Reese Fits Her Painting Into a Box

March 4, 2010: Outside at the redwood log table

Today Reese, hearing that Denise is getting out the easel, cries when she hears that easel painting would be for those children who hadn’t painted yesterday. Denise explains that there would not be enough time for everyone to get a turn. Denise reminds Reese of her plan for today to “cover the box” with her painting (a remnant of thick water color stock) that she had found and painted yesterday. Reese replies, “No–[my painting] goes inside the box.” Two days before, Reese had eyed in the hallway three shoe boxes and then thought of using one of them yesterday with this painting. Denise brings to Reese the shoe box in which she tries to fit her painting inside the box. But once she places it in, it continues to stick out. She says she needs help. Denise suggests to her that Sarah could help her. Sarah looks at Reese and her shoe box and then leaves. Denise asks Sarah if she had helped Reese. Sarah runs back to be with Reese and suggests that they cut the paper to fit into it. Reese tells Sarah not to.

Sarah: See this is how you can do it. (And with hands suggests tearing it.)

Reese: No—cause of the rock. (Reese had painted three pebbles onto her paper and two had stuck—one right where the painting needed to be cut or folded to fit into the box.)

Sarah: Sees? (Tears the paper.)
Reese: (Cries out.)
(Denise reminds Sarah how when you help you ask first before you do your suggestion.
Sarah assists taping the paper back together and then leaves.)


Reese: How can we do this?

Reese: I’m trying to put this—the painting into the box. I can’t do this!!
What am I going to do?
(She takes a piece of tape.)
(Reese expresses frustration and then shifts her attention to Denise to recount a story. She smiles as she tells it.)
Reese: This is how we sing the song. Just like this. It’s knees on down. We were singing at Ella classroom.

Reese: (Reese’s voice softens and her speech is more to herself.) How can I do this?
Maybe just take this rock. (Looks at Denise.)

Reese: Maybe that will help. Maybe now.

Reese: Maybe now it will tape.

Reese: Maybe I can close it. Almost. Maybe I can do this.
Oh no!
Now what can I do?

Reese: Now we did it. Now we have to just tape it.

(Reese paints the outside of her box the remaining of the time left before she goes inside for lunch. She has worked on this project this morning for about 35 plus minutes.)

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