Electric Boat Builders

This section provides, what I hope to be, the most comprehensive list of electric boat builders available. Please feel free to notify me of any omissions.

US and Canadian Electric Boat Builders

Adirondack Electric Boats
Builder of a 16 ft electric double ender.

American Beauty Boats
Builder of electric runabout style boats in "wood-look" finished fiberglass.

Ashton Boat Works
Builder of an electric drive pontoon boat.

Beckman Electric Boats
Builder of several launch type boats powered by inboard electric motors.

Black River Boats
Builder of an several wood kayak and skiff type boats powered by internally installed submersible motors.

Bobcat Boats
Builder of several submersible electric motor powered piroques.

Budsin Wood Craft
Builder of wood launch type boats powered by inboard electric motors.

Canadian electric boat company
Builder of several launch type boats.

Cobalt Marine
Builder of several launch type boats powered by internally installed submersible trolling type motors. They start at 13 ft in length.

Elco Electric Launch Incorporated
Builder of inboard electric powered launches 19, 24 and 30 ft in length. They offer generator equiped hybrid versions

Builder of the Island Pilot DSe Hybrid Cruising Yacht. The vessel is due to be available in 2008

Builder of a 12 foot electic runabout

Builder of an inboard electric powered launches and catamarans

Builder of inboard electric powered launches and catamarans.

Griffin Leisure Boats
Builder of electric outboard motors and electric boats

Johnson outdoors Watercraft
Builder an electric paddle wheel boat.

Martini Boats
Builder of launch and trawler type electric boats powered by vetus 24 volt drives.

Nauticraft Electric Boat
Builder of a fiberglass launch and several models of a futuristic style of electric boat built in rotomolded polyethylene.

Ontario Canada Builder of custom electric pontoon boats.

Spincraft Boats
Spincraft features an electric launch with a built in generator as well as a smaller electric boat.

The Little Boat Shop
Builder of classic wood boats and launches.

The Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company
Builder of Loon, a 20 ft solar assisted electric pontoon boat.

The Endeavour Green Electric Hybrid Yachts Company
Builder of 24 ft electric launches including a diesel hybrid model.

European and Australlian Electric Boat Builders

Austrian producer of high speed electric boats capable of 15 knots and the ability to pull waterskiers. In German -

Danish builder of electric powered swan and flamingo shaped boats (I kid you not) (Text available in English).

Ruban Bleu
French builder of an several inboard electric powered launches and runabouts (Text available in English).

Peter Freebody's Boatyard
Builder of custom electric boats in UK.

Patterson Boat works
UK builder of a fast electric motor boat

Frauscher BoatWorks
Austrian builder of Diesel-Electric Hybrid powered boats

French builder of solar electric boats

Boesch Boats
Swiss builder of electric runabout boats

MW Line
Builder of electric boats in Switzerland with many solar assisted boats (text available in english)

De Still Boot
Dutch builder of electric boats (Dutch language Only)

Ganita Shipyard
Dutch Builder of a steel launch (available in English)

Solar Sailor
Builder of solar electric boats in Australia includig commercial vessels

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