes along with a lot of these more outspoken prepper types.

(If you're going to be an insurgent, why would you stockpile that many guns requiring so many different ammo types anyway? Why in your name and on your own property, and why would you even think of talking about it?)

Kind of like the Oregon WMA people, really. I mean, if you're going to stage an occupation of any kind, why not hit something notable that will embarrass your enemies while better helping get your message out (city hall, or a radio station perhaps?), and why not make it a relatively quick occupation where you say your piece and then evac before the cops or troops show up. This is core subject material for every wannabe-Castro south of the border, and yet for some reason our own revolutionaries can't figure it out.

They do seem to be learning though, and there's certainly enough (at least partially-justified) lingering rage against the Feds, the cops, and the System in general to keep things boiling. LaVoy Finicum, much like Freddy Grey, will not be the last to die.

Speaking of rage, I'm going to give Donald Trump a silent nod of approval for his recent win in South Carolina. I still can't say that I like or trust the guy�too sleazy, reminds me of half the real-estate agents I've ever met� but at least he ACTS like he cares about something other than the ruling and financial elites in DC and New York.

(He convinced me to bother voting again if nothing else. I was supporting Jim Webb at the start; I'll probably give Carson or maybe even Sanders a pity-vote on Super Tuesday, though if there was any question of who was going to win my state I would definitely vote for Trump.)

Updated 1/8/2016 10:45 PM

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

If I can only choose from an approved list of symbols, and can only honor my dead in a way that others find non-confronting, as the Brits say, then I will never be able to honor my dead.

Why? Because every symbol I choose will confront someone, of course. Foghorn Leghorn is still under copyright, so that's right out. Somebody's fucking gluten sensitivity, imagined or otherwise, is going to put biscuits right out.

The truth is, I don't know if my particular Confederate war dead ever saw the Virginia flag, which is what we're really discussing. They were Georgians. I know my history, and I know where the graves are. Flags were the least of their concern, they were fighting for the right to self-determination. It is you who do not know your history. To condemn the Confederates is the same thing as condemning the Patriots who fought the American Revolution (and I know who my ancestors are there, as well). The Emancipation Proclamation did not free the slaves in the North, only in the South. Lincoln could not have freed the Northern slaves and remained in power (many of the Northern slaves remained slaves well after the Confederate surrender) and would not have done so in any case, as he was a straight-up unapologetic white supremecist. Read his writings. Ulysses S. Grant owned slaves until 1859 in his own name and more under his wife Julia's name after that. I think this was the case all the way up to 1865, but I'd have to check that.

Why do Southerners cling to the Virginia flag?

People who wanted to tell POCs how they should feel are largely responsible for the situation with the Virginia Battle Flag, as I see it. If meddling, white-guilt-bearing social engineers had just managed to shut the fuck up about it, it would have likely gone away back into the mists of history. It was that crowd that really gave it its power. About sixty years ago, the rest of the country said we couldn't have it. They said we couldn't display it on graves, they said we couldn't fly it at football games, they told us we lost and to get over it and our Confederate dead were traitors, even though my ancestors received a pension for Confederate service from this government. By telling us we could not have it, they ensured that it would be printed on everything from road signs to bikinis...for eternity. It is now the Official Rebel Flag for anybody who rebels, all over the world, as previously discussed here. I have seen it as far away as Paris with my own eyes.

My personal feeling is that it was a stupid and unnecessary war to choose to fight. They wanted the right to do something stupid, yes, but that doesn't change the fact that they wanted it to be their choice to make. The Brits owned a lot of slaves, too, but rather than kill each other for the shit of it, they saw the light and had the taxpayers buy the slaveowners out. It would have been cheaper in terms of blood and treasure and would have put an end to a lot of shit we're seeing today. For example, if somebody brought up reparations, we could toss them the receipt for their ancestors and tell them they were welcome, just like the Brits would. All of the bad blood would be pointless, but I have the benefit of 150 years of hindsight and I don't get to rewrite history.

I think it was a stupid war to fight because they never had a chance. There were 22 million or so folks outside the Confederacy, but only about 9 million inside and that number includes the slaves themselves. The Federal government had been involved in half a dozen wars already and knew how to do logistics and such. There was heavy industry in the North, almost none in the South. A lot of southern people knew it was pointless, but they felt that they would rather die than have their lives dictated to them, which again calls us back to the American Revolution.

By the same metric, however, the American Revolution was a stupid war to fight. Canada didn't get its independence in a revolution. Neither did Australia. But nobody calls those soldiers traitors, they're Patriots. The difference? They won, of course.

My Confederate dead fought and died for self-determination, all I want to do is fly a flag in peace and in their memory.

Another thing that neither I, nor you, get to do is decide how somebody else feels about something. I don't give a flying fuck how a POC or a Democrat or you-name-it feels about the Virginia Battle Flag. It is not my job to care. It does not fit into my idea of community nor would I care to live in a community or country where everybody got a vote on each other's lives like that. As noted, I have served my country and by extension my community just as my forebears did, and I will have no further argument on what I owe this country with any individual who cannot throw down a DD-214 that says "Honorable" on it beside mine. I hope somebody thinks to put a flag on my grave someday, and give a thought for me and what I did, even if they think it was mostly pointless or stupid 150 years from now.

The slaves were pawns, nothing more. If the north had really cared about slaves it would have freed its own. The previous poster's note regarding the similarities between the push to rewrite history and drag down monuments in this country and the same thing being done at the same time by Daesh in the Middle East is valid. One does not get to express disdain at history being destroyed in the Middle East and applaud history being destroyed in the American South.

I mean, that is, if one isn't a fucking idiot with no idea what cognitive dissonance is.

From: keith
Email: keiths@gmail.com

Don't paint me as a pc, bandwagon white liberal. I think the ferguson dude probably had it coming to him. I think that girl in the SC classroom who refused to go to the office deserved to get body slammed by the cop. I think the trigger warnings and micro-aggression culture on college campuses is bullshit mollycoddling.

But re: the rebel flag, read the articles of secession or the statements of the vp of the confederacy. The reason for secession was clearly to defend the enslavement of black people. So if you fly a rebel flag you are either a racist or conveniently ignoring facts.

Either way, you are being grossly insensitive to the feelings of your fellow citizens of African descent. If you're so proud of your southern heritage, find another symbol. A flag with Foghorn Leghorn on it? A biscuit and gravey? There's lots to choose from.

From: stoptheinsanity
Email: stoptheinsanity101@gmail.com

Thanks for your opinion concerning our bloatware. You nailed it Sir. I have personally witnessed both sides of our glorious magistrates office.Completely no effort to help local businesses collect bounced checks and the like.But as you put it so well unleashing his lazy thug (stable boy) into the county to harass and decieve the honest citizens.

Also I must say that if anyone wants to condemn the "Confederate Battle Flag" or any other fictions propagated concerning the "Second American Revolution" they should get their history right first.

And if our past history with the black race is the supposed basis for these conclusions, then please explain to me why black students at the University of Missouri,along with other colleges are protesting demanding TO BE SEGREGATED!

Anybody ever of that little historical period called the civil rights movement? I can only concluded that these college students are either ignorant about the history of their race in North America or are simply trying to ride on the coat tails of some sort of twisted version. One of my favorite quotes.

Furthermore, this impatient, greedy attitude is responsible more than anything else for the excessive stupidity we find in the world. Just as such people have no patience to chew up real food, so they do not take sufficient time to "chew up" mental food.

As modern times promote hasty eating to a large extent, it is not surprising to learn that a great astronomer said: "Two things are infinite, as far as we know - the universe and human stupidity." To-day we know that this statement is not quite correct. Einstein has proved that the universe is limited.

Updated 1/8/2016 2:25 PM

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Well, now, hang on a minute. LP can speak for himself, but I wonder about your general point.

It has gotten to the point that calling someone racist is the end of any argument, like a smartbomb in a videogame. First person to use it wins, regardless, and sometimes regardless of the merit of the claim.

I'm tired of this. I'm tired of seeing careers ruined, for one thing, by nothing but the accusation of racism which was then taken up by the very corrupt American media. Before it was this way in the US, it was this way in the UK, and before then Germany was going out of its way to prove to the world that it wasn't even a country, not really, not in any way that might imperil a minority.

Recently, Germany attempted suicide, I'm not certain you heard about it but they did. They committed to replacement level immigration and they will be overrun as a result. Some of the German people are making noise, especially about all the rapes, but it is too little too late. In the interest of political correctness, a great nation will be driven into the ground. They can't feed all these folks and they can't integrate so many. The "immigrants" will remain feral and dangerous to the host society, more so now with this kind of numbers.

I'm saddened a little but also a little amused, because the so called hate-filled "progressives" will be the first folks up against the wall when the "immigrants" take power. The ones that are not shot will be tossed off buildings in accordance with the laws/customs of the "immigrants".

I saw such an outpouring of hate from progressives on Facebook that I almost left FB again. There were people actually demanding that the folks in Oregon should be immediately shot by Federal agents/troops on the basis of the fact that if they'd been black they'd already have been shot.

History did not start with the Internet. Why, I seem to recall our beloved former Attorney General Eric Holder was involved in the armed takeover of a building at his college...but don't believe me, read for yourself.

Clearly, black people are *not* shot every time they step out. The "gentle giant" from the "Hands Up Don't Shoot" thing in Missouri did not, in fact, have his hands up. This was the official report, and it is not contested. In other words, #blacklivesmatter was founded upon a media-spread (and likely media-concocted) lie, but you won't hear that from anyone but me. Politicians found out real quick that you were not even allowed to say "all lives matter". Really? That's what passes for equal protection under the law these days?

The whole thing is drifting over into what I think of as Ethnomasochism. Suddenly, it's not enough to be sorry for something that happened over a hundred years before you were born, and it's not enough to virtue-signal how upstanding you are by constantly screaming "racism" at other white people.

It has gotten so bad that we now have kids who delude themselves into thinking they are black to avoid what is becoming the burden of white skin. My favorite example of this is Shaun King, not Rachel Dolezal, because the media was forced into dropping the hammer on Rachel. She wasn't well known outside Seattle and was easy to slam. Shaun King, on the other hand, writes lies every day in a New York newspaper and online about an experience that he's wearing like a costume, from my vantage point. If he gets caught in an actionable lie or libel, they let him edit it enough to pass legal muster, and the lies go down the memory hole. Why? One can suppose that too many people that really matter are too invested in him to let him fail, chief among which is likely Oprah Winfrey, who paid for his college education. Everybody knows this.

I've never been one for bullshit. That's a lot of why this site exists. Political Correctness is bullshit, and it was always thus. I will honor my ancestors, who fought on both sides of the War of Northern Aggression, and I will not be told that I cannot fly the Battle Flag if I wish. I myself am an Honorably Discharged former US service member. I expect to partake in the freedom of expression that I served to support.

I will not be ashamed or feel burdened by the color of my skin no more than I would ask a black man to be ashamed of his. I am how I was made and did not get an advance request about it, just like everybody else, and I am no more wrong for it than anybody in #blacklivesmatter.

It's gone too far, folks. You're entitled to your opinion if you care to state one, and people who disagree with me have always gone to the top of the page, but if you're just coming around to virtue-signal what a good, harmless white you are, get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.

From: Keith
Email: KeithS@gmail.com

Lay Preacher, You are one sadly confused mother%&*#! You can proudly advertise your own ignorance/racism/insensitivity for all the world to see. But the government represents all citizens, and most of us don't want to celebrate our racist past. Put those statues and flags in a museum along with the kkk hoods, swastikas and other remnants of our hate-filled past. Nothing like Isis at all. Isis are the haters, you ignoramus.

Updated 1/6/2016 8:25 AM

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

I'm sorry about that. It was one of my more massive failures from when I was still on the East Coast.

I knew what this was going to be. I knew that tax receipts were going to fall off because of what became the Crash of 2008 and I knew that regardless of who was in charge out there, they were never going to voluntarily adjust the size of Pickens County Government to be in line with the actual tax base and send a bunch of folks home and off the landowner's backs.

No, shit no, before they did that, they would hire a lazy thug with the heart of a terrorist and put a uniform on him. And in my opinion, that's just what they did. They brought the country version of a Mafia Enforcer on board to ride around and make everyday people a deal they couldn't refuse.

I got news, folks: Pickens County is full of poor people, people who are there because they inherited a piece of MawMaw's farm and who are doing the best they can from day to day. In general, they do not have any place else to go. These people do not pay land taxes quickly or joyfully because they've got no money with which to pay.

Originally, they used him to scare people into paying, and he took a bunch of food out of people's mouths and a lot of presents out from under Christmas trees in Pickens County, all to serve the purposes of an oversized county government that has never returned anything like equal value to its people. It has long been asserted by the populace that Pickens County government has been since its inception an instrument of plunder for whoever was in charge at the moment, and I have not heard this refuted. I personally hold it to be self-evident.

I know this is an unpopular position, but I like Allen Wigington. I have this option, because Allen does not pose a threat to me and would not under most circumstances attack a person connected (as he himself is) to the Old Families, so there's never been any shit between us. On this very website, I foretold his political rise. The Old Families trust him, and he's a rock-solid Authoritarian so the politicians were always going to love him. If he doesn't go nuts, he'll be the de facto head of the Old Families in his generation, but I said that already here.

In my opinion, again, Allen believes too much in authority and too much in the power of government. It wasn't going to be otherwise, it's what he's done all his life. Pickens County wasn't any more full of opportunities for Allen than for the rest of us. Most of us got tired of fighting it and got the fuck out, Allen found a way to stay. I would not have sold my soul for it, but I don't think Allen knows that is what he has done.

When I have talked to Allen, he tells me about his accomplishments, most of which go to the expansion of government. Again, it's just what he's done all his life.

I take your point about Harvey, but I can't think of what I could say about it that I didn't say back when I was trying to get the County to unwind all the hiring, him included. He's not really the problem so much as the hood ornament on the problem, and yes, he's merely a servant.

Wait until they get truly desperate for cash to keep that monstrosity of a county government running...and the Writs of Fieri Facias start coming. They'll haul off cars or come into your house and haul off your television. The Magistrate Court can issue these writs without involvement of the Superior Court in a lot of circumstances.

Personally, again, I credit Allen with more sense than to create a full scale Tax Revolt in Pickens County, but I also know the folks who are drawing a check up there have his ear every day and you don't. I have not seen him come under that kind of internal pressure, with folks who he knows and works with every day crying about their jobs, so who knows what he will do. I like Allen, but I know he can be counted on to do something Authoritarian if that is one of the choices.

And if that Harvey guy shows up on your property, don't engage him, don't let him talk to you about making a deal. If he's talking, he does not have any paperwork allowing him to just take whatever he wants, he wants to talk you into voluntarily surrendering it. You're a fool if you talk to a cop at all, but if you are going to do it anyway, ask the cop if you're a fool to talk to a cop. Cops don't even like cops, and again, Harvey doesn't even rise to the level of a fucking cop.

He is there on behalf of his masters, the people who have largely appointed themselves *your* masters. Tell him to say his piece and then get the hell off your land. You're not about to get any deal out of him that favors you, he isn't empowered to make such a deal regardless of what he'll say. As the other poster stated, he's a servant of an overpowered and overstaffed government that will and has taken the food out of the mouths of Pickens County children to maintain itself, and as I see it from a distance, they're just getting started on what they'll take before they've got everything they can get.

From: stoptheinsanity
Email: stoptheinsanity101@gmail.com

http://www.knowpickens.com/press/jimharvery.jpg really Harvery?

And if you read the article you will see misspellings of Marshal. Way to go progress.

"Marshal" is an ancient loan word from Old (Norman) French, cf. modern French maréchal, which in turn is borrowed from Old Frankish *marhskalk "stable boy, keeper, servant", still evident in Middle Dutch maerscalc, marscal "id.", modern Dutch maarschalk "military commander" (the meaning influence by the French). It is cognate with Old High German mar(ah)-scalc "id.", modern German Marschall "military commander" (the meaning influenced by the French).[3] It originally meant "stable keeper", from Germanic *marha- "horse" (cf. Engl. mare) and skalk- "servant" (cf. Old Engl. scealc "servant, soldier").[4] This "stable servant" origin is retained in the current French name for farrier: maréchal-ferrant.

Definition of MARSHAL (noun) a : a high official in the household of a medieval king, prince, or noble originally having charge of the cavalry but later usually in command of the military forces b : a person who arranges and directs the ceremonial aspects of a gathering

Well folks that is exactly who this guy is. So far up the Magistrates buttocks it's really hard to tell where one starts and the other one ends. No power whatsoever as far as law enforcement goes. After nothing more than a feather in his cap at any cost. Sad in reality. What a joke Jim Harvey is.

The only positive is that the county doesn’t pay much. Ahh well he still gets to ride around in a nice county imitation sheriffs vehicle.

Ride around in the ac and let the taxpayers cover his fuel. Park it at his house, feel like a big man, impress all his neighbors. Oh and by the way one of the laziest humans on planet earth.

Updated 10/22/2015 9:25 PM (Pacific Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Longtime (long-suffering?) readers of this website will recall that I hate the Georgia State Patrol with a white-hot eternal burning hatred. People chastise me for this, usually with platitudes like "it's just a few bad apples giving everybody a bad name" or "Jesus doesn't want us to hate".

I hate the GSP because it is incumbent upon a free society to hate and turn away from any organization with special cutouts and rights under the law. The law itself bleeds to death from cutouts and special privileges. You can love Constitutional government/America, or you can be an authoritarian fuck that craves the feel of the GSP's boot on your neck, but you can't be both. The GSP is part of what we would call the Republican Guard if they were in another country like Iraq. Saddam had thugs to go out and keep the every day people terrorized, Georgia has the GSP.

They soak up resources that could be be used to much better effect in the communities that the tax money is hoovered away from. It's an affront to the citizenry of Pickens County to look at the "GSP Post" we have in Pickens that nobody asked for nor wanted, then have to look at what our own county employees are left with.

They come into counties where they do not live, where they are not wanted, and to whom they largely do not have to answer and they run roughshod over the populace. In Pickens County, the only elected official who has the power to protect you from the GSP is the Sheriff, because the Sheriff's position is a Constitutional office.

Occasionally, they kill the children in the aforementioned communities. If the families are connected and able to raise Hell, the "officer" is relocated; If they are not, then sorry about your luck. Unconnected people are just maggots anyway, right, GSP?

If a family is particularly connected or the media gets interested, they might even make a show of firing the "officer", waiting until the "heat" dies down, and rehiring him elsewhere.

It took a little while to reach me here in Los Angeles, but I was just reading the latest example of this. From the AJC, here are the details.

The asshole murdering "officer" killed two of the four girls in the little Nissan. It's straight up vehicular homicide at least. The facts of the case are that he was running 91 miles per hour in a 55 zone, a "superspeeder" violation if I'm doing the math correctly. They clearly attempted to find a justification for his speed but there was not even a reasonable doubt to be raised, and the girls were cute, which meant the media cared and the GSP fired him to stop the clock on their liability.

The quick look that the AJC took at the situation immediately uncovered this "officer" being disciplined for having caused wrecks before. This means in practice that he went 95 or so everywhere he went and his superiors couldn't care less, but when he wrecked they couldn't cover it up for him. Nothing else was done to curb his behavior until he straight up murdered these two kids...and then they only fired him to cover their own asses.

I'd say "unbelievable" except it's not unbelievable, it's the standard operating procedure of the Georgia State Iraqi Republican Guard all over the state. When the heat is off, he'll go right back to work in uniform somewhere and he'll chuckle from time to time into his beer about how he got away with murder.

The parents? Oh, they'll occasionally lose a tear or two when they look at the pictures of their slaughtered babies. They could sue, but it's not going to bring back their dead kids. They'll have dreams about the kids for the rest of their lives, most of which will be nightmares.

Tell me again about the good ones. Keep right on telling me, and go ahead and believe it yourself if you want, right up to the day they kill or maim one of yours. You can have safety, and freedom, or you can have lawless organizations like the GSP that as far as I am aware have never once attempted to hide their disdain and disgust for everyday people.

Updated 8/31/2015 9:25 AM (Central Time)

From: lay.preacher
Email: laypreacher@jaspersucks.com

Hey Y'all,

Banning & bad mouthing the rebel flag and taking down statues, symbols, etc. of the Confederacy is tantamount to ISIS destroying historical monuments that don't currently conform to their beliefs for whatever reason.

History is history and taking apart what happened whenever does not change a &^#$@ thing.

See yah in Church.

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

This is probably unnecessarily wordy, but the idea is interesting. The author is saying that money has always run the US political system, but a difference has emerged since the middle of last century. Our elites are pulling away from us, living international lives, and are not sharing the destiny that has been chosen for lesser mortals.

It says that the elites have always been with us, but they believed in whatever they were saying. Their children did stints in the military and sometimes died. Although they were elite, they were very much bought into whatever was going on in the larger society.


Updated 8/4/2015 9:25 AM (Central Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Holy shit.

Am I reading this correctly?

It looks a lot like they popped these guys for Conspiracy to Engage in Prepping. Reading between the lines, the step-too-far was the research/construction of what amounts to IEDs, but they charged them with conspiracy, not bombmaking.

That's a pretty powerful message, if the reporting is solid (and yes, I know what a big "if" that is).

Updated 7/29/2015 9:25 AM (Central Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

I've stayed out of Ukraine because there's no *there* there for me. I got a little bit interested in it when I, like you, noticed the semi-Confederate flags on the uniforms during an episode of Vice on HBO. The superficial research I did on this suggests that no shit, somebody in Crimea actually Googled "rebel flag" and here we are.

I'm a little uncomfortable at our position...of course the Russians are going to be going nuts, we've got them surrounded, or contained, if you prefer the current geopolitical babble. I'm no friend of totalitarians, but when I look at a map, I wonder if they've got a point. Turning the question around, what did we do when they started arming Cuba with nuclear weapons? We shit scarlet and nearly started WW3 just to have it over with.

They might do the same, and they still can. I don't want history to say we cornered them and forced them to act a fool when a little bit of backing off (and saving money doing so) might have answered. Mostly it looks to me like the Old Guard here would like to grind the Russian people to powder for having the gall to oppose them back when they had a grand master plan for The Way Things Ought To Be. If we had suffered a fraction of the provocation that we've doled out to the Russians, the neocons would have had us at war and damn the nukes, perhaps they'll make Jesus come back faster. It takes a hardy people to survive in that part of the world, and they will not be pushed around forever.

I should stay out of anything involving the appearance of Romanov worship: I named my eldest daughter Anastasia. Yes, this was way before the movie and soundtrack, she was nearly ten when that came out.

How do we feel about the alt-right? They're the only ones left that still hold any of the traditional paleoconservative beliefs. You can get kicked out of the GOP now for not clapping hard enough for Caitlyn Jenner, let them call us racists and fascists, they say. In reading their
blogs one is mostly left with the impression that they are very young, but Taki is of the same vintage as Patrick Buchanan. They're having their moment in the sun from having invented the "cuckservative" hashtag. They claim they're the majority and that they represent folks who are excited about Donald Trump.

I'd be excited about the message of Trump if I didn't know he's just doing this for ego. He has never stayed the course.

From: Firestorm
Email: Occupied Georgia, CSA

Redoing yet another message... how many of these have I lost by posting "post a message" instead of "submit message"?

Salon has Michael Lind, to their credit.

Speaking of neutrality, what are your thoughts on the Ukrainian War? I'm trying not to get too emotionally involved in an endless tribal conflict (nothing good comes of that) but I should probably admit that my views are probably coloured by having a friend who, last I heard, was thinking of joining the rebels.

I don't entirely like all the Hammer and Sickle nostalgia that I keep hearing out of Donbass, and the Dugin fans with their Romanov nostalgia ain't much better. I also suspect that the Russian government would happily turn their back on them if it ever became politically expedient, now that they have what they really wanted in Crimea.

But then on the Federal side you have groups like the Azov Battalion, which even I consider somewhat creepy. I admire their courage, dedication, and aesthetic sense though; even had one of their banners on my facebook at one time.

...confusingly, that side also has such uber-degenerates as FEMEN, though I think most of them skipped out for nice, safe countries when the shooting started. Odd how a Ukrainian group that claims to oppose sexism and the Putinist patriarchy didn't join their men in grabbing some rifles and fighting for the territorial integrity of their nation. But hey, I guess that moving to Paris and accosting churchgoers with a frozen chicken shoved up your vagina is its own form of bravery.

Updated 7/28/2015 10:25 AM (Central Time)

From: Pop.Knot
Email: Pop@knot.org

Well said, Jeff. I agree with you.

Interesting that someone who "wore the uniform" would be upset about another person speaking their mind ... on any topic...considering I would think a reason for "wearing the uniform" would be to protect that freedom. Yet another one who needs to pull those panties out of their crack and settle down. Damn.

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

I like to think that instead of being right or left that I look at everything that I can and try to cobble together a defendable position.

I read Takimag but I read Salon, too. I listen to Rush when I can and I watch Bill Maher when I can. I try to find a little wheat in all the chaff.

From: Firestorm
Email: Occupied Georgia, CSA
If you're willing to go even further to the right than Takimag, there has been an inventive suggestion for where those seeking to desecrate the Confederacy’s dead should start.

The Emancipation Proclamation didn’t even cover those parts of the South already under Federal control. Union troops in some places actually worked with plantation owners to make sure they didn’t lose any of their slaves:

"Notwithstanding all that has been said by the traitors to induce you to believe that our advent among you will be signalized by interference with your slaves, understand one thing clearly—not only will we abstain from all such interference, but we will, on the contrary, with an iron hand, crush any attempt at insurrection on their part." -Gen George McClellan, To the Union Men of Western Virginia

Charles Dickens was absolutely right in his comments on the war and emancipation; it was a cynical ploy to gain military and economic control of the South by people who were indifferent at best to negroes and thought of the abolitionists as troublemaking lunatics (which, in all fairness, many of them were; your Breechers and Browns were the Operation Rescue of their day).

Jim Goad has mentioned Dickens in several of his previous articles. Think he brought him up in the Redneck Manifesto too. He is definitely one my favourite Yankee transplants.

Tom Kratman, yet another fence-jumper, had this to say on his Facebook (told you it wasn't completely useless):

“I have no sympathy for hereditary chattel slavery and not much for the Confederacy. It was a poor political cause, raised by arrogant idiots, and led mostly by well connected second raters, that brought about an unfortunate war and led to or even created precisely what was feared, an overweening federal government. If there is any moral value or worth in the Confederacy, though, it was in the soldiery of the army that followed the battle flag. Their memory, or the memory of their courage and - probably misguided - devotion, is worth preserving. And, remember, I'm from Boston, which is to say, about as Yankee as you can get.

But the other thing is this, the flag is a constant reminder to the left that, ‘Motherfuckers, we bled you white last time. Next time, the correlation of forces will be different. If you push us enough, it will be a LOT worse than last time, so much so that you shouldn't count on winning.’”

True enough.

Of course, there has to be more to religious belief than goodfeel and fire insurance. I’ve pretty much quit going to church after hearing one too many realtors-turned-Voice-of-God droning in front of a crowd of single moms and sad-sack geezers that Christianity has nothing to do with religion, that “organized religion” (whatever that is) won’t save you and the only way to save your kids/family/community/country/whatever is to pray a lot and vote Republican. Of course, for years I did my best to avoid church during patriotic holidays (Support the troops… by finding a way to kill more of them!)

Televangelists have turned the Faith of our Fathers into a propaganda organ for the Israeli lobby and a self-help cult for neurotic women.

On a societal level, is traditional Christianity even worth saving? I would say that it is, if only because it’s so hard (impossible?) to replace. Stirner and Nietzsche came closer than anyone, and Nietzsche went mad. The rest of Europe took the easy path: where Christian ethics and moralism is kept more-or-less intact but the supernatural justification for it all is replaced with “being nice” or “love of man” or some other amorphous goodfeel. (Piety without divinity; more commonly known as “liberalism”) At best you get Western Europe, where church gets replaced with some kind of civic religion—and Rousseau would roll in his grave if he knew that that religion was going to be soccer. At worst you get, well…

“More than half a century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of older people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: Men have forgotten God; that's why all this has happened.

Since then I have spent well-nigh fifty years working on the history of our Revolution; in the process I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and have already contributed eight volumes of my own toward the effort of clearing away the rubble left by that upheaval. But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous Revolution that swallowed up some sixty million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: Men have forgotten God; that's why all this has happened.”

From: The.Right.Honourable.Lord.Firestorm
Email: Occupied Province of Georgia, KGB


It is in fact YOU who are the traitor, you colonialist cur who would raise arms against your rightful and divinely-appointed king! So what if the planter class sought to separate themselves from your abominable republican government? Were your so-called Patriots not likewise either the owners of slaves or the traders of slaves? In 1776, did we not hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of negroes? Seems to me that nothing in the world could be more authentically American than the act of treason. Now vacate my estate, peasant rabble.


(I swear I'm not stoned, not yet at least.)

Updated 7/27/2015 9:45 AM (Central Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

I think perhaps you've misunderstood me. I'm more annoyed than "macho".

The Civil War killed more Americans than anything else has. The Southern States were on the losing side of history. Right now, we've suddenly decided that the Rebel Flag is the cause of it all, and everybody wants something to blame, so we are defacing Confederate monuments and ripping down Confederate flags. I decided that I would not participate, and further, that I would put up a flag of my own.

The Southern Rebellion was a stupid, stupid, stupid thing to do. Slavery was even more stupid. However, my folks got caught up in it. Unlike Ben Affleck, I know exactly who my kinfolks were who fought on the side of the Confederacy, and I will not deny my blood. I have the records for one who drew a Confederate pension until he died in 1907, and I've got the invoice for the gravestone of a 16 year old kid that was killed in that war. He would have been my 2x great uncle, and his name was Private Joseph Carter, CSA. I will not forget his name, and I will not let my children's children forget. That insane conflict robbed him of his childhood and his life, and he never owned a slave.

Those people, my kin, and yours most likely if your family is from here, had decisions to make and I do not think for a minute that I have the right to second-guess them from the comfort of my air-conditioned office. Mostly, they were required by honor to take up arms. The same US Army that was running roughshod over the Southland had just gotten finished thirty or so years before frog-marching the Native Americans to Oklahoma. These are your heroes, not mine.

On the matter of how evil they were, etc., I would invite you to consider the American Revolution. All your same words were used for Washington and Franklin, et. al., but they got to write the history you read. The Confederates did not. You either win, or you get written out of history.

The same thing could have been, and was said, of the "Founding Fathers" before England finally gave up.

Do as you would, but at least be honest: Treason is only treason if it doesn't succeed. The Confederate dead are traitors and racists and all this other stuff that gets hung around their necks, even though the bulk of the Confederate Army soldiers did not own slaves. However, Ulysses S. Grant owned slaves and was eventually elected President. You aren't told that the Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves only in the Confederacy, all northern slaves weren't covered by it.

You'd definitely be in the majority position to decide I'm an evil, deluded son of a bitch. Even so, to stay honest, you'll have to ask yourself if I am right. Am I right to fly the Rebel Flag for my dead family? Why are my dead less important than anyone else's?

Updated 7/27/2015 9:45 AM (Central Time)

From: A.long.time.fan
Email: me@me.com

Jeff I understand that you may not agree with me here, but as of now I can no longer support any message you may have. When you decide to ignore reality to prove how macho you are and post a rebel flag I have to say that is pure idiocy. The rebel flag is a symbol of full treason and hatred towards our country. I don't care about it's racial implications. I care that I wore a uniform for this country and you posting that image supports treason against it. Facts are facts and anyone who actually knows anything will tell you it represented one side (The losing side) of a treasonous movement. If you want to support treason I can no longer accept anything you have to say as a valid point.

From: Firestorm
Email: Occupied Georgia, CSA

The problem with Facebook is that it connects you to the most annoying people you’ve ever met That, and it seems to encourage narcissism: broadcasting to the world all kinds of nonsense that no one needs or should want to hear. I used a fake name for my account(s) and I can‘t understand why anyone would do otherwise (probably just a matter of time before Zuckerburg starts asking for our Social Security numbers just to make sure we‘re using his system properly). It seems weird to me how millions of people are so willing to violate something that we considered Rule #1 back in the AOL days.

I’ve heard a little about the Dawson County assassination. In the version I’m most familiar with, it was a district attorney who was carbombed in front of the courthouse. I’ve googled the story before and never found any proof of it actually happening; but then for the longest time there was no googleable proof of the secret government nuclear aircraft lab in Dawson Forest.

The area was a MAJOR cocaine trafficking hub at one time; I’ve met a few old guys who claim to have flown their old DC3’s through the night from Columbia to secret mountaintop landing strips in the Appalachians and the Ozarks. Vietnam vets mostly; crazy when they left, crazier when they came home, couldn’t get any better jobs.

Apparently, my ancestors were not fans of the Klan. My grandmother’s great-uncle got disowned because he joined. I don’t know why that was, but I do know that they were involved in moonshining at the time and the Klan was said to attack moonshiners. (Some history books claim that they and the Klan were allies—this might have been true during Reconstruction, but I don‘t think it was during Prohibition, at least not universally.) Some of my grandmother’s people were also either indifferent or actively pro-Union during the war, so that might have been a factor.

So, in a manner of speaking, for me the flag really is more hate than heritage. Or, to put it another way, an extended middle finger at a governmental and social system that quite openly despises me. We hill people have always been contrarians. When the people in Jasper flew the stars and strips over the county courthouse and dared the Confederates to come take it down, I doubt they did it because of any love for Lincoln and his radical agenda. They did it because in that day and age the state government annoyed them more often than the federal government. This changed very quickly after the war, with corrupt Yankee revenuers coming to enforce Yankee taxes to pay for damage done by Yankee armies. Nowadays they‘re pretty much all standing in line to rape us.

Perhaps the best thing about the Confederate flag it that it hasn’t represented a functioning government in 150 years. Louis Farrakhan—of all people—hit the nail on the head when he said that we’ve caught more Hell under the American flag than the Confederate.

(Smart feller there. If I had been born in the past, I too might have been a Klansman. If I had been born black, I would have probably been a Panther.)

Incidentally, I find it amusing how another band of rebels against US homogeny are apparently making use of our old banner: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Novorossiya

From: BubbaBob
Email: 7.25.15

"Do I really want to spend eternity somewhere with Jerry Falwell? Of course not. Pat Robertson? Don't make me laugh."

Yet if there IS a God, if there IS a Christ, that is exactly what you condemn yourself to. You really don't think those two are in Heaven if it exists, do you?

If there is a Christ and you accept Him, you avoid those two, while if you reject Him you are joined at the hip with them forever.

Now, if there is no Christ it doesn't matter, but for you that is a roll of the dice. As I see it, the only certain way to avoid them is an acceptance of, belief in, and acknowledgement that He died for your sins.

Updated 7/17/2015 4:45 PM (Eastern Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

<--------------- Take that one down, if you can.

There are things I believe, and things I don't believe, but I won't be told by outsiders what flag I can fly.

Updated 7/13/2015 10:45 AM (Eastern Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

No, but that doesn't mean anything. I do know that North GA in general used to be a much wilder place, and its politics were no exception.

My paternal grandfather's folks used to talk about the year that somebody shot a Superior Court judge to death on the steps of the Dawson County courthouse. I don't know if this really happened, either, but they believed that it did.

I've been thinking a good deal about this flag thing of which you speak...I'm beginning to come down on the side of those who say that if we wanted to claim "Heritage, Not Hate" then we should have done a better job of taking anything Confederate-related away from the haters or at least not remaining silent when the current incarnation of the KKK took it up.

Personally, I claim a temporal exemption, because I wasn't born yet.

There are an awful lot of good causes that get caught up and dismissed in the reputations of that causes's followers. Christians are a good example of this. I really hope that there is no Judgment Day, because I personally have totally turned away from Christianity. I have done this not because I could not bear the example of Jesus, but the example of His followers.

Do I really want to spend eternity somewhere with Jerry Falwell? Of course not. Pat Robertson? Don't make me laugh.

And yes, I meant "current incarnation". The current KKK shares a name and nothing else with the original KKK. I might have found myself in that KKK in a different time in defense of my home and not knowing the whole story, just as I might have found myself in the Confederate Army if I had been born in a different time, but the current incarnation is full of the sort of people that the original KKK was founded to run out of the South.

How many current Grand Imperial Wizards graduated High School?

It's all well and good to spit upon the memory of a bunch of country boys who were just playing the cards they were dealt, but I know the truth. If the Civil War had broken out in my lifetime, I can't see why I wouldn't have been pulled into it. I got pulled into the US Air Force, because it was the country I was in. We've moved from conscription to a mercenary force, and it's a matter of public record that I was not drafted.

The difference between them and me is time, nothing more. There's nothing special about me, and I know it.

The other thing on my mind is Social Media. I've deleted my Facebook account twice before and it's getting time to do it again. It's getting too close to the Salem Witch Trials.

A babysitter in New Jersey comes up with a clever hashtag and soon multimillion dollar multinational corporations are shitting themselves. It was meant to democratize the net, but it's gone too far.

From: Firestorm
Email: Occupied Georgia, CSA

Do you know anything about fights between Republicans and Democrats breaking out at the Pickens County polls? It's something I've been hearing about since I was a kid, and apparently part of the reasons why local elections were non-partisan until fairly recently. Something I've been thinking about in wake of the recent Rainbow/Rebel flag controversies.

Updated 7/1/2015 11:45 AM (Eastern Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

So I'm bored, sitting and waiting for my flight, and so I decide that I'll write a bit.

When you get older, you'll find yourself with a bunch of questions that nobody still living can answer. You never thought of or cared about the answers, let alone the questions, when all the old folks were still alive.

Now they're gone, and *you're* the old folks. One of the few comforts left to you is genealogy, and fortunately, it's about the best time in recorded history to be an amateur genealogist. The DNA testing is insanely cheap and people with pieces of the puzzles you have are a free Internet call away or at least a Facebook message.

I won't bore you further with my family line, I know I've talked about it before. For some reason, I've got the Hendrix old folks on my mind, and I want to talk about them.

They told us growing up that we had Cherokee blood. That was one thing I really wanted to substantiate, but I never could. My half-brother, however, does and I think I can prove it. The Hendrix line in Pickens County have all been told that they do, and I think it's true. Let me tell you what I think I know, and why I think the Hendrixes have Cherokee ancestry. The Darnells and Hendrixes and Ropers, you may recall, were all recipients of the California gold rush wealth, traipsing out west and coming home with pockets of California gold. They bought Pickens County, basically, and there's still a Hendrix Mountain.

The Darnells and Hendrixes and Fields intermarried, and pretty much all Pickens County Darnells and Hendrixes, Fields, Pendleys, and Brooks are blood relatives, but they may not know it.

My half-brother Charles Hendrix and I share a mother, but this discussion is about his Hendrix line that I do not share.

The Hendricks and Hendrix families are blood kin. Some get mad if you spell their name one way or another, but literacy among regular folks is pretty much a twentienth century phenomenon. The spelling went back and forth depending on how the Census taker at the time wanted to write it down. This is how there came to be two spellings for the same family and why Hendricks Mountain isn't usually spelled Hendrix. Standardized spellings are a relatively new thing.

My brother's father was William Jack Hendrix and he is buried along with Mom at Long Swamp Cemetery. His father was Cicero.

I think about old Cicero sometimes this time of year because his birthday was the 4th of July. When I was a kid, I thought that was interesting. He died in 1980, Charlie never knew him; although Charlie was born, he was a little baby.

I remember Cicero. I sat with him many times on the front porch of his old house, which is still standing (mostly) but accessible only by foot now. He had a cane thicket across his driveway from the house, but the thicket has now grown up to the house. If you did not know where the road was, you might not see it now. Bears and other wildlife use it for shelter now. There was never any foundation, of course, the old floor is supported by piles of rocks and it's perfect for bears to overwinter beneath, so they do.

I slept in that old house when I was maybe 11 or younger. It was well over a hundred years old, I believe, even then. Old Cicero heated it with a woodstove. There was no bathroom. You went outside if you had to go.

Cicero smoked a pipe, an old crooked thing. He would tell stories about dogs and bears and I was too young to ask him about what his father had said about the family history.

I never thought to ask him who Dad was when he mentioned his Dad. Fortunately, records exist, and I'm going to go through what I've learned right now both to record it and to kill some time.

Old Cicero was a widower. His wife was the former Ada Brooks (here's where the Brooks family intertwines). His full name was Cicero Columbus Hendrix and he lived from July 4, 1897 to 1980. He was the only son I ever found any record of from Andrew Jack and Mary (Pendley) Hendrix, but he had about five sisters.

Cicero's grandfather was John Hendrix, who married Eleanor Darnell. I can't remember ever seeing John's grave but I used to think surely he was buried at Long Swamp, all the Hendrixes were. I can't prove it, but I believe John Hendrix fought in the Mexican American War and I can prove he was in the California Gold Rush. The family is still in possession of letters he wrote from California. I believe he would not have been afraid to go to California after fighting all over that territory, and it made him very rich for that time and place. Luke Tate wrote that many people from Pickens went to California and came back quite well off. He doesn't mention John by name but he does mention the Disharoons and others that he would have known better.

A nice lady by the name of Charlene Terrell wrote a book called "Wolfscratch Wilderness", if you're interested in Pickens County history this book and Luke Tate's book are must-reads and are still in print.

Anyway, I said all that to say this: I do not believe you will find earlier Hendrixes of that line in Long Swamp Cemetery. John Hendrix's father was the original William Hendricks, and he and his wife are not buried in Long Swamp Cemetery. There is an interesting reason for this, and it ties together the Hendricks/Hendrix families and proves the Cherokee blood at the same time if I am right.

William Hendricks/Hendrix married a Cherokee woman. Her name was Susannah/So Ke Ni (the old folks said "Sokinny"). I do not know if they got frog marched to Oklahoma by US Army troops or made their own way as others did, but I do know that they lived and died in Tahlequah, which is the current Western Band of Cherokee capitol. I know this because I have been there myself.

There is a Hendricks Cemetery in Tahlequah. I haven't been there but there are pictures and records.

The story on the Oklahoma side says they had nine children before the Removal, and John was one of the nine. They had four children in Tahlequah. As a result, many Pickens County Hendrix/Fields/Brooks/Darnells/Ropers have close blood kin, verifiable by DNA, who are full members of the Cherokee Nation, and they have no idea you exist.

The old grave is falling apart. I can barely make out any details on it but I am satisfied that it's the Original William and his full blood Cherokee wife. There is also a John buried in the Hendricks Cemetery in Talequah and since I don't remember seeing his grave in Long Swamp and since Eleanor's grave is a "single", it's possible that John wanted to be buried where his parents were. The family absolutely had the money to make it happen at the time, and he might have felt more at home out West where he'd spent so much of his life. Every bit of the forgoing is speculation on my part, mind you. It's quite possible that there are two John Hendrixes and that the lines are muddled together.

It's complicated if it's truly the same person, though, because that John had a second family in Tahlequah! Those children have traditional Hendrix names, too, like Patsy and there's even one daughter named Eleanor/Eleanora. I'd absolutely love to see the results of DNA tests one way or another.

So there it is, what I think I know about the Hendrix family and the families that have married into it over the years. I'll take any questions you, the readership, might have.

Updated 12/02/14 10:21 AM (Pacific Time)

From: biglasalle
Email: bubbabob@hungry.com

I just wanted to say screw you bubbabob@hungry.com bob!!!

Updated 11/29/14 3:21 PM (Pacific Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

You keep saying that.

I mean, yeah, I quit giving everybody hell, but it got to the point where they had enough of their own. I saw people broken by 2008 and what came after, and at least one family fortune broken. What can I say about that? It isn't funny, and I tried with JS to be either funny or semiprofound, and you never knew which one. Neither did I, because I just started typing and quit when I was tired.

I was just in GA for Thanksgiving. I didn't cross into Pickens County at all. Like the aftermath of a bad car wreck, only people who have never seen carnage bother to rubberneck. I've seen plenty of carnage. I didn't want to see what had happened, didn't want to hear it.

I imagine that Pickens County is lurching right along on transfer payments and Social Security (but I repeat myself). As for me, I will probably never be able to return. As I'm writing this, I'm sitting in the press box at a ball game in Los Angeles, using their WiFi. I can't do sports in Atlanta anymore except peripherally because I gave Atlanta to Jessica in the divorce. I generally keep my word about these things. There's plenty of need for the sort of niche engineering I do, and it would take a total and permanent civil meltdown for these opportunities to go away. I'm talking like something on the level of college and professional football no longer being played.

I'll keep the address active and the archives up, it's cheap to do so and somebody might want to talk.

The things that are wrong in Pickens County were largely always wrong, and at this point, will largely always be wrong. The faces will change, that's all.

While I could, I gave voices to a lot of folks who had never been heard in their lives. I'm pretty proud of that. Whether anything came of their individual situations or not (and I know it sometimes did), they were heard and they knew they were heard. I had the pleasure of telling otherwise very powerful people that the state of the law rendered them powerless against this site, and I got to be the topic of discussion at an awful lot of lawyer lunches.

Oh, and also, I made you a local celebrity. Before JS, you were just that weird peanut dude. Afterward, you were a personality. People bought from you because of JS.

I never made a dime off JS. I very much intended not to do so, because once I had taken someone's money I'd be stopped from criticizing them, and they'd be the only people who ever bothered to pay me. From that perspective, JS is as lucrative as it ever was. If I had to think about what I make as an engineer, it's currently even more lucrative because it's no longer an unpaid timesink.

If it is ever needed again in the way it was needed then, it'll be here. For now, like those old myths of sleeping giants, it slumbers. Feel free to poke it with a stick periodically if the notion suits you.

From: BubbaBob
Email: 11.28.2014

Looks like JasperSucks died. R.I.P.

Updated 6/22/14 11:00 AM (Pacific Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

When I first came to Pickens County as a little kid, maybe 7 years old, the community was still extant in the way you describe. My mother remarried into one of the Old Families here, so I had/have that perspective. It really was an extended family. People hacked on one another but we didn't have people living under bridges unless it was their own choice. I remember a couple of drunks who would do this rather than submit to common sense.

Infrastructure came to town in the late fifties via the Rural Electrification thing, and eventually with it, developments like Big Canoe and BTCI. They were new when I came to Pickens. They set up their own water systems so people could live more densely than they should, and the insanity began in earnest. I think it was Heinlein that said if you put too many of the same animal in too small a space, the animals would always go nuts, and man does it to himself on purpose. We call it economy of scale, but it ignores the big picture like most of our ideas.

People from elsewhere, who inevitably thought of locals as hayseeds and rubes and who inevitably had disdain for what it actually took to carve a living out of Pickens County came in and took a big toll on the sense of community, because even though they'd tell you that they wanted to live and raise their kids in a slower-paced lifestyle, they looked down their noses at us and didn't bother to conceal their disgust.

They brought the problems they were fleeing with them and raised the cost of living for everybody. Those of us who remembered the Old Ways still helped each other behind the scenes, sometimes in ways that would enrage the newcomers, who felt excluded. It's still in practice. I just had two thousand dollars worth of repairs done to my vehicles in Pickens, which are being driven by my daughters. This was done on my word alone, from California. They know I'm good for it.

The Feds will have an answer for the problem of soldiers looking through gunsights at family members or in-group people...computer profiles have been built of each soldier and only via a mistake would a country boy be sent to "pacify" Pickens County. If there was an uprising in Pickens, for example, they have soldiers who couldn't understand our dialect and for whom we are not really people. It's a lesson learned in our foreign adventures. The mountain boys would be in Iraq or Afghanistan or somewhere they didn't understand the language, and the English-as-Second-Language soldiers would be shooting mountain people as needed.

I'm told the Roman Empire pioneered this strategy. Once they took over an area and killed everybody of military age, they built waterworks and infrastructure and waited for the next generation to come of age. Then they offered the conquered people a path to citizenship through military service, just like we do.

Then, you'd send these new folks to kill and maim the fighting men in the next area you wanted to conquer...lather, rinse, repeat.

The thing that has made me hold onto my real estate in Pickens County against all advice to the contrary by financial people is the fact that God, in His infinite wisdom, made Pickens County tactically worthless. The Feds aren't going to waste the manpower to continually occupy Pickens County. There's no *there* there. If things really do come to a screeching halt, I really can make that property feed me, and I mean from Day One. I will not be comfortable for the first year, but I will be afterward. I'm surrounded by property that will be in dispute and not far from property owned by pulpwood outfits that will be farmable if necessary, and they'll never know I was there. I've got rheumatoid arthritis, but by the time it cripples me I'll have enough helpers who were hungry enough to shut up and listen for a change that I'll be fine.

Here in California, the parasites have taken over. In the event of a meltdown, there are enough first generation Mexicans who know how to make this environment feed them, but the folks of other persuasions are fucked. I know there are a lot of parasites in Pickens, too, but not like here.

I'm as amply suited for whatever comes as I can imagine being. End of the World? Bring it. My extended family's ancestors walked here to California and came back with pockets full of gold and bought entire mountains with it. I've not found any gold, but it's a perfect place to hustle a living and when it stops, I'll have a great story about walking back to Pickens from the Pacific coast if it becomes necessary.

From: BubbaBob
Email: 6.22.14

Ah yes...my little underappreciated JuicyMaters. Its good to know it IS read locally, if only a little.

Your two topics, Firestorm, in order:

Two acres to support a family? Well...yes, or rather two and a half, and most of that in woods. Obviously the same style of farming that has fed the nation and world wouldn't work, for the reasons you mention. Row cropping on a small landholdoing (I really mean tiny, not small, as in small farm) is a terrible waste of everything...laand, water, nutrients...

Google "small space gardening" or "square foot gardening". The increase in production, while conserving resources, is unbelieveable. Throw in raising a pig or two, some chickens, and treating unoccupied land around you like a private game preserve (neighbors with unused woods will usually let you hunt once they know you and are confidant you won't shoot something you shouldn't) and it is doable.

Home defense? You've obviously read my beginnings of the home/personal defense section of JuicyMaters, which section is barely born.

There is defense against the odd individual criminal, eithor when at home or out in public, and then there is defense against the results of TEOTWAWKI or SHTF, or whatever. Two different things.

The first come natural to folks up here...you have to remember who my JM audience mainly is...homesteading wannabes...and they need instruction on anything more than dialing 911.

The second...what you mention...can play out one of two ways.

If (when, as a nod to Jeff) the SHTF, government WILL try to quash any revolt or civil disturbabce and there are two possibilities:

If members of the military are given the order, if they look through their sights and see brothers, sisters, wives, parents, the guy they see at Kroger...they will refuse to comply and be true to their oath, and part of the problem is solved right there.

On the other hand, if they see a bunch of domestic terrorists like they've been told the people are, its all over...they can't be out gunned.

I'm really not worried about the hordes from an urban area (Atlanta) coming up here to0 take from those who have some "put back" for hard times. They are running around with less than half a tank of gas all the time and wouldn't be able to do a lot of roaming around looking for soft targets...and as they would quickly discover, there are a lot fewer soft targets per capita up here than in the well indoctrinated urban and suburban areas they are used to. We are just the right distance from places like that.

Jasper, and other places like it, would soon become pretty tight communities, like they used to be, and we'd do OK.

Updated 6/11/14 1:00 PM (Pacific Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Hello all, including the emailers that I might not have gotten back to in a timely manner, or at all.

My employer, feeling the pinch I've been describing, laid me off on the 15th day of January and I've been scrabbling ever since. I'm still better off than most here: You can't walk in downtown LA without stepping over bodies of homeless people. It's a bigger mix of people now, lots of women and younger people where it used to be just old winos.

I've been hustling for whatever I needed, trading out repairs on electronics mostly. I can fix things that people would otherwise throw away and every time I do, I get to eat again.

I can't imagine that things are any better in Jasper. The only people getting a regular paycheck have got to be the government workers and a handful of service workers. Last I heard, they'd bumped gasoline up to California prices, which I predicted some time ago. Once they discovered you'd pay it after the Louisiana disasters, you were going to pay it.

The trouble is there's nothing to do in Pickens County, which necessitates a commute, but the more expensive that gasoline gets the less valuable your home in Pickens becomes. The boomers will all retire, and collect their SSI and whatever, so they can move to Pickens and afford to live there, but once they die off, who will live in all these houses?

On a more practical note, I think I'm going to migrate JS to a different system. I'm using the same thing I used ten years ago and there are incredibly better choices that will still allow quality posting in real time while allowing me to block or delete shitposters. I've just got to decide which one and then find the time to do it.

BB is semi-retired, so he's not going anywhere but he's already running a board and anybody else that I might get to take over moderation of JS or even help me with it is going to have to leave and then be in the same boat I'm in currently with respect to running a board for an area for which you no longer have further first hand knowledge.

Wish me luck.

From: Jack.Koff
Email: jackoff@jaspersucks.com

Hey Jeff,

Long time, no message.

Did Firestorm ever get back with you?

After reading your request to him for contact, I went back and re-read his thingy; cause the 1st time I only scanned it.

I think this guy could take your place and serve Pickens with some of what it needs, even if I'm no longer in the county.

I see you've found the big money thing out west and doubt if you ever return to Jasper on a permanent basis till you're ready to cash in.

Whut U thunk.

From: Firestorm
Email: Occupied Georgia, CSA

*reads my last post here*

Yeesh... I was... back on the drugs when I wrote that. Legal drugs, but that hardly changes anything.

My mom always wanted me to go on SSDI. Get a mental illness assigned, get some of those high-powered amphetamines, go back to school, get a nice job where I can spend the rest of my life working to pay off student debts.

Heart in the right place, and perhaps a good idea for someone who grew up in America. Here in the latter-day Soviet Union? Not so much.

I was too proud to go on welfare, and too lazy to ever make anything of myself without Dr Nardo's go-pills. I could have homebrewed I suppose, but momma didn't want me doing that and the only reason I was in the classrooms is because she wanted me there.

I actually enjoyed medical classes, though. There's definitely a market for geriatrics and, in our post-Obamacare world, maybe a bit of shade-tree surgery (Illegal? What itn't these days?) Thing is, though, I started to wonder if I was really learning anything there that I couldn't just as easily learn without the price tag, on the Internet or even a decent library�one unappreciated treasure we plebes still have access to.

(My uncle has an old still too... y'know we could go into business together! I'll send out my nieces and nephews to gather the ginseng, dandelions, mint, yellowroot, cannabis and opium for us, you supply the medicine and I'll handle the drilling, sawing, cutting and duct-taping.)

((Never quite made it to the "medical ethics" part.))

So... school's a bust. Running is a very tempting proposition; a good portion of my family has already done so. Sister in Alabama, brother heading to Alaska and wanting me to come with him. My parents have another year at most until they lose their farm, which does a lot to reduce any reason for me to stick around. Of course I've known for years that broiler farming was an unsustainable, glorified form of sharecropping, but lately it's been getting really bad. I heard that even the Godfrey's are thinking of closing their doors, and if they can't do it, no one can...

I have my own plans for the long term, and it's starting to dawn on me that Pickens County probably won't burst into flames the minute I set foot outside it's borders. It'll still be here, and still in reasonably good shape; the land-raping developers have done just about all the harm they can profitably do, and my sticking around wouldn't affect them irregardless. I go by some of those massive, overpriced, unnecessary and now-empty subdivisions and the only thing I can think of is how pretty they'll be when my grandchildren turn it all back into cotton fields.

Something I would like to see for this area, even if I do have to become a little more migratory in the future and even if I do soon expect the lights to go out for all of us, is a stronger web presence. Preferably something free from milquetoast Facebook, City-Data and Pravda set.

I remember there being a Pickens County Forum at one time, but it didn't really work out. Not viable here; not enough people in Pickens County care to or know how to use their computers for anything except FB and porn.

A local blogosphere might work, even though this and juicymaters are the only two continously-updated local blogs I know about (and I'm not sure if jaspersucks really counts as a blog; it seems to predate the very concept).

For years folks like you and Bob have been instrumental in providing some kind of alternative voice, and I think a wider network would be nice for what remaining years we still have an Internet. That's one reason why I'm trying to start blogging myself.

@Bubbabob: two acres of land per family? The rule of thumb I've always heard was two acres of land per PERSON, and even that sounds optimistic if you're trying to feed yourself without the help of tractors, genetically-engineered crops, modern pesticides or fertilizers. Add in woodlots for hunting and heating, pasturage and hayfields for draft animals or livestock, crop rotation to keep from reenacting the Dust Bowl and it becomes pretty obvious why you don't see many Amish living on two-acre farms. You could get away with 40 acres and a mule in the flatlands, but up here it seems that most farms circa 1890 were about 60-90 acres.

Working on one's defenses is laudable, but sometimes I do worry that many people have a false sense of security in that area. I mean, a bunch of shotguns, the odd AR-15 and an improvised minefield is plenty against chicken thieves and our local tweakers, but what if we wind up with the kind of social decay witnessed in Zimbabwe or South Africa where the underclass take from the productive members of society with tacit approval of the governing elites? (Doing anything to stop them would be insensitive and will cause Obama to send the drones in on you.) Or, what if we go full-on apocalypse and every Dalit from here to College Park grabs his Gunwalker-supplied gat and heads your way? What would you do then?

They could be beaten, of course. Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven offered one method at the end of Lucifer's Hammer. A thousands-strong army of cannibalistic multicultural hippie cultists (I love that novel) were attacking the little ranching town and they were defeated by catapults firing napalm, thermite and mustard gas. Warcrime if there ever was one, but it worked.

Lot of thought went into the use of mustard gas. It requires fertilizer to make of course, which was at a premium in the Stronghold, so they made sure to deploy it in an arable valley where using the gas plus leaving the corpses to rot for the winter would help fertilize it for the spring planting season.

Updated 1/3/14 1:00 PM (Pacific Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Crisis Alert!

I told you people what was going to happen to housing, and some of you listened, while for others it was already too late, you were so far over your heads that you couldn't be saved.

Generally speaking, but not always, the stock market follows what happens in January and especially the first few days, for the rest of the year. Why? Because somebody always knows the secrets, somebody always knows what's going on, and the minute a new tax year starts and these people are free to make moves to protect themselves, they do so.

What did they do? They got the fuck out, and they got the fuck out in the exact same way they did in 2008. They made out pretty well back then, buying back in after the crash, and some made billions by betting against the market. That took obvious foreknowledge, in my book. I don't have foreknowledge, but I try to keep an eye on people who do.

I have been telling you that nothing was really ever fixed as a result of the Global Financial Crisis. You, the taxpayer, basically just gave a lot of big corporations the money they needed to cover their losses, like AIG. They didn't really alter their behavior, though, and the laws weren't really changed and nobody was really prosecuted for basically destroying the economy.

So here we are, at the brink of GFC II. If you've got a 401(k) or a little trading account or any sort of control at all over your pension money, then get the fuck out while you still can.

They did.

Updated 12/24/13 1:00 AM (Pacific Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Yeah, that's sort of what I mean when I say a complete crash would allow me to come home. I wouldn't farm, though, because the things I can do with turning water power into electricity, repairing electrical and electronic devices using bits and pieces of other devices, and creating medication from scratch would be more valuable. Odds are I'd make a bunch of corn liquor too as I could get the ingredients, because I own most of a pot still already. It's just too useful to ignore. I've got a pretty good handle on what native plants do and in the absence of Federal enforcement to the contrary I could support the whole community with very basic medication (antibiotics/painkillers/antidepressants/digitalis) from scratch in a very short time in the event of a complete crash. It would benefit me in a lot of ways for everything to go to Hell like that, frankly, because a Country Boy Can Survive...and one with an engineering degree that paid attention to what the Old Folks said about plants can thrive.

Merry Christmas, by the way.

I'm not just being a defeatist dick, as I understand the numbers there is no way the USA can pay its debts and entitlement obligations. That's not the same thing as a default, mind you, because all that debt is denominated in dollars and they can just print as many of those as they like, but when they do, all the ones in your savings account will be inflated to nothingness. The government is already feeding Pickens County as it is through SNAP and WIC and other programs, and that has gone on so long that it is considered unthinkable that it would cease by the multigenerational recipients.

We can't go forward, and we can't go back, as I see it, and there's a huge antipathy in Washington towards even having an actual real conversation about the problems. This can only lead to a crash, the question is when, not if. As I understood things you've written over the years, you seemed to pretty much agree with the conclusion. Do you see a way out now? I'd love to think one exists.

From: BubbaBob
Email: bob.hayles@juicymaters.com

Well, if you REALLY believe things will crash, the answer to your first question...the Bitcoin thing...is easy. Screw Bitcoins, screw gold...if things go to hell neither will be worth spit because you can't eat them or heat your home. Have access to a bit of land...two acres per regular sized family will do...spend the money to have a decent garden, a few chickens, a boar and a sow, and a source of milk.

If everything goes to hell, THAT will make you rich.

There is one other thing. People like to take as much as possible from the rich, and since you will be rich then, in real terms, people will be trying to take it. Be prepared to defend it. Donnie will have too much shit on his plate to be defending your garden.

Updated 12/18/13 7:00 PM (Pacific Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Yeah, kinda. You know the problem, surely. What's left to say?

What, should I tell everybody to move their retirement money into Bitcoins? Nothing has performed in 2013 like Bitcoins did, if you'd bought in early and got out on time you could have turned $10,000 into something like $75 million, they tell me.

A lot of folks are making money and having fun turning the dipshits of the world against one another even more deeply, as one gang of dipshits call themselves Republicans and the other Democrats, all the while being laughed at daily by the people they idolize on both sides.

I remember I was maybe nine years old and my stepfather was bitching about lawyers. He said that lawyers would scream and raise Cain in court back in the older days like they were true and passionate advocates of their clients, but he said when the bench would call recess for lunch, the lawyers would always, always sit at the same table. He was a simple soul who believed that he lived in a simple world where there were such things as objective right and wrong. You know, like the aforementioned political dipshits do.

What made me remember? Several pictures of our Ruling Class, laughing and wining and dining at your expense aboard Air Force One. The Clintons, Bush 43 and Laura, and Our President and First Lady, chuckling at the Little People who made it all possible, who gave up money for taxation they could ill afford and who sent their kids to die and be maimed in pointless Middle Eastern clusterfucks for the amusement of our Ruling Class.

I can't be arsed to move the pictures right now, but if you're curious, they're here. As the article says, if you get your news from usual sources, you'd never know how chummy in real life all these people actually are. Nobody is going to show you, either, because you might wake up and realize you're being played for a fool.

As for Pickens County, all I know is what the folks back home tell me, which is precious little. I pass through there sometimes on my way to someplace else, but maybe three times a year, tops. I'd like to live there again full time, but I'd also like to be able to eat and feed my children, and it will be years if ever before Georgia can pay me a living wage. Instead of this economic limbo with things not crashing but not getting better either, I'd like for it to go one way or another so I can see which direction I'm going to go. I'm thinking when they've borrowed all they can and get cut off, and when the SSI Disability Fund goes underwater in 2016, it'll go ahead and crash, and then I can come home.

From: BubbaBob
Email: bob.hayles@juicymaters.com

Huh...still alive, eh?

Updated 12/7/13 12:00 PM (Pacific Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Water park. Feh. There are what, two months out of the year due to climate that something like that would be feasible? My memory is that it's either too hot or too cold, and I'm speaking as somebody who pays for the use of the pools at Bent Tree every year even though I haven't been in them myself in probably ten years.

Having said that, the water park seems more probable than the other thing.

You raise an interesting point, though, about the former free markets...it's not impossible to picture a government-funded boondoggle tied to pork spending for someone well connected enough. I just can't picture who it could be that is also strongly tied to the area, because it's a short list of names and none of them are this fucking stupid. At least, they haven't been up to now, but maybe one of them has snapped. I hope so, because it will make for a lot of entertainment for me. I'd love to see the Federal government straight-up waste fifty million dollars in Jasper and have it result in a big political Whitewater-level stink, with every news organization you've ever heard of talking to everybody daily and finally the GAO or IRS forcing a bunch of Iran-Contra/Watergate hearings involving every piece of paper and every single signature made in Jasper City Hall for the last twenty years.

Hey, a man can dream.

I can easily see the real estate/construction class continuing to come up with pie-in-the-sky stuff like this, though, whether or not they can get it funded. The local political class has got to be hungry for the glory days back when money was free, because being part of local government had never mattered before, and fortunately for the rest of us never will again.

You're the mayor of Podunk Nowhere and suddenly big money people are kissing your ass...imagine it! Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and to make sure you always got a piece of the action you make a big land-grab up and down 515 where things will likely be built.

It goes on for years and you begin to believe you had something to do with it, then it goes away. Everybody with their hand in the jar has to be clamoring for something, anything, to fire back up and provide that sweet, sweet easy money like before, and since you were fool enough to act like it was either part you or all you that made it happen, they're looking at you. You're probably going to promise them something like this, or at least let someone else come in and promise it to them just to show them you're trying.

But yeah, in the end, it's bullshit. The "growth" in Pickens County was due to free money and everybody initially being able to find a bigger fool, but someone was always going to be left holding the bag. People get mad at me for praying for an economic collapse, but it's coming and I still think we'd be better off to take the whipping and get it over with. It would be infinitely preferable to all this unease and high unemployment and eventual inflation that we are left with in this artificially propped up "zombie" economy. Let it fall, so we can put it back together, preferably with a solid currency and none of the other mistakes we let greed take us into.

From: Dan.Druff
Email: Dandruff@itch.net

I'll be stunned if it ever happens. Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me. Good luck financing it - no bank is going to touch it. Private money? Possibly, but private lenders aren't stupid and they charge rates and fees to compensate them for financing deals the banks won't do. There is empty commercial and industrial space within the county.

Assisted living? I will grant you that as the boomers age, this is probably an industry with potential. That said, upscale assisted living facilities are often inhabited with well-heeled residents .. God help those folks who hope insurance might cover them - even if they think they currently have arranged for a solid policy. With all that is happening with "healthcare" in this country right now, and the fucking chaos that government intervention is having in the (formerly) free markets ... but I digress...

My major point here is that it will be a LONG TIME before anything like this becomes remotely viable in this area. Pessimism? Possibly - but I view it as realism based solely on the economics of the matter. Look around .... is smart money pouring millions into a mixed use project in Jasper, GA?

I could be proven wrong ... have been before. These guys are talking about a 3-5 year build out. We'll see ...

If they do give the city a check, I hope it's in certified funds ... and I hope the city is quick to deposit it.

If you missed it being on the Left Coast and all ... this is all on top of the multimillion dollar water park that is being proposed further north on 515 in Jasper (though the original proposal was for a tract out around Hinton .... yes, that is correct - Hinton).

Big things are happening here, man. You won't recognize it in a couple of years ...

And again I say: bullshit.

Updated 12/6/13 12:00 PM (Pacific Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Yeah, buddy!

I've already said if I can make it happen, I'd like to come home to retire, but I have extensive roots in the area. For someone who doesn't, it's going to be a hard sell. It'll be cheap to live there compared to Los Angeles or New York, but other places will be cheaper still. You can live well in East Tennessee and parts of the Carolinas for next to nothing, and you can own Mississippi if you like. If you don't really care where you go, there are literally thousands of better or at least cheaper options.

Reading between the lines, that's what I'm seeing here, especially with the "assisted living" bit thrown in the middle. They are hoping that people sell their expensive homes in expensive areas and move to the middle of nowhere to buy a place for ten percent of the proceeds so they can invest and live off the remaining 90 percent plus pensions, Social Security, and whatever they've saved/invested otherwise.

I was back home for a couple of days in August. Big Canoe and Bent Tree pretty much went up for sale in 2010 and have been for sale ever since. Both places are pretty much already being run as light assisted living. "Security" in Bent Tree, which I'm much more familiar with, was renamed "Public Safety" and the folks who worked there were retrained as firefighters and paramedics to support the assisted living mission. Big Canoe has historically been even better equipped.

Old white people love gated communities. I'm white and old enough to be able to make this statement. You'll be able to purchase stand alone housing in either place for prices comparable to a condo in the new development, with the benefits of the country clubs included.

People like me with traditional roots in the area *will* want to come back, but of those, for the bulk it will not be possible because of obligations wherever they currently are. When the grandchildren start to be born, they will not leave their grandchildren to go back to Jasper. Also, many of us already have substantial property holdings in Pickens County, we might build a house but it will be on our terms and on land we already own. I will miss the staggering convenience of Los Angeles and the ten thousand food choices within easy reach, but I imagine I won't be able to afford to retire here.

Further, there's no long-term benefit to the everyday people of the county. The jobs associated with this project will be low-paying service jobs, lots of minimum wage and lots of turnover.

A small handful of people who already have plenty of money will get a little bit richer as a result of this, and when the dust settles and the "new" wears off, nothing much will have changed.

From: Dan.Druff
Email: Dandruff@itch.net

Based on your recent post, I bet you will love this:

A developer is proposing a multimillion dollar, mixed use project on Hwy 515 in Jasper. This was a front page article in the local paper this week (also via an online site called Fetch Your News which has video of the presentation to the city council).

According to what is being reported, among the first things to be built will be an 80+ room hotel. Future plans call for townhomes and condos, assisted living facilities, restaurants, commercial space ... The developer is even donating some acreage to the city along with a check for $50K to build a park.

Things are booming here. The time is right. Build it and they will come. Only a naysayer would say nay to this.

Updated 12/1/13 7:00 PM (Pacific Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

Firestorm, whoever you are, please contact me directly. I haven't felt like JS was needed in a long time, but something happened that changed my mind. I can't run it like it needs to be run, largely because I'm simply not there anymore and can't make people look me in the eye like I used to when I asked them questions.

I think you are, and I think you would. If you're interested, let me know. I'll figure out how to make it happen.

I have been gone for three years as of March. Time flies. I left in response to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, when I also lost most of my net worth. I figured it was the end of the world, so I went to Paris, then London, then Wiltshire, then London, then Paris. It settled in on me that the world was going to keep turning, and I needed to go to work again, so then it was New Jersey, then Los Angeles where I've been ever since. It took me a couple of years to accept that I had to leave before I actually did, and by then I thought it was all over for everybody.

JS was needed, and badly, in the years prior to 2008. Everbody I knew, or so it seemed, had bought into the notion that houses were going to go up forever and as a result owed about 50% than their homes were worth. Oddly, I myself did not do this, but where I went wrong was I was standing behind a bunch of folks I never believed would leave me holding the bag, my father and brother among them. JS had warnings almost every day of the impending real estate implosion...then it happened. There was nothing left to say, and certainly nothing good to say, so I quit talking.

Something else has happened, though, and I've got to mention it so I can go on looking at myself in the mirror.

What I've observed is that North Georgia is like a beehive. When there is opportunity, a lot of people are needed all at once to "strike while the iron is hot". When there is not, people are just in each other's way and are treated as such in both society and under the law. If they don't actively need you, they don't understand why you don't just wither up and die.

What was different this time? The whole thing was fake. Real wages hadn't risen since the 1970s. Even during "the boom", people were supplementing their incomes with money they were pulling out of their houses, which is why everybody ended up with negative equity. Note that in a lot of cases, people weren't just blowing the money, they were paying living expenses with it.

When that was gone, they turned to credit cards, supplementing their income with high-interest credit card loans. There were so many offers, you could just keep flipping your balances every six months and never pay the piper.

When everything went to Hell, and there was no where left to borrow money to make up the difference, a lot of every day people realized they could get on Social Security Disability. They could draw $1100 a month (average) and it would fill in until they could draw regular Old Age Social Security payments. They could mow lawns and trim trees and fix cars and cut hair or maybe grow a little marijuana for extra cash, all off the books. It was almost a living if you did it right.

Note that I am not judging here, I am just reporting what I have seen. I don't care if you are on SSI Disability, but if you are, you need to keep reading. Your ass is on the line.

People aren't bees. They aren't going to wither up and die when the hive no longer really needs them, and Disability was a way out.

We had a whole class of people finally, the folks who in prior years would have been involved in the sort of manufacturing we used to do in this country, on Disability. More and more people piled into the wagon, with fewer and fewer folks left to push.

Since roughly 2009, Pickens County has been run pretty much solely on entitlement payments. Either SSI or EBT or some combination of programs keeps the whole thing turning. Here's where the problem comes in:

The DI Trust Fund will become depleted in 2016.

In a very short time, Social Security Disability is going away. Congress could borrow more money, but they probably will be running into their own credit problems by then as foreign governments stop having money to lend because of their own problems.

If you read the fine print, the Trustees think they can scrape together 80% of what has been promised for some period of time after 2016, but my belief is that even a 20% haircut will take Pickens County down.

Every business in Pickens County is being run on a very tight profit margin, and it would not take much to drive most of the businesses into the red. Yes, Wal-Mart is a big organization, and makes money in other places, but they are not a charity and if they are not profitable in Jasper, they will close and so will everybody else.

Even if you or nobody you know draws Disability, you will be affected because a lot of things you count on will dry up due to lack of profitability.

My advice? The same as it has been for the last ten years, I just couldn't bring myself to admit it applied to me, too: Run. If you can get out, and especially if you have kids for who you would like to be able to provide some sort of opportunity, get them out of there. My plan is to try to get into some position that will allow me to eventually come back with a wad of cash and retire, but if you're like me and you have to work for your money, you can do better pretty much anywhere else right now.

You certainly don't want to be stuck holding the bag on the day the government checks don't come.

From: Mike
Email: michael.clayton.7355@facebook.com

Tractor Supply in Jasper SUCKS!

I spent over $700 in there @ their Grand Opening.They put the same item on sale for Christmas for$500 ... they won't match the price.... THEY SUCK!

There's your thanks.

From: Firestorm
Email: Occupied Georgia, CSA

Interesting story:

Behead those who insult soccer.

That and three other articles where I commented are no longer available on the website. I wonder if they didn't like my PiedmontBloodandSoil persona and nuked the full articles because they don't have enough control of their own comment feed to just get rid of me. (That, or they're just having server trouble. Of course that explanation doesn't feed my persecution complex and therefore that can't be it.)

Not sure what you could have done for these people, short of becoming a demagogue yourself.

We already tried... um, whatever it is you want to call our current system (liberal capitalism, cultural marxism, pax Americana, anarcho-tyranny), and that's as dead as the old Soviet Union (if not yet dead, in the end stages of rabid hydrophobia). It's vestiges are rapidly rotting away, they now do us more harm than good, and we'll be better off when its zombiefied corpse is nothing more than dust. The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

But with what shall we replace it? Libertarianism and market anarchism? That used to make a lot of sense to me: the system falls, the best become better, the unwashed masses bloom beneath a new rain of liberty, and the worst won't be an issue after the first good winter.

(Contra Rand: I did consider it a duty to aid those who couldn't aid themselves, and my ideal libertarian ubermensch was more "gentleman farmer" than "innovative industrialist").

Did that happen in post-Soviet Russia? No libertarian uplift that I know of, unless you count the Russian Mob. The best drank themselves into oblivion, the mediocre sold their kids to foreigners and the worst stole entire bridges to pay for their krokodile. (I admit to being a Rusophile but that country is dysfunctional in ways that I think can only be understood from being born there. Kind of like the American South, actually.) Much has been said of post-Soviet melancholy and how it's an intrinsic part of Russian culture, but what are we to say now that we see much of the same appearing in America?

Libertarianism is right out. Might work on an island full of highly-motivated super-geniuses, but most people need a guiding authority in their lives. Take it away from them, and they become completely unhinged.

Fascism? It does seem to be working in Russia (for now) and it might be the only hope to stem the Mohammedan tide in Europe, but will it work long-term? Maybe. Historically though, the leadership and the natural aristocracy had quite the predilection for betrayal and needless sacrifice of their peons. Saith Chesterton: The real argument against aristocracy is that it always means the rule of the ignorant. For the most dangerous of all forms of ignorance is ignorance of work.

So, civilization is dying, and I see fewer and fewer ways to stem the coming darkness (or even save a few of our loved ones from the worst effects thereof). Is it the best we can do to wipe random flecks of foam from its lips?

Updated 7/6/13 7:00 PM (Pacific Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

I'd say you're shitting me, but I went and looked for myself. Apparently it's true to the extent I can verify it from Los Angeles.

You know whose fault this is, right? It's mine, at least in part. I saw, and in fact posted a little bit about what was going to happen with the "tea party" if people capable of thinking didn't step in and do the thinking for that crowd. You think you're joking about the Golden Dawn, but you're not. I should have engaged them a little more back when they were still listening. I have a great love for the everyday people of North Georgia, but they have always been their own worst enemy and it doesn't look like that is going to change anytime soon.

Right now, there's still enough fear to keep everybody in line, but all it is going to take is the proper demagogue and then it's all over. Look at recent history if you don't believe me.

Every time someone is put forward who is saying all the right things and who has the right look, they all latch on like a bunch of suckling pigs. They latched on to Limbaugh, and Hannity, and Huckaby, and Palin, and the list goes on. The only thing that has saved us, and them, thus far is that fact that everybody who has been in that position just wanted to make money, they didn't really want to lead that crowd into Hell.

They're already quite accustomed to prosperty theology and it won't take much of a bump to go from preacher to demagogue. There have been plenty of useful idiots already. We're just waiting for Mr. Right, or Reverend Dr. Right, maybe.

You may recall I called the "tea party" folks a bunch of fucking idiots on these pages, but that was unkind and characteristically blunt of me. I read "Atlas Shrugged", too. The difference between me and the "tea party" folks is that I understood it and don't need a movie to explain it to me.

The reason I said the "tea party" folks were idiots is because they can't recognize their own best interest. None of them would be welcome in Galt's Gulch. Ayn Rand considered the everyday person to be below her, somehow beneath her contempt. She thought they were parasites who fed on greater people until the greater people had no blood left to give. Galt's Gulch wasn't a haven for "tea party" type people, it was a protection *from* that sort of people.

Ayn Rand believed that she and hers were better than you and that you couldn't even keep the lights on if someone wasn't around to show you how to do it every minute of every day.

Authoritarians, which is another name for the "tea party" crowd along with "neocons", are dangerous because they feel, they don't think, and in most cases they've never been encouraged to think. This is dangerous because an asshole like me can make you feel any way I want you to feel. If I can get enough people together and make them feel a certain way, mob mentality will self-reinforce my goal and I can have them burn books and shortly afterwards burn people, all with very little effort and almost no danger to myself.

They always have two sets of books, too, one for what they want to do and another for everyone else. For example, they will express anger to the point of tears about people getting welfare and taking their tax money but then cheerfully accept food stamps/EBT Cards because that's not welfare if they do it, it's just a "little help". The more radical among them will bomb abortion clinics to save the babies, but when they or their daughters need an abortion, well then, that's "different". The loudest among them on the tax issue are usually net tax consumers, in other words they get far more benefit from the tax base than they will ever contribute in their lives.

Prosperity gospel is the exact opposite of the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the "tea party" movement is the exact opposite of what increasingly displaced everyday workers need. I assure each and every one of you that the management/owner class in this country can take its own position, it doesn't need you to undo a hundred years of social progress and respect for the little guy. People bled and suffered for you to have what few rights you possess, and only a group of fucking idiots would openly petition the government to remove what protection still remains while using a house of God to show the propaganda of a group that has always held you in contempt...at the very best.

From: Firestorm
Email: Occupied Georgia, CSA



I've already mentioned how juxtaposing Randian heroes and religious themes is paradoxically brilliant, and it seems I have a friend adding his own insightful commentary. Anything to shake the indolent Pravda bluepills out of their comfort zone.

What I'm waiting to see is free movie night sponsored by the Pickens County Golden Dawn. It's coming.

From: Sibondo
Email: dr.carter93@gmail.com

Yeah, I get the control speech a lot. But the word that is being used the most here lately is "respect". He goes on in those garbled texts you spoke of and says, "We don't respect him." I'll be honest. He's always provided me with what I needed to survive. Always made sure I had food and clothing. A roof over my head. And I do respect him for that. I respect him as a provider and am thankful for those things he provided me with. But he hasn't given me much of a reason to respect him as a human being. We bury our own in the South. Especially our maternal figures. He can't scream "abandonment" and then neglect his duties as a son. I can't respect an individual who can't help their own mother get to the grave. He has left you to fight his battles for him, again. Just like Grandad's lawsuit. When things get difficult he'd rather you handle things. As far as respect goes, those who have to demand respect often haven't earned it. I do pity him. I could never hate him though. Because at the end of the day I'm not responsible for his actions. He has to lay down with the decisions he's made every night. So I refuse to inconvenience myself with anger and frustration on his behalf.

Updated 4/21/13 10:00 PM (Pacific Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

I want to go. However, I've got two major stumbling blocks.

The first one is the cash. As it stands, I will have to borrow the money to go and see to her arrangments when she dies, as I am the only one who can and will. I had to write a enormous check on the fifteenth for taxes. I saw her just after Christmas and talked to her on the phone in February. I have funded numerous trips for my oldest kid to go down there to Pensacola to check on her while all this has been going on, and that has cost money. Her youngest son couldn't and her middle son wouldn't go back down there.

I have to ensure that I can be there to talk to the funeral home and be certain everything is done for her. It's pretty clear my brothers can't or won't help me, respectively. I am uncertain of my ability to borrow the money twice. Plane tickets are expensive, last minute ones crazily so and then there's the hotels to deal with. I just don't have it.

The other is my own health. I have not made much mention of it, but I am all but crippled with arthritis myself. No shit, I actually have one of those little blue things for handicapped people so I don't have to park so far away from a building and everything. I am fortunate that my job isn't terribly physical and doesn't require me to be present in an office all the time. A big reason that I went to California was that if I was in Georgia I'd be made to show up and sit there even if there was nothing to do just like every other job I had in Georgia. In California, I pretty much set my own schedule unless a customer has an emergency and I get three times what I would have made in Georgia to do it. Of course, it costs me twice as much to stay in Los Angeles as it would have in Jasper, and I've got two kids in college, so I still don't have any money but at least I can still work. I pay more in rent in LA than I cleared in salary when I worked for GPTV in Atlanta.

Ten years ago, I could have had Ringling Brothers come out and bury her using elephants for the pallbearers if I wanted. I didn't go house crazy like everybody else, but I was buying bits and pieces of things everywhere. I was making money literally while I slept, as people were doing things with it on the other side of the world in daylight. That was then. Everything went to zero and everybody but me filed bankruptcy, and I should have, too. Now, it's an act of Congress to get anything done, even with pre-pledged loan money. I was standing behind a lot of different things that crashed in 2008-09 and I couldn't cover them all and it showed up on my credit paperwork, so no bank is going to want to hear from me now. I will have to bury her with what money I can borrow or shake out of individuals who owe me and who otherwise would never have paid me and who I would never have bothered to ask for it, and I'll have to be there in person to do some reminding and pull that off.

Somewhere in the midst of dealing with literal crippling physical pain and dealing with the emotional loss that accompanies the death of one's mother, I'll get it all done, but I can't run back and forth.

And Sibondo, I got about fifteen typically garbled text messages in which your dad let me have it, just like I told you he would. I offered to print a top page retraction of anything that he could demonstrate was a falsehood, but he said to leave it as it would serve to remind him of my backstabbing ways or some such. In other words, it was all true.

The theme of the messages were control, I was doing this because I couldn't control him, he was sick of being controlled, and so on. When I tried to express that this wasn't for me, it was for our mutual mother, he said that in his view she took off to Florida and abandoned us all and he'd already mourned her loss. I told him it didn't work that way, she needed him now. More blathering about control ensued, or so I think. He's not big on punctuation.

I had just reminded him that he will lie down tonight and most every night on property she gave him free and clear. That isn't abandonment. I did not care for Mom's choices most of the time either but abandonment was not the issue. During the height of the real estate madness, the little house on his two acre lot appraised for over $150,000. They offered me $100,000 for mine two years before. How many people really inherit anything in this country? Up to today, he sort of inherited that land (she didn't wait to die, she handed out what she had in Georgia to who she meant to hand things, including land) and he had around $100,000 in cash from our grandfather's estate. He's not been abandoned, not when you figure in everything. There's a whole lot of people in Pickens County who would be okay with being abandoned like that.

LP is right, though, I don't have to answer for him. I will do the best I can. I was able to be there for Mom's mother when she died, although Mom wasn't. I didn't know where Mom was at the time, you know how it is with drug addicts. She wasn't really interested in what was going on with her mother, either, so maybe it runs in the family.

My advice to you, Sibondo, is to try not to hate him. He's more deserving of your pity than your hatred. I know it's rough and there's this father-son dynamic going on, too, but he is currently as completely lost as he's ever been. I do not know this woman he is with, but I suspect she does not comprehend the danger she is in from him. Right now, everything is still relatively new and he hasn't forgotten how many people he asked to marry him before she came along, so he's minding his manners. That will all go out the window when she makes the right kind of mistake and his emotions get away from him.

I do not believe she is quick enough to handle him, or confuse him long enough to get away from him. She does not know what sort of bull she rides, because she's never seen the gate opened. She hasn't had time. It's easy enough currently for her to tell him hey, look at all these people who are lined up against you, it's just me and you against the world, baby, nobody ever really loved you but me and see how they're proving it...and that will work for a good long while. When it stops, it will be sudden, and brutal, and for her it'll be unexpected. She's deflected him about money and little things so easily because he was lonely, and therefore easy to handle. It's funny how he goes on about control, because when he gets sideways like he does, he doesn't even have control of himself. She'll find out, unfortunately, and I'll get another phone call with a contrite brother on the other end. I've seen this movie before.

A big part of why I'm having so much trouble with all this is because I'm not by Mom's side any more than he is. He could be there in 6 hours, easy. I've seen him make that trip, down and back, in the same day. He could go, and could've been down there off and on all along, and I would have given him the gas money. Yes, I'm half crippled and three thousand miles away, but it still doesn't feel like enough excuse for a Southern boy. Yes, I'm giving him hell, but I'm not sparing myself because there really isn't any excuse, only reasons.

She has been kept full of Morphine and has not regained consciousness since March sometime and the only thing that is keeping me from coming now is that I really believe she will need me to be there directing things when she passes more than she needs me to be there getting the quilt wet with my useless tears.

From: Lay Preacher
Email: laypreacher@jaspersucks

Dear Jeff,

It don't matter what others do or don't do. What really matters is what YOU do.

Get off your butt and GO.

From: sibondo
Email: dr.carter93@gmail.com

I know. But it's not like I didn't live through it. Nothing you said was a lie or even a stretch of the truth. There isn't anything that you can say to alter my opinion of him. So when the time comes, don't let him convince you that you did influence me. He'll try every way he can to make it seem as though I don't have opinions of my own. And he'll blame you for the things I've said. The truth is, he's too much of a coward to face me after what he did. It's easier to be an ostrich.

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

I just want to say that I wrote what I did because I was somewhere between disgusted and destroyed, not because I wanted to give you a bad view of your father. He will read and then accuse me of trying to stir up shit, which is his way of saying "daring to have an opinion".

They told me two days ago that my mother had about two days. As a result, I've been jumping out of my skin every time the phone has rung today. I haven't even bothered to get out of bed today, either. I figured I'm going to be here when the time comes, sobbing into a pillow, I might as well just remain in position.

From: Sibondo
Email: dr.carter93@gmail.com

Nothing that dad does for you is ever out of the goodness of his heart. I've had to rethink every good deed the man did for me to see if he benefited from it or not.

But if you want something you'll find a way to do it with or without someone. And so far, I'm doing a good job making it without him. Not by choice of course. As far as my grandmother is concerned, it's like you said. Once she stopped producing any usefulness to him, she was disposable. He would rather kiss the online girlfriend's ass than have anything to do with his own flesh and blood.

By the time he realizes who is important to him it''ll be too late. He refuses to talk to his father who has been diagnosed with three different types of cancers. Just because he's holding on to old grudges. It must hurt being led around by your balls. And it must get old never having an opinion of your own because you are too much of a coward to speak up. I just described every day of my father's life.

Updated 4/11/13 7:50 PM (Pacific Time)

From: Jeff
Email: jeff@jaspersucks.com

No, it's been years. I've thought about looking her up, but there's never any time.

I don't hear from anybody really anymore. When I do, it's never good news.

I'm in California myself these days most of the time. Technology moved on to the point that I can talk to Pickens County every day if I want, but I can't be there very much. Little by little I've lost touch.

The most recent call was to my oldest kid, who is doing a pretty good job of running things for me in Pickens, what little that I have left to run there. A big storm was brewing, she said. It's that time of year.

She also said that some son of a bitch took a four-wheeler and tried to rip all the copper electrical line out of the ground at one of the rental trailers. He got about six feet before his four-wheeler wouldn't pull anymore or before somebody surprised him at his thievery, in other words maybe he covered the gas it took to go up there and try to steal from me. God knows what it will cost me to get somebody to go up there and fix it.

She's trying to organize a trip to Pensacola, where yesterday they put my mother into the Hospice program. Mom is to the point where the pain and the drugs pretty much balance out. More drugs will kill her. They call that process "hospice care" to differentiate it legally from the sort of care where you're keeping someone alive.

It's a weird time. She had three living children, of which I am the eldest and the only responsible one. I am on duty on the other side of the continent and can't get to Pensacola. Her next eldest, having come to understand that her death does not mean there will be anything for him to obtain, has washed his hands of her. Her youngest has returned from Mexico and will be going to Pensacola tomorrow.

I would like to say I am angry and confused and surprised by my brother's refusal to visit his mother on her way to the grave. I am not. This is the same brother who did not attend his son's high school graduation because there had been an argument. This son is his only son. I am not sure how much they have spoken since, nor if my brother cares. My brother essentially financially abandoned his son for the final year of high school, the most expensive year, in favor of doing things his online girlfriend wanted done. When it became obvious that the online girlfriend was the problem, my nephew complained. My brother ignored him, and ninety days or so later after first meeting the online girlfriend, my brother moved her into his house. There was no longer enough room for my nephew...so out he went in favor of the online girlfriend. My brother didn't even want my nephew to take his bed and clothes. He would have thrown his own son naked into the world in favor of somebody online. This is what family means to him.

I have seen my brother drive to Panama City and back in the same day, no sweat. Not this time, though, not even for a minute.

He is that most rare of creatures, the Southern-born man who does not give a shit about his mother.

He's living on property she gave him, in fact, most of what he has has been given to him in one way or another. I do not think I could lie down and go to sleep every night on land my mother gave me knowing that I hadn't had the decency to go see her one last time six hours away, but that is where we are different, I guess.

My own feelings are difficult. It's true, Mom was a drug addict. She was from that period of time when they were handing out Valium to unfulfilled housewives like it was candy. She had legitimate anxiety problems, but the Valium made sure she had two speeds instead of just one, wide open. The second speed was zonked out of her head, accomplishing nothing.

She was not fun to be around as a small kid when she was out of drugs, seeing shit that wasn't there or not seeing shit that was there. I guess I was about eight when demons started moving her hairbrushes from one room to another. She went to the Baptist church and the fucking superstitious idiots there made it worse by confirming that why, yes, demons actually would stop their work with corrupting world leaders to come hide hairbrushes from whacked-out-on-drugs young mothers in trailer parks. Between the way the First Baptist church would dispense superstitious bullshit in measured, calm tones and the Ah-HA! screaming of the country Baptist preachers, is it any wonder I developed a lifelong hatred of the Baptist church and anything it touched? I'm sure I'm not the only country kid that the church failed in a spectacular way, but I can't imagine how it actually worked against another kid in the way it worked against me. It never once occurred to anybody but my grandparents that maybe she needed some mental help, and they didn't move against her for the fear they'd never see me and my brother again.

Still, she was Mom, you know? There are very few memories she doesn't feature in from the first twenty years of my life. I owe her my intelligence, I guess, because somebody in that house had to be smart. I learned a whole lot about what not to do about life from her. Often it's been remarked upon by family members that while nobody is sure what she intended, nobody can argue that she made me both fearless and tough as nails. If "mother" is the name of God on the heart of any single digit aged kid, then she taught me to stand to battle against anybody, God included if necessary, even if she couldn't teach me to always like doing so.

A lot of the distance between us emotionally came from the fact that she was so mind-numbingly stupid. She said a few times that even when I was very small, she could look at me and tell I was thinking "what the Hell is the matter with you?". It must be hard to face the judgment of a single digit aged kid, and she never really forgave me for it.

As distant as she was with me, she was extremely close to the brother who will now not go to see her in her final moments. He was actually the executor of her estate, her confidant, you name it, back when she had something he could get for his trouble. Once he was certain there was nothing else to get, he was out, though. She called me half a dozen times over the years for money, and I gave it to her even though I knew she could as well buy drugs as food. My brother never did. He didn't care.

I saw her when I could. I visited her briefly in Florida during the July 4th holiday during 2011. I didn't see her again until December 27 of last year, four months ago. She had been in an awful drug-related car crash two months before. She was the passenger. The driver was killed, but not instantly. Mom was destroyed, but not killed.

When I saw her four months ago, her head looked like a baseball where all the stitches crisscrossed her scalp. Her hair still hadn't come back. She had been in a coma for most of November and her body was all drawn to one side like people who have had strokes.

Miraculously, that day she could speak. She knew who I was. I thought she was going to live, if you could call being bedridden and drawn sideways living. She was 62. She looked like she was easily 90 something.

They took her from Panama City to Pensacola because they said they could do rehab for her at the place in Pensacola. Instead, they let her get bedsores from never bothering with her after they realized that she couldn't be rehabilitated, and those got infected. Suddenly, she was in Hell.

She had said at different times she didn't want to go out like that. She didn't want to live as a vegetable, or in chronic pain. The doctors called me here in California and told me that she wasn't going to get better, her skin wasn't going to heal and stay healed. They wanted to send her to Hospice Care so different rules would kick in and they could actually medicate the fuck out of her and take away all the pain as opposed to giving her minimum dosages due to concern about how it might affect her breathing.

How do you answer that? The woman who bore you is going to suffer and die if you don't agree, but she's going to die if you do. There's no outcome that doesn't end in Mom's death, because Mom is essentially already dead, all but legally.

She's too sick to talk now, and what they've had to give her to keep her from screaming and moaning will make sure she never understands what you try to tell her ever again.

I'm winding down and handing off my responsibilities here in California in preparation to go to Florida, but I'm quite sure from everything I'm hearing that there's no way I can do it in time to see her one last time before she dies.

From: Lay Preacher
Email: laypreacher@jaspersucks.com

Hey Jeff,

Do you ever hear from Tink - the one out in Californy ? Ifen you do - tell her I wish her well.

Do you ever hear from Church Lady anymore? She was a gooden whut wif her Wednesday night prayer meeting shenanigans. Seems like that wood be a good one for the County Deeputey to crank up a Barney Fife file about.

And shut aboot you Jeff, you still alive & tickin?

See yah in Church - any Church - Jes Go