Song of Hiawatha Lace Stole
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Hiawatha Stole

It's done!!  It's done!!
The first picture shows the patterns at the ends.

Blocked shawl

This picture shows some of the patterns in the center of the shawl.

Center patterns

The Knitting:
Well, I totally lost count of everything in the past month!  I started the shawl on January 5, 2004, and unpinned it from blocking on March 5, 2004.  I didn't knit on it every day, but when I did knit, I sometimes spent 4 or 5 hours per day.
It really wasn't that hard!  The only hard parts came when I found a dropped stitch and had to take out 7 or 8 rows and then re-knit.  Getting everything back on the needles correctly was a bit of a challenge.  Oh, and the instructions for turning the corner weren't too clear to me.  But Anne Bosch at Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill (where I bought the pattern) was VERY helpful in giving me the hint I needed to turn the corner and get it done.
It was fun to do, and right now I feel odd not having a big, complicated project on the needles.  But I don't expect that state of affairs to last long.  I'm hooked on lace now.

January 12, 2004
A day of Aggravation.
I was going along great guns today, hoping to make good progress.
Hah!  That didn't last long!
I made an error and dropped a stitch, or something.  Since I'm
terrible at figuring out what happened and fixing it, I spent a long tim
picking out stitches until I knew I was ok and then knitting back up.
Result:  6 hours of knitting, only 11 net rows done.
And my eyes are strained from peering at stitches.
This is the sort of thing I worry about when I knit lace.
But I'm back on track now.  Maybe I can stay on track!

January 11, 2004
I'm starting the last section on the first side.  This section contains 3 different patterns, worked A, B, C, B, A.  Keeping track of the different patterns has slowed me down quite a bit.  It took nearly 3 hours last night to do 16 rows.
Last night I had to take a little break from this project.  I went back to the Faroese shawl I'd started knitting as practice for this stole.  I finished the chart for the bottom border.  What was interesting was how simple this pattern seemed after working on Hiawatha!  The placement and direction of the yo's and decreases seemed natural and intuitive.  
I guess I'm learning lots of stuff from this project.  Cool! 

Last section, first side

January 8, 2004
Third section complete.  This section represents Pine Trees.
I like this pattern.
The next section of the pattern isn't charted. 
That worries me, because I really like charts.  It's easier to keep track
of what you're doing with a chart.  At least for me, it is!

Third sections ("Pine Trees") completed

January 7, 2004.
The first two sections are complete!
The first section is supposed to represent Starlight;
the second section represents Feathers.
Since I'm counting-impaired, I always have problems for the first few rows
of a new pattern.  Judicious use of stitch markers
and magnets to hold my place on the chart help a lot!
The knitting is slightly stretched to help show the patterns.

Two sections complete

Horizontal Divider 3

January 5, 2004:  The pattern arrives
I do a bit of swatching to decide which needle size to use.
I decided on size 5 straight needles.
The pattern is worked from the center to one end,
then picked up from the other side of the center
and worked to the other end.
The edging is knit last.

First section:  The Starlight
I've decided I like 6 stitch repeat lace patterns!

First day of knitting

The raw materials:  3 balls of JaggerSpun Zephyr (630 yds per ball),
a 50% silk, 50% merino wool lace yarn
Susan Bates 10 inch knitting needles, size 5
Pattern from Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mills

Tools and materials

Blackberry Ridge