Electric Boat Components

This section gives you access to many of the best sites for obtaining solar electric and electric boat components. I've reviewed each site listed here.

Defender Industries
a source for solar and wind charging products as well as for wiring components and related accessories. They also provide inboard drive train parts.

One of the best sources for low retail prices on submersible electric motors.

A broad range of ecology sensitive products including solar and related products.

Sun Electronics
A good site for low cost name brand solar panels as well as wind turbines and related equipment.

Sierra Solar
A good site for exploring solar products and references.

Solar Depot
A good solar products site.

Dealers Electric
One of the best sources for low retail prices on used, rebuilt and surplus electric motors. Check out the internet specials section.

KTA Services
A wide selection of electric vehicle components, concentrating on electric cars. Many electric boaters purchase motors and controllers from this company.

EV Parts (merged with Wilde Evolutions)
A wide selection of electric vehicle components, concentrating on electric cars. Many electric boaters purchase motors and controllers from this company. They sell the E-Trek motor and controller and offer a special marine section of the web site

MSC Direct
A large Industrial supplier which carries belt reduction components and other hardware suitable for electric boats.

Provides drive train load bearings and other hardware.

West by North Enterprises
Provides low area fixed and folding sailor propellers to match your engine,transmission and boat including campbell sailer which is a high efficiency, low area prop.

Michigan Wheel Corporation
They provide low area sailboat props and will match the prop to your motor and boat.

Glen L
Provide the components needed for an electric drive.

Elliot Bay
Provides electric boats kits and components.

Falcon EV
Provides comparative information and pricing for their line of light weight NiMH and Lithium batteries.

Electric Outboard Motors

Ray Electric Outboards
The standard for reliable electric outboards which obtain hull speeds for most larger electric boats.

Minn Kota Motors
Provides a full line up of trolling and primary power submersible outboards.

Torqeedo Motors
Provides a line of electric outboards. The travel series motors have integrated Lithium Manganese Batteries

Panther Marine
This company provides electric motors designed to be attached to outboard motors. They have been incorporated in boats as primary propulsion motors.

Electric Inboard Motors

Steyr Motors
This company produces a line of diesel engines with integrated electric drive.The integrated featues include: 10 hp electric drive, diesel generator, engine booster, prop energized generator, and backup starter motor

Electric Yacht
This company provides a complete inboard power system for a reasonable price for boats up to 35 ft. long. The system includes mounting hardware (to fit existing engine mounts), belt speed reduction, motor controller and throttle control. .

Solomon Technologies
They provide the electric wheel marine propulsion system. This is a permanent magnet brushless low speed motor for direct drive use. The system is available in 6 and 12 hp versions. regeneration is built into the controller (batteries can be recharged durring sailing). The site has detailed installation and performance information for several marine installations. They provide engineering and installation support.

Beckman Electric Drive Systems
They provide series wound motors with a built in gearbox for marine applications in several voltages. They also provide suitable props and other components as well as engineering and installation support

Lynch Motors
This UK firm supplies inboard electric motors for boats and other vehicles.

NGC Marine
This company sells the Thoosa electric propulsion system in several sizes for inboard applications.

This company provides brushless inboard direct drive motors with integrated mounts, controller and cooling pump.

Metric Mind
This company provides inboard AC electric boat systems.

MW Line
This Swiss company provides many electric boat components and conversion / design services . (text is now available in english)

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