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Organizations/ Websites

Try the
How Things Work Website for researching how solar panels and electric motors work as well as investigating almost any technology.

The Electric Boat Association of the UK is a very good source for electric boating news in europe.

The Electric Boats Site provides some useful refence information about electric conversion of boats

Solar Navigator Site This site provides extensive information on solar electric boats, manufacturers and additional related sites

Australian Solar Sailing Site This is an extensive site for the heavy solar boat activity activity in Australia

Microship site for the electric/sail powered microship trimaran project. It's an interesting website.

Solomon Technologies Website The site offers information on the electric wheel propulsion system. This propulsion system is capable of charging the batteries under sail by acting as a generator and has also been engineered into a hybrid system, paired up with a diesel.

Aquawatt Austrian producer of high speed electric boats capable of 15 knots and the ability to pull waterskiers. In German - Try altavista for web site translations

Australlian Science Festival The science festival sponsors the Bayer Solar & Advanced Technology Boatrace.

Solar Splash The annual competition between university teams to develop and race solar powered boats.

Yahoo Electric Boat Club You can look over the very informative content and or join and participate in the discussions. The discussions are somewhat technical and are of special interest to those converting to or building for electric power.

Ecotopia Some good links and photos illustrating sustainable transportation

Mary Gordon Mary Gordon electric boat history and restoration

Redeemed Chris Craft Sailboat This boat owner documents the electric re-powering and restoration of a 30 ft Chris Craft sailboat, Including an interesting thrust/regeneration nozzle.

Electrischvaren This Dutch electric boat information site includes dutch charging station locations, Dutch E boat rentals, as well as electric boats and drive systems available in the Dutch market.

Rentals and Boat Rides

Electric Powered Riverboat The Angela Loise is berthed in California and carries 103 passengers. Nice Web Site

Electric Powered Dinner Cruise Boat The site offers dinner cruises on a 60 ft boat powered by twin Ray Outboard electric motors and other cruises and rentals on electric powered boats in Austin Texas.

Silver Springs Florida Electric Glass Bottomed Boat Rides as well as other attractions are described here.

Glacier Park Boat Co. Electric powered skiffs are described on this US site for rental.

SESA Rent A Boat Electric Boat rentals are described at this Netherlands site.

Rio Lago Cruises Electric Boat rentals are described at this US site.

Solar Whisper Wild life tours are provided on this solar / electric boat in Australia.

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