Membership Application Form

Dues for membership in the L.I. & N.Y.C. Oldsmobile club are $20.00 annually. Your active participation is this organization is encouraged so that you might better able to network with other Oldsmobile enthusiasts regarding your particular Oldsmobile!

Membership in this club also requires you to join the Oldsmobile Club of America (OCA). Dues for the OCA are listed below and may be paid directly to this chapter. We will forward your membership for you.

Please print and mail this form with your check. All checks should be made payable to:

C/O Dyanna Wunsch
884 Bruce Drive
Wantaugh, New York 11793

New Member of the L.I.& N.Y.C. Oldsmobile Club______________$20.00

New Member of the OCA (check one of the following):

1 year 1st. class mailing____________________________________$40.00

1 year 3rd. class mailing____________________________________$30.00

2 year 3rd. class mailing____________________________________$55.00

Name:__________________________________ Phone (        )___________________


Town___________________________________ State___________Zip___________

Cars Owned (Year/Model) ________________________________________________