JOSHUA RAOUL BRODY: Another stab at self-marketing


Every once in a while...

OK - maybe just once every three or four whiles - you will find yourself in need of a musician who doesn't quite fit the norm. Not some cocktail guy in a tuxedo tinkling the ivories in the corner, but someone experienced in a huge spectrum of styles - from rock to jazz, folk to classical, world to Broadway - and situations - from coffee house to sports arena, comedy club to Carnegie Hall, conference room to network t.v. Someone whose experience accompanying improvisational theater for over twenty years has honed his reflexes to split-second timing. Someone whose adaptability has enabled him to accompany artists ranging a gamut from Tom Waits to Robin Williams. Someone with both a wacky imagination and a sensitivity to the demands of the business world, someone with experience in reading a crowd, someone who knows when it's appropriate to take a risk and when it's important to rein it in.

Someone, in short, like me.

You're looking for something different

You don't want to deliver the same dry profit-and-loss statement at the sales meeting, and your sales force certainly doesn't want to sit through it for yet another annual meeting. You want something to spice up your presentation, something to wake them up at that breakfast meeting even before their coffee kicks in. Something with bells and whistles.

Something, in short, like me.

I've been doing this for a long time, for clients like Round Table Pizza, Nissan, and Oracle. I play piano, synthesizer (equipped with bells, whistles, and many other Paul Shaffer-like sound effects), and even accordion. With a repertoire of over a thousand songs, I'm adept at taking requests, providing appropriate song cues, even accompanying impromptu karaoke sessions. I can also improvise cinematic-style underscoring, turning a portion of your presentation into a game show, a space adventure, or a scene from Jaws. I can accompany awards presentations with stately marches and suspenseful drum rolls; add transition music to provide ambience for staged dramatizations; and supply stand-up wanna-bes with well-timed rimshots. In short: I can add any music and sound effects you desire to create a maximum impact.

This isn't for everybody. If you're trying to maintain a staid, conservative, and (yawn) boring decorum, I'm not the guy for you. But if you're interested in trying something just a little out of the ordinary, give me a call.

Joshua Raoul Brody

He's good, versatile, quick, and cheap.

Occasionally all at the same time.


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