Solar Power for Electric Boats

The animation shows the main components for a solar electric boat installation: A solar panel array. a charger, a battery bank, a speed controller and an electric motor.

Solar power for electric boats has made significent progress in recent years. The Sidney solar ferry and many other solar ferry services have been in service for years.More solar ferries are on the way. The Swiss MW line of solar assisted commercial tour boats has had an big impact in europe. The sun 21 crossed the Atlantic with solar power alone (with battery storage) in 2007. Many solar boats are now on the market including the Canadian Loon by Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company. This web page will introduce you to the utilization of solar power for electric boats by dividing solar power into some useful categories. In addition some basic design and installation information will be provided as well as references to take you to the next step.

Categories of Solar Power

Design and Installation of Solar Arrays

Some Electric Boat Solar Power References

I recommend the Nigel Calder book titled "Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual" for its extensive design and installstion section for solar panels. In addition you may want to check out the following websites.

UK Electric Boat Association Solar Page Solar Panel FAQs

More Solar Electric Boat Web Pages

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