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Hauppauge High School, Class of 1972

Please consider this page to be "under construction."
I'll be adding more to it as time allows.

For now, just follow 3 simple Steps to participate in the discussion board:

STEP 1:   Read the Rules. (They basically say "Play nice.")

STEP 2:   E-mail me for the password.

E-Mail Me   Send e-mail to:

STEP 3:   Click on the link below to join the discussion.

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1. Write me/contact me to get the password.

2. Do not give out the password.
    If someone else needs it or wants it, have them write directly to me for it.

3. Avoid personal attacks ("flames") and/or the use of profanity. Be polite.

4. Use common sense.

5. Respect others' privacy.

6. Rules are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the forum administrator, Joe Shedlock.

The software that runs the discussion board requires you to use a real, working e-mail address to post, but it does not have to be your "normal" or primary e-mail address. It can be a secondary e-mail address, like an e-mail address from Hotmail, Yahoo, Excite or one of the other free providers. I'd strongly suggest that people using work-related e-mail addresses set up a secondary address before posting a message and use that when posting.

Please write me and get my permission first before posting under a pseudonym.

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