Beer Ratings List

by John Lock

Ratings code -  ****  Excellent, obtain at any cost
                ***   Good, worth keeping stocked
                **    Not Bad, might try again
                *     Poor, not worth repeating
                -     No Way, choose water instead

12 Horse Ale                  
               **     Genesee                  American Pale Ale

1824 Particular Ale           
               ***    Usher's                  Old/Strong Ale

1845 Ale                      
               ***    Fuller's                 Bitter

420 Ale                       
               **     Sweetwater               American Pale Ale

7th Street Stout              
               ***    Riverside Brewing Co.    Stout

Abbey des Rocs Grand Cru      
               **     Abbey des Rocs           Belgian Ale

Abbot Ale                     
               **     Greene King              Bitter

Abita Turbodog                
               ***    Abita Brewing            English Brown Ale

               ****   Hair of the Dog          Old/Strong Ale

Alexander Rodenbach           
               **     Rodenbach                Belgian Ale

               **     Atlanta Beer Garten      Alt

Altbairisch Dunkel            
               ***    Ayinger                  German Dark Lager

AltenMuenster (brown bottle)  
               ***    Sailer                   German Pale Lager

Amber Lager                   
               ***    Algonquin                Vienna/'Fest/Marzen

Amber Wave Ale                
               **     The Mill (Atlanta)       American Pale Ale

               **     Widmer                   American Pale Ale

Anchor Christmas 1994         
               ***    Anchor Brewing           Seasonal

Anchor Christmas 1995         
               ***    Anchor Brewing           Seasonal

Anchor Christmas 1996         
               **     Anchor Brewing           Seasonal

Anchor Christmas 1997         
               ***    Anchor Brewing           Seasonal

Anchor Christmas 1998         
               ****   Anchor Brewing           Seasonal

Anchor Christmas 1999         
               **     Anchor Brewing           Seasonal

Anchor Liberty                
               ***    Anchor Brewing           India Pale Ale

Anchor Porter                 
               ****   Anchor Brewing           Porter

Anchor Steam                  
               ***    Anchor Brewing           California Common

Arkell Best Bitter            
               **     Wellington County        Bitter

Atlanta Gold                  
               *      Marthasville             American Pale Ale

Auburn Ale                    
               **     Leinenkugel              American Pale Ale

               **     Breckenridge             Seasonal

Ballantine Lager              
               -      Ballantine               American Pale Lager

Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout    
               ****   Anderson Valley          Stout

Bass Ale                      
               **     Bass                     English Pale Ale

Bateman's XXXB                
               ***    Bateman                  Bitter

Bavarian Alpine Extreme       
               ****   Paulaner                 Seasonal

Beck's Dark                   
               *      Beck's                   German Dark Lager

Beck's Lager                  
               *      Beck's                   Pilsner

Belhaven Scottish Ale         
               **     Belhaven                 Scottish Ale

Belk's ESB                    
               ***    Anderson Valley          Bitter

Big Horn Nut Brown            
               ***    Rock Bottom Brewery      American Brown Ale

Big Indian Porter             
               **     Woodstock Brewing        Porter

Big Shoulders Porter          
               ***    Chicago Brewing Co.      Porter

               ****   Sierra Nevada            Barleywine

Bishop's Finger               
               **     Shepherd Neame           Bitter

Blackened Voodoo              
               **     Dixie Brewing            German Dark Lager

Blanche de Bruges             
               ***    De Gouden Boom           Belgian Ale

Blanche de Chambly            
               **     Unibroue                 Belgian Ale

Blind Pig Golden Ale          
               ***    Blind Pig Brewing        American Pale Ale

Blind Pig Inaugural Ale       
               **     Blind Pig Brewing        India Pale Ale

Blue Hen Lager                
               **     Blue Hen Beer Co.        American Pale Lager

Blue Heron Pale Ale           
               **     Mendocino Brewing        American Pale Ale

Blue Moon Belgian White       
               **     Blue Moon                Belgian Ale

Blue Moon Nut Brown           
               **     Blue Moon                English Brown Ale

               **     Strangeway               Bitter

Bohemian Dunkel               
               **     Thomas Kemper            German Dark Lager

Bok Bier                      
               ***    Grolsch                  Bock

Boon Gueuze                   
               **     Boon                     Lambic

Brasstown Brown               
               **     Cherokee Brewing Co.     English Brown Ale

               **     Ayinger                  Bavarian Wheat

Brewery Hill Honey Amber      
               *      Lion Brewery             American Pale Ale

Brickhouse Pale Ale           
               **     SLO Brewing Co.          American Pale Ale

Brown Ale                     
               ****   Sierra Nevada            American Brown Ale
               ***    Brooklyn Brewing Co.     English Brown Ale
               **     Middlesex Brewing Co.    English Brown Ale

Buckhead Blonde               
               **     Cherokee Brewing Co.     Pilsner

Buckhead Red                  
               **     Atlanta Beer Garten      American Pale Ale

               -      Anheuser-Busch           American Pale Lager

Buffalo Skull Lager           
               **     Atlanta Beer Garten      German Dark Lager

               -      Anheuser-Busch           American Pale Lager

Catamount Porter              
               **     Catamount Brewing        Porter

Celebration 95                
               ***    Sierra Nevada            Seasonal

Celebration 96                
               ****   Sierra Nevada            Seasonal

               ****   Ayinger                  Bock

Celis Grand Cru               
               ****   Celis                    Belgian Ale

Celis Pale Ale                
               **     Celis                    Belgian Ale

Celis Pale Bock               
               **     Celis                    Belgian Ale

Celis White                   
               ***    Celis                    Belgian Ale

Chapeau Framboise             
               **     Brewery de Troch         Lambic

Chattooga Stout               
               **     Cherokee Brewing Co.     Stout

Cherokee Red                  
               *      Cherokee Brewing Co.     American Pale Ale

Chimay Bleue                  
               ****   Chimay                   Trappist

Chimay Grande Reserve 1993    
               ****   Chimay                   Trappist

Chimay Grande Reserve 1994    
               ****   Chimay                   Trappist

Chimay Grande Reserve 1995    
               ****   Chimay                   Trappist

Chimay Grande Reserve 1996    
               ****   Chimay                   Trappist

Chimay Grande Reserve 1997    
               ****   Chimay                   Trappist

Chimay Grande Reserve 1998    
               ****   Chimay                   Trappist

Chimay Premiere               
               ***    Chimay                   Trappist

Christoffel Blond             
               ****   St. Christoffel          Pilsner

Christoffel Robertus          
               **     St. Christoffel          German Pale Lager

Classic  Ale                  
               **     Marthasville             English Brown Ale

Classic Pale Ale              
               **     Clipper City             American Pale Ale

Coopers Extra Stout           
               ***    Coopers                  Stout

Coopers Pale Ale              
               ***    Coopers                  English Pale Ale

               -      Coors                    American Pale Lager

Coors Lite                    
               -      Coors                    Light Lager

Coors Winterfest              
               *      Coors                    Seasonal

Country Chase Ale             
               ***    Bass                     Seasonal

D. Carnegie & Co Porter       
               **     AB Pripps Brygerrier     Porter

Dergy's Classic Ale           
               *      Wilmington Brewing Co.   American Pale Ale

Dirty Dick's Ale              
               ***    Young's                  Old/Strong Ale

Dock Street Bohemian Pils     
               ***    Dock Street Brewing      Pilsner

Dogwood Pale Ale              
               **     Dogwood Brewing          American Pale Ale

Dogwood Wheat                 
               **     Dogwood Brewing          American Wheat

Dos Equis                     
               **     Montezuma                Vienna/'Fest/Marzen

Double Black Stout            
               ****   Redhook                  Stout

Double Diamond Ale            
               ***    Ind Coope                English Pale Ale

Dragon Stout                  
               **     Desnoes-Goeddes          Stout

               ***    Sterkens                 Belgian Ale

               ****   Moortgat                 Belgian Ale

East India Pale Ale '95       
               **     Brooklyn Brewing Co.     India Pale Ale

Eau Benite                    
               ****   Unibroue                 Belgian Ale

Eightball Bock                
               **     Rock Bottom Brewery      Bock

               ****   Niagara Falls Brewing    Bock

Erik the Red                  
               *      Rock Bottom Brewery      American Pale Ale

Espresso Stout                
               ****   Hart                     Stout
               ***    Blind Man                Stout

Exodus Porter                 
               **     Sweetwater               Porter

Export Stout                  
               ***    John Harvard's           Stout

Festive Ale                   
               ***    King & Barnes            Seasonal

Festive Ale 1997              
               ***    Sweetwater               Seasonal

Festive Ale 1998              
               ***    Sweetwater               Seasonal

Festive Ale 1999              
               **     Sweetwater               Seasonal

Fin du Monde                  
               ***    Unibroue                 Belgian Ale

Flanders Winter Ale           
               **     St. Sylvester's          Seasonal

Foster's Lager                
               *      Carlton & United         Pilsner

               ****   Boon                     Lambic
               ***    Belle-Vue                Lambic

Framboise Lambic              
               **     Lindeman                 Lambic

Franziskaner Hefe-weissbier   
               ****   Spaten                   Bavarian Wheat

Fuller's ESB                  
               ****   Fuller's                 Bitter

Gaelic Ale                    
               **     Highland Brewing         Scottish Ale

Genesee Lager                 
               -      Genesee                  American Pale Lager

Georgia Mountian Maple        
               **     Friends Brewing          Specialty

Georgia Nut Brown Ale         
               *      John Harvard's           American Brown Ale

Georgia Peach Wheat           
               **     Friends Brewing          Specialty

Goat's Breath Pale Bock       
               *      Signature Brewing Co.    Bock

Golden Eagle Lager            
               **     Mohan Meakin             German Pale Lager

Gopher Gold                   
               **     Rock Bottom Brewery      American Pale Ale

Grant's Celtic Ale            
               **     Yakima Brewing           English Mild

Grant's IPA                   
               ****   Yakima Brewing           India Pale Ale

Grant's Imperial Stout        
               ****   Yakima Brewing           Stout

Grant's Perfect Porter        
               **     Yakima Brewing           Porter

Grizzly Beer                  
               *      Grizzly                  Pilsner

Grolsch Lager                 
               *      Grolsch                  Pilsner

Guinness Draught Stout        
               ****   Guinness                 Stout

Guinness Extra Stout          
               ***    Guinness                 Stout

Hamm's Lager                  
               -      Pabst                    American Pale Lager

Hannen Alt                    
               **     Hannen                   Alt

Hearty Hop Ale                
               ***    New Glarus Brewing Co.   India Pale Ale

Hefe-Weizen Dunkel            
               ***    Paulaner                 Bavarian Wheat

               **     Maisel                   Bavarian Wheat

               ***    Weihenstephan            Bavarian Wheat

Hefe-weizen Dunkel            
               **     Weihenstephan            Bavarian Wheat

Heineken Lager                
               *      Heineken                 Pilsner

Helenboch Oktoberfest         
               ***    Friends Brewing          Vienna/'Fest/Marzen

Henley Pale Ale               
               ***    Brakspear                English Pale Ale

               **     Ommegang                 Belgian

Henry Weinhard Pvt. Reserve   
               **     Blitz/Weinhard           American Pale Lager

High Roller's Wheat           
               **     Anderson Valley          American Wheat

Honey Weiss                   
               **     Leinenkugel              Specialty

Honey Wheat Light Ale         
               *      The Mill (Atlanta)       Specialty

Hubertus Brau                 
               *      Hubertus                 German Pale Lager

               ***    Sweetwater               India Pale Ale

Imperial Stout                
               ***    Star                     Stout

India Export                  
               ***    Marston                  India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale                
               ****   Fuller's                 India Pale Ale
               ***    Shepherd Neame           India Pale Ale
               **     Ballantine               India Pale Ale
               **     The Mill (Atlanta)       India Pale Ale

Jahrhundert Bier              
               ***    Ayinger                  German Pale Lager

Julius Echter Hefe-weissbier  
               ***    Wurzburger Hofbrau       Bavarian Wheat

Kelly's Light                 
               **     Atlanta Brewing          Light Lager

Killians Red                  
               *      Coors                    American Dark Lager

Kirin Lager                   
               *      Kirin                    Pilsner

Knight's Ale                  
               ***    Du Bocq                  Belgian Ale

Kriek Lambic                  
               **     Lindeman                 Lambic

Kulminator 28                 
               **     EKU                      Bock

La Belge                      
               **     Schoune                  Belgian Ale

La Gaillarde                  
               **     Unibroue                 Specialty

La Maudite                    
               ****   Unibroue                 Belgian Ale

La Trappe Dubbel              
               ***    Schaapskooi              Trappist

La Trappe Enkel               
               **     Schaapskooi              Trappist

Labatt's Lager                
               -      Labatt Breweries         Pilsner

Laughing Skull Lager          
               **     Atlanta Brewing          Pilsner

Leffe Blond                   
               **     Leffe                    Belian Ale

Lionheart Pale Ale            
               ***    Phoenix Brewing Co.      American Pale Ale

Loch Ness                     
               **     Le Cheval Blanc          Scottish Ale

London Pride                  
               ***    Fuller's                 English Pale Ale

Low Down Brown                
               ***    Cottonwood Brewery       English Brown Ale

Lowenbrau Dark                
               -      Miller                   American Dark Lager

Lowenbrau Lager               
               -      Miller                   American Pale Lager

Lunatic Lager                 
               **     Atlanta Beer Garten      German Pale Lager

               ***    Gordon Biersch           Vienna/'Fest/Marzen

               ***    Ayinger                  Bock

               **     Haacht                   Belgian Ale

Maple Wheat                   
               **     Niagara Falls Brewing    Specialty

Martha's Pale Ale             
               ***    Marthasville             American Pale Ale

Master Brew                   
               **     Shepherd Neame           Bitter

               ***    Augustiner               Bock

McAndrew's Scotch Ale         
               **     Calendonian              Scottish Ale

McEwan's Export IPA           
               ***    Scottish & Newcastle     India Pale Ale

McEwan's Scotch Ale           
               ***    Scottish & Newcastle     Scottish Ale

               -      Anheuser-Busch           American Pale Lager

Michelob Dark                 
               *      Anheuser-Busch           American Dark Lager

Mild Ale                      
               ***    New Knoxville            English Mild

Mill City Oatmeal Stout       
               **     Lowell Brewing Co.       Stout

Miller Genuine Draft          
               *      Miller                   American Pale Lager

Miller Lite                   
               -      Miller                   Light Lager

Miller Reserve Amber Ale      
               **     Miller                   American Pale Ale

Miller Reserve Lager          
               *      Miller                   American Pale Lager

Molson Golden                 
               -      Molson                   Pilsner

Molson Lager                  
               -      Molson                   Pilsner

Monk's Brown Ale              
               **     Corsendonk               Belgian Ale

Moosehead Lager               
               *      Moosehead                Pilsner

Moretti La Rossa              
               **     Moretti                  German Pale Lager

Moretti Pilsner               
               *      Moretti                  Pilsner

Moss Bay Amber                
               ****   Hale's                   American Pale Ale

Mountain Kolsch               
               **     H.C. Berger              Kolsch

Munster Alt                   
               **     Pinkus Muller            Alt

Negra Modelo                  
               ***    Modelo                   Vienna/'Fest/Marzen

New York Style Harbor Ale     
               **     Old World Brewing        English Pale Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale           
               ***    Newcastle                English Brown Ale

               ****   Affligem                 Seasonal
               ***    Scaldis                  Seasonal

North Star Premium            
               ***    Rock Bottom Brewery      American Pale Ale

Nut Brown Ale                 
               **     Phoenix Brewing Co.      American Brown Ale

Oatmeal Stout                 
               *      Middlesex Brewing Co.    Stout

Oberdorfer Dunkel             
               **     Sailer                   Bavarian Wheat

Oberdorfer Weiss (krystal)    
               **     Sailer                   Bavarian Wheat

Old Growler Pale Ale          
               ***    Nethergate               English Pale Ale

Old Growler Porter            
               ***    Nethergate               Porter

Old Ivy Pale Ale              
               **     John Harvard's           American Pale Ale

Old Milwaukee Lager           
               -      Stroh                    American Pale Lager

Old No. 38 Stout              
               ****   North Coast Brewing      Stout

Old Peculier                  
               ***    Theakston                Old/Strong Ale

Old Porter                    
               ***    King & Barnes            Porter

Old Thumper                   
               ***    Kennebunkport Brewing    Old/Strong Ale

Old Willy IPA                 
               ***    John Harvard's           India Pale Ale

Old Winter Ale                
               ****   Fuller's                 Seasonal

               ***    Ommegang                 Belgian Ale

               **     Spaten                   Bock

Oregon Nut Brown Ale          
               **     Oregon Ale & Beer        English Brown Ale

Original Porter               
               ****   Shepherd Neame           Porter

               ***    Orval                    Trappist

Oxford Castle Ale             
               ***    Morrells                 India Pale Ale

Pabst Blue Ribbon             
               -      Pabst                    American Pale Lager

Paces Ferry Berry             
               *      Cherokee Brewing Co.     Specialty

Palace Porter                 
               ***    Sherlock's Home          Porter

Pale Ale                      
               ****   Sierra Nevada            American Pale Ale
               **     Blind Man                American Pale Ale

Pale Face Ale                 
               ***    Cherokee Brewing Co.     India Pale Ale

Palmetto Pale Ale             
               **     Palmetto Brewing Co.     American Pale Ale

Palmetto Porter               
               **     Palmetto Brewing Co.     Porter

Paulaner Hefe-weizen          
               ****   Paulaner                 Bavarian Wheat

Paulaner Oktoberfest          
               ***    Paulaner                 Vienna/'Fest/Marzen

Peche Lambic                  
               **     Lindeman                 Lambic

Percy Neame Premium Export    
               ***    Shepherd Neame           Bitter

Peroni Pilsner                
               *      Peroni                   Pilsner

Pete's Bohemian Pilsner       
               **     Pete's Brewing           Pilsner

Pete's Multi-Grain            
               ***    Pete's Brewing           Specialty

Pete's Pale Ale               
               **     Pete's Brewing           American Pale Ale

Pete's Wicked Ale             
               **     Pete's Brewing           American Brown Ale

Pete's Winter Ale             
               **     Pete's Brewing           Seasonal

Petrus Double                 
               **     Bavick                   Belgian Ale

Petrus Oak Aged Dark Beer     
               **     Bavick                   Belgian Ale

Petrus Triple                 
               ***    Bavick                   Belgian Ale

Phoenix Pils                  
               ***    Phoenix Brewing Co.      Pilsner

Piedmont Porter               
               ***    The Mill (Atlanta)       Porter

Piels Lager                   
               -      Stroh                    American Pale Lager

Pike Place Pale Ale           
               ***    Pike Place               American Pale Ale

Pilgrim ESB                   
               ***    Old Harbor               Bitter

               ***    Konig                    Pilsner

Pilsner Urquell               
               ***    Pilsner Urquell          Pilsner

Plantation Porter             
               ***    Atlanta Beer Garten      Porter

               ***    Sierra Nevada            Porter

Post Road Pale Ale            
               ***    Old Marlborough Brewing  American Pale Ale

Pullman Pale Ale              
               ***    Riverside Brewing Co.    English Pale Ale

Pyramid Apricot Wheat         
               *      Pyramid(Hart)            Specialty

Pyramid Hefe-weizen           
               **     Pyramid(Hart)            American Wheat

Pyramid Pale Ale              
               **     Pyramid(Hart)            American Pale Ale

Pyramid Porter                
               **     Pyramid(Hart)            Porter

Quelque Chose                 
               ****   Unibroue                 Seasonal

               **     Unibroue                 Belgian Ale

               ***    Upper Canada             German Pale Lager

Red Ass Ale                   
               **     Cold Spring Brewing Co.  American Pale Ale

Red Brick Ale                 
               ***    Atlanta Brewing          American Pale Ale

Red Brick American Wheat      
               *      Atlanta Brewing          American Wheat

Red Brick Golden Lager        
               **     Atlanta Brewing          American Pale Lager

Red Brick Summer Brew         
               *      Atlanta Brewing          Seasonal

Red Brick Winter Brew         
               ***    Atlanta Brewing          Seasonal

Red Lady Ale                  
               ***    Crested Butte Brewery    American Pale Ale

Red Lager                     
               **     Leinenkugel              Vienna/'Fest/Marzen

Red Mtn. Wheat                
               -      Red Mountain             American Wheat

Red Roost Ale                 
               ***    La Jolla                 American Pale Ale

Red Stripe Lager              
               *      Red Stripe               Pilsner

Red Wolf                      
               *      Molson                   Pilsner

Redback Wheat                 
               ***    Matilda Bay              Bavarian Wheat

Redhook ESB                   
               ***    Redhook                  Bitter

Redhook Rye                   
               **     Redhook                  Specialty

Rheingold Lager               
               -      Rheingold                American Pale Lager

Rodenbach Grand Cru           
               ***    Rodenbach                Belgian Ale

Rodenbach Red Ale             
               **     Rodenbach                Belgian Ale

Rodeo Oatmeal Stout           
               **     Crested Butte Brewery    Stout

Rogue Brutal Bitter           
               ***    Rogue                    India Pale Ale

Rogue Dead Guy Ale            
               **     Rogue                    American Pale Ale

Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar   
               ***    Rogue                    Specialty

Rogue Mo Ale                  
               **     Rogue                    Belgian Ale

Rogue New Porter              
               ***    Rogue                    Porter

Rogue Nut Brown Nectar        
               ****   Rogue                    English Brown Ale

Rogue Shakespeare Stout       
               ***    Rogue                    Stout

Rolling Rock                  
               -      Latrobe                  American Pale Lager

Royal Oak Pale Ale            
               ****   Eldridge Pope            English Pale Ale

               ***    Paulaner                 Bock

Sam Adams Boston Ale          
               ****   Boston Beer              Alt

Sam Adams Boston Lager        
               **     Boston Beer              Pilsner

Sam Adams Cream Stout         
               *      Boston Beer              Stout

Sam Adams Honey Porter        
               **     Boston Beer              Porter

Sam Adams Old Fezziwig Ale    
               **     Boston Beer              Seasonal

Sam Adams Scotch Ale          
               **     Boston Beer              Scottish Ale

Sam Smith's Imperial Stout    
               ***    Samuel Smith             Stout

Sam Smith's India Ale         
               ****   Samuel Smith             India Pale Ale

Sam Smith's Nut Brown Ale     
               ****   Samuel Smith             English Brown Ale

Sam Smith's Oatmeal Stout     
               ****   Samuel Smith             Stout

Sam Smith's Pale Ale          
               ***    Samuel Smith             English Pale Ale

Sam Smith's Taddy Porter      
               ***    Samuel Smith             Porter

Sam Smith's Winter Welcome    
               ***    Samuel Smith             Seasonal

Same Adams Golden Pilsner     
               ***    Boston Beer              Pilsner

Same Adams Summer Ale         
               **     Boston Beer              Seasonal

               ***    Hurlimann                Seasonal

Santa's Private Reserve       
               ***    Rogue                    Seasonal

Saranac Amber                 
               *      F.X. Matt                American Pale Lager

Scarlet's Peach Wheat         
               **     Atlanta Beer Garten      Specialty

Schaefer Lager                
               -      Stroh                    American Pale Lager

Schlitz Lager                 
               -      Stroh                    American Pale Lager

Schmidt's Lager               
               -      Schmidt                  American Pale Lager

Seven Sisters Muenchner       
               ****   Phoenix Brewing Co.      German Pale Lager

Sheaf Stout                   
               ****   Carlton & United         Stout

Shipyard Export Ale           
               ***    Kennebunkport Brewing    American Pale Ale

Simpatico Lager               
               -      Simpatico                Pilsner

Singha Lager                  
               *      Boon Rawd                Pilsner

Smokey Mtn. Stout             
               **     Smokey Mountain          Stout

Smoky Nut Brown Ale           
               **     The Mill (Atlanta)       English Brown Ale

Snake River Pale Ale          
               ***    Snake River Brewing      American Pale Ale

Southern Ale                  
               *      Marthasville             American Pale Ale

Spaten Lager                  
               **     Spaten                   German Pale Lager

Spaten Oktoberfest            
               **     Spaten                   Vienna/'Fest/Marzen

Special Pale Ale              
               ***    Wellington County        English Pale Ale

               ****   Shepherd Neame           Bitter

St. Ambroise Pale Ale         
               ***    McAuslan Brewing Co.     English Pale Ale

St. Andrews Ale               
               **     Belhaven                 English Pale Ale

St. Pauli Girl Lager          
               *      St. Pauli Girl           Pilsner

St. Sandra's Oatmeal Stout    
               ***    Phoenix Brewing Co.      Stout

St. Sixtus                    
               ***    St. Bernardus            Belgian Ale

St. Stan's Amber Alt          
               ***    St. Stan's Brewing       Alt

St. Stan's Dark Alt           
               **     St. Stan's Brewing       Alt

St. Stan's Red Sky Ale        
               ****   St. Stan's Brewing       American Pale Ale

St. Stan's Whistle Stop Ale   
               **     St. Stan's Brewing       American Pale Ale

Stags' Head Stout             
               ****   Sherlock's Home          Stout

Stillwater Stout              
               ***    Rock Bottom Brewery      Stout

               ****   Sierra Nevada            Stout
               ***    Dogwood Brewing          Stout

Stroh's Lager                 
               -      Stroh                    American Pale Lager

Summer Ale                    
               **     Fuller's                 Seasonal

Summit Extra Pale Ale         
               ***    Summit                   American Pale Ale

Summit Great Northern Porter  
               ***    Summit                   Porter

Sweet Georgia Brown           
               **     Marthasville             Specialty

Sweetwater Ale                
               ***    Sweetwater               American Pale Ale

Sweetwater Blue               
               **     Sweetwater               Specialty

Telluride Lager               
               *      Telluride                American Pale Lager

Thomas Hardy Country Bitter   
               ***    Eldridge Pope            Bitter

Thomas Hardy's Ale 1994       
               **     Eldridge Pope            Old/Strong Ale

Tois Pistoles                 
               ****   Unibroue                 Belgian Ale

Traquair House Ale            
               ***    Traquair House           Old/Strong Ale

TsingTao Lager                
               *      TsingTao                 Pilsner

Tuppers' Hop Pocket           
               ****   Old Dominion             India Pale Ale

Twelve Oaks Porter            
               ***    John Harvard's           Porter

Underground Premium Ale       
               ***    Underground              English Pale Ale

Upper Canada Pale Ale         
               **     Upper Canada             American Pale Ale

Utica Club Lager              
               -      F.X. Matt                American Pale Lager

Victoria Ave. Amber Ale       
               ****   Riverside Brewing Co.    Scottish Ale

Warsteiner Premium Lager      
               **     Warsteiner               German Pale Lager

Watney's Red Barrel           
               **     Stag                     English Pale Ale

Welsh Ale                     
               ***    Felinfoel                Bitter

Welsh Bitter Ale              
               ***    Felinfoel                Bitter

Welsh Festive Ale             
               **     Felinfoel                Seasonal

Whitbread Pale Ale            
               **     Whitbread                English Pale Ale

Widmer Hefeweizen             
               **     Widmer Brewing           American Wheat

Wild Boar Amber               
               **     Wild Boar                Vienna/'Fest/Marzen

Wild Goose Amber              
               **     Chesapeake Brewing       American Pale Ale

Wild Goose IPA                
               **     Chesapeake Brewing       India Pale Ale

Wild Goose Porter             
               ***    Chesapeake Brewing       Porter

Wild Wheat                    
               ***    Wild Boar                American Wheat

Winter Solstice 1995          
               ****   Anderson Valley          Seasonal

               **     Redhook                  Seasonal

               **     Spring St. Brewing       Belgian Ale

Wit! Black                    
               *      Spring St. Brewing       Belgian Ale

Wizard's Winter Ale           
               ***    Middle Ages Brewing      Seasonal

Wolaver's Pale Ale            
               ***    North Coast Brewing      American Pale Ale

Worthington White Shield      
               ****   Bass                     English Pale Ale

Xingu Black Beer              
               ***    Cervejaria Cacador       German Dark Lager

Young's Oatmeal Stout         
               ***    Young's                  Stout

Young's Old Nick              
               ***    Young's                  Barleywine

Young's Ramrod                
               ***    Young's                  Bitter

Young's Special London Ale    
               ****   Young's                  India Pale Ale

Younger's Special Bitter      
               ***    Rogue                    Bitter

Zonker Stout                  
               ***    Snake River Brewing      Stout

Zum Uerige Alt                
               ****   Zum Uerige               Alt

There are 407 beers on this list.