Artist: Wio
Title: PUMPinyrCHEST
Format: 7"
Label: Rotten Windmill

Wio is the kind of musician that not many people know about, but everybody should. Capable of creating the most enchanting, hauntingly beautiful melodies and songs, Wio's music consistently leaves me speechless. This record captures Wio at a true epiphany. Each of the seven songs arises out of the sincerity of deliberately lo-fi recording techniques and the often complex layering of Wio's acoustic and electric guitars (in his signature custom tunings, most likely) and his crooning voice. Wio's guitar manipulations prove the most startling, however, taking the listener from incredibly harp-like acoustic picking on "PUMPinyrCHEST" and "VICTORY" to frenetic, throbbing strumming on "needtime" to an electric guitar riff on "a KISS" that is virtually indistinguishable from a piano. Distortion. Singing. Whistling. Strumming. Poetry. The result is an interwoven composition that surpasses all expectations. Emotive in a deep and breathtaking way, this is simply the most beautiful record I have ever heard. (Jonathan Maier)