an 11 foot plywood dory for one designed by John Bell

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July 2005 Update

Howard Kinns in Australia sent me these photos of his new Blackberry:

Dear John,
Last week I launched the 10ft+ Blackberry built from the plans you made available to internet users.  The boat is everything I wanted it to be.  It rows easily, is light enough for two to carry and tows beautifully behind my 22ft yacht, with the bottom of the stem riding just out of the water.  The Blackberry is very stable.  When on board if you lean heavily on the gunwales you can feel the buoyancy move outboard, and the boat retains its stable feeling. Since launching Blackberry I have added an extra piece of 1/4" ply where the rower and passenger feet are likely to go.  This is for load distribution, as the bottom made a few creaking noises with the single thickness of ply.
Some low res. images of the launch are attached.  I also have some notes made during the building process.  If you would like a copy of these please let me know.
Thanks again for a great dory design.
Howard Kinns




January 2005 Update:

There is now a 14' version of Blackberry available. See the Blackberry 14 page.

There are now at least a dozen of the 11'ers around and more a-building. Here is the first of a planned trio being built by professional Tom Banaitis in Galveston, TX.

The prototype Blackberry was built by Ed Jones of Lawrencville, GA. 

Ed added some flourishes that aren't shown on the plans such as an outer stem, spacer block inwales, and stem and transom knees. Ed's details really look marvelous. 

I have tried the boat out myself. She handles very nicely indeed. 

Ed Jones, the proud builder on a very cold last day of 2001


The second Blackberry has been completed in California by John Spragg.


And the third boat is by my friend Mike Saunders in Montgomery, Alabama. 






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