Electric Boats

Welcome to the Electric Boat Website. Enjoy your exploration of the fascinating world of electric boats.

You will find considerable new information about fuel cells and other electric hybrid power choices. There are additional electric outboards available . There is more in this site on solar electric boating than previously due to increased activity, especially in Europe and Australia. I have surveyed a large number of sources online and in print recently to keep you up to date on Electric Boating

The Introduction will alert you to some interesting changes in the industries supporting electric boats, and the applications of electric power. The electric boat selection page will, hopefully, assist you in making your choice. The electric boat conversion page provides updated guidance towards successful electric re-powering and powering of boats.

I think you will agree, that we go beyond most other web link pages by checking each link for applicability and usefulness, by providing short descriptions of the link content, and by tying the information together. I hope you find these pages to be more useful than ever.

I hope to search out new sources for these pages and continue to increase the pages value to you.

Introduction to Electric Boats. This section will introduce you to the advantages, and availability of electric boating. It will also serve to keep you updated on important electric boat news as it occurs

Electric Boat Selection This page will walk you through the process of selecting a suitable electric boat.

Electric Boat Builders Builders of a broad range of Electric Boats. The list includes kayaks, skiffs launches, sailboats, catamarans, a paddle boat and a number of solar electric boats

Electric Boat Powering and Conversion This page provides guidance to those who wish to power a boat with an electric motor themselves.

Battery Installation for electric boats This section will take you through Battery choices, installation and maintenance.

Solar Power for electric Boats This Page will provide assistance for the selection and installation of solar panels.

Addresses and Links to Component Suppliers. There's a wealth of information on these hard to find components. I have used internet searches and written periodicals for sources.

Electric Boat Plans. This growing section will describe the plans currently available from several sources.

Electric Boat References and additional publications can be found in this section.

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